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2014 IoT Forum_Mobile World Capital Barcelona


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Topic: Mobile World Capital Barcelona:The challenge of mobile transformation
Speaker: Carles Gomara (Coordinator Mobile World Capital International Program)

Published in: Technology, Business
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2014 IoT Forum_Mobile World Capital Barcelona

  1. 1. THE CHALLENGE OF MOBILE TRANSFORMATION Carles GOMARA Coordinator of Mobile World Capital International Program
  4. 4. Of humanity is “mobile” SMARTPHONES: 63% SPAIN 55% EUROPE
  5. 5. THIS YEAR THERE WILL BE MORE CONNECTED MOBILE DEVICES THAN WORLD INHABITANTS According to one of the latest studies of Cisco at the end of the year there will be more devices with the internet than people in the world Billion mobile devices Connected to Internet There is an estimated…
  6. 6. In 2020… Five devices per person connected to Internet
  7. 7. Mobility is transforming… OUR WAY OF LIFE
  8. 8. Mobility is transforming… OUR WAY OF COMMUNICATING Every minute… 140.000 photos are shared and uploaded
  9. 9. 25% THE WAY WE LEARN AND GROW Children 2 to 5 years old know how to surf the Internet without the help of their parents
  10. 10. Of young Spaniards have a Smartphone 80% THE WAY WE INTERACT
  11. 11. older than 60 are active in the Web 41% THE WAY WE PLAY AND DISCOVER
  12. 12. THE WAY WE SHOP Any place and any time. It is estimated that in 2017 mobile sales will multiply x 7
  13. 13. THE WAY WE WORK… New ways of working. And new jobs associated to mobility.
  14. 14. GROWTH VS CRISIS Mobile transformation opens an OPPORTUNITY for all businesses.
  15. 15. WE NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE Transforming Barcelona and Spain into the global reference of mobility.
  16. 16. MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL BARCELONA Mobile Programmes Entrepreneurship and innovation Transformation of local business ecosystem International competence centres
  17. 17. Entrepreneurship and innovation Entrepreneurship and innovation
  18. 18. 13 Universities 600 Degrees 221,000 students Home to some of the world’s most respected business schools Talent & Education. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION
  19. 19. IDIADA automotive testing facility Tech & Science parks IMB CNM Supercomputing centre ALBA Synchotron A wide range of hospitals, universities and research groups all pioneers in oncology, life sciences, nanotechnology, photonics, etc. TECNIO centres for technology transfer in different areas which give added value to business projects. Renown applied and basic research groups supporting technological transfer and a complete network of scientific and tech centres represent the base for Catalonia’s research and innovation programme. Leading scientific facilities. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION
  20. 20. Boost of global innovation and support of the local entrepreneurial movement. UX Transmedia Communication Internet of things Wearable ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION
  21. 21. STAGE 1 MIND SET ◎ Gaining a mobile entrepreneurial attitude ◎ Consolidating the mobile community STAGE 2 GROWTH STAGE 3 ESCALE ◎ Finding people who have innovative assets ◎ Creating platforms ◎ Promoting Mobile Solutions ◎ Scaling businesses ◎ Developing new markets ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION
  22. 22. is where entrepreneurs build mobile ideas and startups THE EVENT The event will provide a real hands on experience that will help entrepreneurs get to the next level. Attendees will build a larger international network, get real feedback on concepts, and find the resources to accelerate their current or future business in only four days. WHAT DO WE DO HERE? The event includes a wide program of conferences, workshops, pitches and expert meetings designed to cater all the needs of the mobile entrepreneurial environment. It will gather the best mobile industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs and digital experts along with renowned accelerators, incubators and investors. WHO IS THIS FOR? 4YFN is for all entrepreneurs at any stage of the entrepreneurial process. From individuals seeking inspiration to get started, validation of an idea or an opportunity to build quality contacts, to start ups looking for talent, specific advice or financing. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION
  23. 23. Mobile Transformation of the local business ecosystem Transformation of local business ecosystem
  24. 24. Fostering mobile initiatives among strategic economic sectors and technological enterprises. Bringing together key local industry sectors to develop and expand the reach of mobile technology solutions. Tourism Automobile Creative Industries Finance Commerce Retail Logistics MOBILE TRANSFORMATION OF THE LOCAL BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM Gaming
  25. 25. Mobile Ready offers the citizens and visitors of Barcelona a catalogue of activities, experiences and proposals illustrating the potential of mobile transformation and how it can improve their everyday lives. Mobile Ready app Find Barcelona mobile experiences and initiatives. MOBILE TRANSFORMATION OF THE LOCAL BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM
  26. 26. Mobile Ready
  27. 27. Mobility 4 all m4all wants to improve quality of life to all citizens despite their disabilities or their risk of social exclusion thanks to mobility. Mobile technology to empower citizens, civil society organizations, private sector and governments to build a more inclusive and fairer society for all. 15% of the world’s population live with disabilities. MOBILE TRANSFORMATION OF THE LOCAL BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM
  28. 28. International competence centres International competence centres
  29. 29. Managing strategic plans for the mobile transformation of social and economic dimension with special focus on the alignment of European priorities. This programme embraces mobile technologies as an opportunity for change in the areas of mHealth, mEducation and mSmartCities in alignment with the global and European agenda mHealth mSchools mSmartCities INTERNATIONAL COMPETENCE CENTRES
  30. 30. • Mental health access and follow-up • Monitoring patients with chronic disease • Giving the patients access to updated and organized personal health information. • The promotion of healthy habits • Mobile Pharma: medication and prescription via mobile phone mHealth INTERNATIONAL COMPETENCE CENTRES
  31. 31. Multi-faced initiative to change the future through education that supports students and teachers effectively integrating mobile technologies into the classroom. Mobile enables access to up-to-date materials, improves collaboration and strengthens learner engagement, opening up new ways of teaching and learning that improve achievement and employability. Change the rules, change the tools, change the future INTERNATIONAL COMPETENCE CENTRES
  32. 32. • Mobile History Map • Mobile Learning Awards • School visits at Mobile • World Centre • Responsible usage of Mobile Technology • App Education • Inside the App Factory • Mobile Summer Camps • mSchools Market • mSchools Lab • mSchools Mobile4all INTERNATIONAL COMPETENCE CENTRES
  33. 33. mSmartCities Transforming Barcelona into a self- suficient, hiperconnected and zero-emissions city We are sure that life in the city can be better, easier and smarter if we are able to integrate mobile INTERNATIONAL COMPETENCE CENTRES
  34. 34. MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL BARCELONA Mobile Programmes Entrepreneurship and innovation Transformation of local business ecosystem International competence centres
  35. 35. This global ambition has the complicity, the commitment and the active participation of all. FOUNDING PARTNERS:
  36. 36. Education, talent, creativity and strong work ethic. Excellent cost/performance ratio in production terms. Dynamic & international business vision Experience in international commerce and investment. High value projects. Diverse industrial base. Wide range of sectors, suppliers and business services. Flexible, innovative, business oriented & adaptable. A trading nation with a business friendly administration. 1 2 3 4 Competitive mix: business oriented city, and good lifestyle Since 1996, Barcelona has retained its number one ranking as Europe’s best city in terms of employee lifestyle quality.
  37. 37. Barcelona is Innovation Capital 2013 (iCapital) of Europe
  38. 38. (Re)Discover Barcelona
  39. 39. Resources: videos Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (PEI) ENG 1:14 Mobile Transformation Programme (PTM) ENG 1:34 International Competence Centres (PCC) ENG 1:58 mSchools Programme 4:10 4:19 Mobility 4 all atch?v=pFEy3b_Qp88 ES 2:20 (RE)Discover Barcelona 1:29 Tech Today Video Series Episode 3: Smart City atch?v=IfPXXMK6dJ8&featur ENG 4:22 Mobile Ready Barcelona highlights CAT 4:01
  40. 40. 谢谢 Thank you Carles GOMARA Coordinator of Mobile World Capital International Program INVEST IN CATALONIA T +852 2893 1966 For further information, contact us at: