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Life going beyond the smart home


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COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013 - Smart living Industry Forum
Topic:Life.augmented - Going Beyond the Smart Home
Speaker:Laurent Remont
Vice President of Digital Convergence Group, General Manager of Unified Platform, STMicroelectronics

Published in: Technology
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Life going beyond the smart home

  1. 1. life.augmented Going Beyond the Smart Home Laurent Remont Group Vice President General Manager, Unified Platform Division STMicroelectronics
  2. 2. Our Vision 2
  3. 3. Smart(er) Connected Environments Smart Phone Smart Car Smart Home Smart City Smart Energy 3
  4. 4. Smart Home = life.augmented Smart Home = “The integration of technology and services through home networking for a better quality of living” 4
  5. 5. Smart Home Market trends Devices Digital convergence • Smart Home Gateways (SHG) • Multi-screen environment • Internet of Things • Multi-service / New services • Connected client devices • User experience revolutions Internet and Video Traffic • x2 every 18 months 5
  6. 6. Smart Homes What do we need to do? • Intuitive and non-intrusive manmachine interfaces Smart Devices • Ensure privacy and security • Seamless digital content delivery and services management • Acquire, adapt and share environmental knowledge Home Cloud Smart Home Gateway 6
  7. 7. 7 Smart Devices & the Internet of Things
  8. 8. Smart Devices & the Internet of Things World Population 6.3 Billion 6.8 Billion 7.2 Billion 7.8 Billion 500 Million 12.5 Billion 25 Billion 50 Billion 3.47 6.58 2015 2020 Connected Devices Connected Devices Per Person 0.08 2003 More Connected Devices Than 1.84 People 2010 8
  9. 9. ST Smart Devices in the Home Leveraging ST’s wide portfolio 9 ST Connectivity ST sensors ST motion sensors, pressure, temp… ST Smart plugs And smart meter ST microcontrollers and multimedia processors ST Imaging Sensors Home automation And control ST, Healthcare Wellness devices STM32 Low Power MCU Multimedia Devices (Box, NAS, Tablets, Smartphones) ST multimedia App processors Wearable Devices Surveillance ST is a leading supplier of connected sensors, controllers, multimedia processors
  10. 10. 10 Smart Home Gateway & Home Cloud
  11. 11. Growing Complexity of Home Network DOCSIS® xDLS/FTTH SmartHome Gateway and Home Cloud to make it seamless for User – interoperable and easy to use 11
  12. 12. Smart Home Services 3rd party service company • Home Automation, Convenience, Lifestyle • Energy Monitoring - Energy Management • Home Security • Environment monitor • Anti-Disaster • Health & Wellness Consultable remotely by phone Gateway Box Orly 12
  13. 13. Smart Home Evolution Smart Home Gateway Provided by • Telco and Cable Operators Home Automation Clients • Building equipments manufacturers • Retail consumer products OEM/ODM Big Screen Clients Personal Clients Managed Network Home Cloud Smart Home Gateway Unmanaged Network CAR On the road Small Screen Clients Medium Screen Clients 13
  14. 14. Smart Home MUST be Secured • • • • Firewall Secure link Authentication Virus detection Privacy and safety System and data integrity • • • • 14 CAS (Nagra, NDS, Irdeto, Conax…) DRM (PlayReady, Marlin, DTCP-IP…) 3rd party security (SMI, CI+, DVB-CI…) Watermaking (NexGuard, TraceMark…) Content protection ST : 20+ years of experience in security technologies • Code Protection • Memory and storage encryption • Platform Uniqueness • Platform Protection • Platform Robustness …
  15. 15. ST Smart Home Dashboard Home Automation eHealth Smart Energy 15
  16. 16. Smart Home Gateway Platforms Home LAN Multimedia Gateway Smart Home i/f Control Gateway Data Gateway Multimedia Gateway ST Reference platforms Telephony 2.4G(2x2) 5.8G(3x3) * x4 Smart Home Framework Multimedia Wifi Ethernet Moca (US) DOCSIS 3.0 * Cable Data/VOIP Gateway * DOCSIS 3.0 2.4G(2x2) 5.8G(3x3) x4 * * ZigBee * Bluetooth 4.0/LE NFC HomePlug (EU) Control Gateway 2.4G(2x2) * * * Common software architecture for all platforms 16
  17. 17. Smart Home Stack For new Applications and Services WEB Apps Customer Applications & Services (optional) WEB Services Internet Routing, Firewall, VOIP, Multimedia content distribution, Digital Video Recorder, Zigbee Profile Abstraction Smart Home Manager Device Mngt Layer Network Configuration DOCSIS, Remote management … Digital Right management, transcoding… Zigbee BT NFC OSGi JVM ST Pre-Integrated Smart Home Software Data/VOIP Gateway Ref Software stack Multimedia Gateway Ref Software stack Control Gateway Reference SW Preintegration 17
  18. 18. ST Enablers for the Smart Home Multimedia Client / Server Secured Application Frameworks 2D/3D Multi-Screen, Multi-Application IoT – Sensors & Controllers Motion Health Enriching the User Experience FD-SOI Home Connectivity Environmental Imagers Broadest portfolio Power Control High Bandwidth & Low Power 18
  19. 19. • Home becoming smarter and more interconnected • Complexity due to multiplicity of • Services • Devices • Standards • Key enablers are • Smart devices • Home Cloud • Smart Home Gateway • ST’s unique roadmap drives the Smart Home evolution • Sensors, Controller, Connectivity, Gateways • Integrated Software stack Conclusions 19