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2014 Summit_Forum_MediaTek


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Topic: Enabling Limitless Possibilities in Cloud Era – Everyday Genius
Speaker: Ming-kai Tsai, Chairman and CEO, MediaTek, Inc.

Published in: Technology
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2014 Summit_Forum_MediaTek

  1. 1. 系統晶片創造無限可能 Enabling Limitless Possibilities in Cloud Era – Everyday Genius
  2. 2. INTERNAL USE Outline  SoC and Computing Cycle Evolution  Cloud 1.0 – Smart Device Era – Key enabling SoC technologies  Cloud 2.0 – Internet of Things Era – Key SoC value propositions  Super-mid Market – Everyday Genius
  3. 3. INTERNAL USE 2014-05-29Copyright © MediaTek Inc. All rights reserved. 2 1973 19811979 Limitless Possibilities
  4. 4. INTERNAL USE 3 Moore’sLaw=PositiveTechnology-Market ExpansionLoop 2X transistors Ave. 30% cost down and performance up Moore’s Law Higher integration More functionalities Higher performance More demanding applications New process technology
  5. 5. INTERNAL USE 1.E-09 1.E-08 1.E-07 1.E-06 1.E-05 1.E-04 1.E-03 Moore’sLawContinuestoDriveDown Cost Cost($) $ per transistor $ per gram of rice 2013: $0.1 for 100 g of rice $0.1 for 5M transistor 4 $0.1 = 100g rice (2013) = 100 transistors (1980) = 5M transistors (2013)
  6. 6. INTERNAL USE CloudComputing: ComputingPoweras Utility Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) by Amazon Web Services launched in 08/2006 “ services ….should be on servers. We call it cloud computing.” Eric Schmidt, Google, 08/2006
  7. 7. INTERNAL USE Devices/Users(MMinLogScale) Mainframe 1MM+ Units Minicomputer PC 100MM+ Units Desktop Internet Tens of billions of units 1B+ Units / Users Internet of Things ComputingCycleEvolution:1960-2030 Reproduced from Morgan Stanley Research, 2013 Major Technology Cycles = 10x More Users & Devices 6 Cloud-centricDevice-centric Billions of units 10MM+ Units Mobile Internet
  8. 8. INTERNAL USE Standalone Devices Demand to Connect Infrastructure Rises Compute & Storage Data Center Cloud1.0: EvolutiontoSmartDeviceEra 2003 2000 1999 1995 1995 1996 Infrastructure 2012 77Fixed Wireless | Standalone Connected | P2P Many-2-Many
  9. 9. INTERNAL USE Power and Performance/ Features Copyright © MediaTek Inc. All rights reserved. 8 MT6595 Sensor Proximity Ambient Light Humidity Magnetometer Motion Temperature Interface Touch Voice Fingerprint Gesture Display Miracast 4K x 2K Picture Quality Multimedia H.265 VP9 20 MP ISP Surround Sound Modem HSPA+ LTE 5G TD-SCDMA LTE-A Connectivity GLONASS GPS 11ac Wi-Fi NFC Bluetooth Computing HMP Octa-Core big.LITTLE HSA Power Management Wireless Charging Fast Charging
  10. 10. INTERNAL USE Modem/Connectivity 50GB data download (dual layer Blu-ray DVD) 2000mAh Battery usage >50x 30% usage 3% usage Wi-Fi 2000: GPRS 2009: HSPA+ R7 2013: LTE-A R10 2000: 802.11a 2009: 802.11n SISO 2013: 802.11ac 4X4 45min2 hours 45mins 4mins 1 month 5 hours 7 mins Cellular Many apps previously impossible to dream about are now daily life 9
  11. 11. INTERNAL USE Future Smart Device Usages Smart Living – Five Senses Smart Learning world-class education anyone, anywhere, and free Taste & Smell 10 Health & Fitness Touch & Feel
  12. 12. INTERNAL USE Infrastructure 11 Cloud 1.0 Connected Devices Wearable and IoT devices Local Clouds: Personal & Home Big Data Analytics & Services Cloud2.0:InternetofThingsEra
  13. 13. INTERNAL USE IoTEnables Individualized Services Profile Social Activity Time Location Weather Context - aware Smart Device CLOUD CLOUD IOT LBS Social Smart Health Transportation Context-aware smart devices to provide true situation-adaptive user experience IOT IOT IOT
  14. 14. INTERNAL USE Smartphone & Tablet IoT devices One device for broad market Specific device for certain vertical market Open system and platform Embedded and close system Identical/similar hardware architecture Variable hardware architecture Integrated SoC Discrete general purpose IC (MCU) - 13 - IoTMarketChallenge –BusinessModel What is the right business model ? What can be the differentiations ? Semi-turnkey solution ?
  15. 15. INTERNAL USE The Rise of a Global Middle-Class 2014-05-29Copyright © MediaTek Inc. All rights reserved. 14 Middle-class population (%) in different regions 2009 1.8B 8% 28% 36% 28% 2030 4.9B 7% 66% 14% 13% Asia Europe America Africa Source 1) OECD Development Working Paper no. 285, January 2010 2) Yankee Group Forecast, February 2014 New market structure New business model New champions
  16. 16. INTERNAL USE $10 $800“LO” “HI”“MID” Current Market 2014-05-29Copyright © MediaTek Inc. All rights reserved. 15 Growth of middle class Democratization of specs End of subsidies New Channels Feature phone to smart phone transition Growth of income Desire for Internet access
  17. 17. INTERNAL USE 2014-05-29Copyright © MediaTek Inc. All rights reserved. 16 Super-mid Market Most basic SP Nominal full- feature SP 80%10% 10% Mainstream
  18. 18. INTERNAL USE AHistory ofProvidingEqual Opportunity 2014-05-29Copyright © MediaTek Inc. All rights reserved. 17 Super-mid consumers are technology savvy, exercise good judgment, and seek best value.
  19. 19. INTERNAL USE Everyone willbeconnected withmobile devices 2014-05-29Copyright © MediaTek Inc. All rights reserved. 18 THE GREATEST ALL-INCLUSIVE CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION EVER!
  20. 20. INTERNAL USE 2014-05-29Copyright © MediaTek Inc. All rights reserved. 19 Enable Limitless Possibilities
  21. 21. INTERNAL USE For the 1st time ever… “Unleashing unprecedented new opportunities for the next 5B people; socially, culturally and in all fields of research, commerce and education!” “Enrich Everyone’s Life” 20
  22. 22. INTERNAL USE Thank You 2014-05-29Copyright © MediaTek Inc. All rights reserved. 21