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COOKOO 2 tutorial (Android)


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This is a tutorial about how to use the COOKOO 2 watch with the Android devices.

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COOKOO 2 tutorial (Android)

  1. 1. Tutorial for Android users *with the CONNECTED WATCH App 8 July 2014
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. How to use the watch 2. How to pair the watch to your device 1. Step 1: Prepare your watch for pairing 2. Step 2: Download the Connected App to your Android device 3. Step 3: Prepare your device by enabling Bluetooth 4. Step 4: Pair your device under Android Bluetooth settings 3. Registration 4. Setup Notification 5. Watch Demo
  3. 3. Pairing When the watch is OFF, press POWER & COMMAND buttons until 1st beep (approx. 3sec) and all icons will blink every 2 sec. Reset the watch Press PAGE LEFT or PAGE RIGHT to view additional information or back to the time mode Back Light Tap once the POWER button Digital Display Digital display supports Latin characters only COMMAND PAGE RIGHTPAGE LEFT SET TIME pull 1/2 way and turn to set the time icon and vibrate with optional beeps POWER Power on/off > 3 sec NOTIFICATIONSDISPLAY First turn off the watch by Pressing the POWER button for 3 sec. Press and hold the 4 buttons together until you see the ALERT icon . Then the watch will turn off.
  4. 4. NOTIFICATIONS Incoming Call, Missed Call notification: Caller ID will be displayed during incoming calls. Call numbers will be Displayed if it has not been stored as contact in your phone book. *Caller ID supports Latin characters only. Call notification Caller ID
  5. 5. Text and Social Media alerts: Support SMS, MMS and social media posts on Facebook and message notification from Skype, Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram and more.. NOTIFICATIONS Message notification Number of notification
  6. 6. Calendar & Reminder alerts: Alert you when there are upcoming event reminders Email alerts: Inbound email alerts. NOTIFICATIONS number of notification event notification event notification subject of event
  7. 7. Low and Critical battery alerts: The CONNECTED display shows the battery percentage and the low and critical battery icons blinks respectively. NOTIFICATIONS percentage of phone battery low battery alert
  8. 8. To find the COOKOO watch The watch beeps and blinks when tapping The “find my watch” icon in the Connected Watch App. After tapping the out of range icon , the watch beeps and blinks when your phone and watch are apart from each other. To activate out of range notification NOTIFICATIONS beep & vibration
  9. 9. To acknowledge the notification Press the COMMAND button or check the notification on your mobile phone or tablet. To mute/unmute your watch When there have no notification, press the COMMAND button for 5 sec to mute the watch. Press another 5 sec to unmute the watch and you will hear a beep sound. NOTIFICATIONS Vibration only Beep and Vibration COMMAND press 5 sec to change notification mode Show status
  10. 10. Tap the Camera icon in the Connected Watch App, this will trigger the camera interface of the app. Press the COMMAND button you can take photos remotely. Action : Remote take picture COMMAND press once to trigger camera
  11. 11. COMMAND Action : Remote control music When using the music player on your phone, you can use the COMMAND button to control the music playback. Start the music player as you normally would on your Android Device. Once the music begins playing, you can use the COMMAND button to control playback. • Play/Pause--short press the COMMAND button(press and release) Press once to play or pause When the default music player is active on your phone, the COMMAND button will assigned to control the music playback
  12. 12. Pair the watch • Get started
  13. 13. Tap the Play Store icon on your device to download the free App. Then, tap ‘Search’ and type ‘Connected Watch’. Select and download the Connected Watch App. BEFORE PAIR : DOWNLOAD THE APP ONTO YOUR DEVICE
  14. 14. Set your watch into the pairing mode When the watch is OFF, press COMMAND + POWER buttons until 1st beep (3sec) and all icons will blink. PAIRING THE WATCH WITH YOUR DEVICE COMMANDPOWER When connected, the connected icon will be displayed on the watch Press both button for 3 sec
  15. 15. Sign up or Log into your CONNECTEDEVICE Account (! Note : New Users, please check your email account for sign up confirmation.) REGISTER WITH CONNECTEDEVICE ACCOUNT Fill in all fields below and don’t forget to tap the ‘I agree’ checkbox below. Tap ‘Sign-up!”.
  16. 16. ENABLING BLUETOOTH ON YOUR DEVICE Ensure that your Bluetooth is switched ON.
  17. 17. After the registration process, tap the icon on the bottom left to see your Device Radar You should see your COOKOO watch in your ‘Visible Devices’ List. The text “Paired, Connected” confirms successful pairing. You can now use your watch to receive notifications! CONFIRM DEVICE COOKOO Not Paired, Not Connected 90:59:AF:09:3C:9D Device in range: Yes
  18. 18. PAIRING THE WATCH WITH YOUR DEVICE Open the Connected App and then Search for COOKOO Watch. If Bluetooth is disabled you will be asked to enable it. COOKOO Not Paired, Not Connected 90:59:AF:09:3C:9D Device in range: Yes
  19. 19. Launch your CONNECTED Watch App and tap Alerts, in the above right hand corner. The color GREEN within the circular knobs indicates the notifications you will receive onto your watch. If you wish to turn off certain notifications, swipe the circular knob to your left. SET UP NOTIFICATION ITEMS
  20. 20. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE ACTION OF THE WATCH YOU CAN TRY THE DEMO In your Connected Watch App home screen, tap the icon on the bottom left to see your Device Radar Tap COOKOO under your Visible Devices. Then, tap ‘Demo Features’ in your menu
  21. 21. Tap on the above icons to trigger notifications to your watch. An icon will then light up on your watch face when you tap on each demo function. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE ACTION OF THE WATCH YOU CAN TRY THE DEMO
  22. 22. If you discovered a problem or that you are not receiving notifications, please feel free to open a support ticket at Please include your mobile phone model, OS version, app version, and any other details to help with the investigation. PROBLEMS? Thank you !