2014 Technology_Disruption_Forum_SmartThings


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Topic: Moving from Cloud Computing to Fog Computing: How the “Internet of Things will Change the Way We Live and Work
Speaker: Jeff Hagins, Co-founder & CTO, SmartThings

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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2014 Technology_Disruption_Forum_SmartThings

  1. 1. Moving from Cloud Computing to Fog Computing How the IoT will Change the Way We Live and Work
  2. 2. The Internet of Things is NOT about getting everyday devices connected ...
  3. 3. The Internet of Things IS about challenging the status quo and the way things work in the Physical World …
  4. 4. We like to ask questions like …
  5. 5. Why are lights controlled by physical switches?
  6. 6. Why do I need a thermostat on the wall of my home?
  7. 7. Why do doors have physical keys?
  8. 8. Why do cars have steering wheels?
  9. 9. Why do I have to connect devices to my home network? Why do I even have a home network?
  10. 10. Why are packages delivered by people?
  11. 11. Why do patients go to Doctors in person?
  12. 12. Why do I still drive by office buildings at night and see lots of lights on?
  13. 13. Why can't a house detect a water leak and turn off the water?
  14. 14. Why does 33% of the food produced on the planet go to waste?
  15. 15. Why is the IoT happening now?
  16. 16. Why Now?
  17. 17. But there are still barriers to making all of this a reality …
  18. 18. Reduce friction for developers
  19. 19. # ask the switch to turn on the light switchDevice.sendZclCommandNoAck(switchPort, switchEndPoint, lightDevice, lightEndPoint, ZCL_CLUSTER_ID_GEN_ON_OFF, ZCL_FRAME_CLIENT_SERVER_DIR, switchEndPoint.onCmd()) t = Timer(toggleDelay, name = ”On command watchdog") t.start() # we should get a notification alt( [ [ lightPort.RECEIVE(lightEndPoint.mw_incomingZcl(), value = 'incomingZclMsg'), lambda: t.stop() ], [ lightPort.RECEIVE(), lambda: REPEAT ], [ t.TIMEOUT, lambda: stop() ], ]) if value and value('incomingZclMsg')[1]: _msg = value('incomingZclMsg')[1] lightEndPoint.incomingZclCmd(lightPort, lightDevice, _msg['clusterId'], _msg['cmdCode'], _msg['data']) Switch1.on() // from anywhere // without regard for protocol // without regard for device location This Instead of This
  20. 20. Extend Cloud Computing to become Fog Computing so that we can put intelligence close to the devices, even mobile ones
  21. 21. What Will Fog Computing Look Like?
  22. 22. Reduce friction for Connecting Devices & Create Specialized Networks with Dedicated Spectrum
  23. 23. Spectrum Will Inhibit Usability
  24. 24. Simplify the Overall User Experience
  25. 25. Discovery Setup In-Life
  26. 26. Make every home into a smart home