Strategic	  thinking,	  tangible	  results.	  	  	            	  
                                "At	   COMPETENCE	   FINANCE,	   we	   are	   dedicated	   to	   serve	   our	   clients	 ...
 	         Macro	  -­‐	  8inancial	  analysis	           «	  We	   are	   very	   grateful	   to	                   Financ...
 	         Investment	  strategy	  research	  The	  quest	  for	  yield	  in	  an	  uncertain	  world	  	                 ...
 	         Risk	  management	  advisory	                                                                                  ...
 	         Training	  in	  banking	  and	  8inance	                         Capital	                   Risk	              ...
        Some	  client	  references	                       LCH	             NATIXIS	                    CLEARNET	          ...
 	         Contacts	          •  Adress	  :	  91,	  rue	  du	  Fbg	  St.	  Honoré	  75008	  Paris.	  France	          •  P...
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COMPETENCE FINANCE Corporate brochure


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are dedicated to serve our clients with a full range of services from
macro-­‐financial analysis to risk
advisory and corporate training.

Our core values are excellence and
integrity. We strive every day to meet and exceed our clients expectations, helping them achieve their long term strategic objectives."

Alexandre Kateb
Founder and Managing Director

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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COMPETENCE FINANCE Corporate brochure

  1. 1.  Strategic  thinking,  tangible  results.        
  2. 2.   "At   COMPETENCE   FINANCE,   we   are   dedicated   to   serve   our   clients   with   a   full   range   of   services   from   macro-­‐8inancial   analysis   to   risk   advisory   and   corporate  training.   Our   core   values   are   excellence   and   integrity.   We   strive   every   day   to   meet   and   exceed   our   clients   expectations,   helping   them   achieve   their   long   term   strategic  objectives."   Alexandre  Kateb   Founder  and  Managing  Director   BIOGRAPHY         Alexandre   Kateb   is   a   recognized   expert   in   economic   and   financial   analysis,   strategic   consulting   and   risk   advisory   for   governments,   financial   institutions   and   non-­‐financial   corporations.   He   published   a   book   in   French   on   the   largest   emerging   economies   –   the   BRICs   –   titled   “Les  nouvelles  puissances  mondiales.  Pourquoi  les  BRIC  changent  le  monde”   (Ellipses,  2011).  He  lectures  in  international  economics  and  finance  at  Paris  Institute  for   Political  Studies  (Sciences  Po  Paris).     Before   founding  COMPETENCE   FINANCE,  Alexandre   held  positions  as  an  economist  and   strategist   at   EXANE  BNP   PARIBAS,   and  as  a  banking  supervisor  at  the   BANK   OF  FRANCE.   Prior  to  that  he   worked   as  a  consultant  in  corporate   strategy  for  ACCENTURE.  Alexandre   graduated   from   ECOLE   CENTRALE   PARIS   with   a   Master   in   Financial   engineering,   and   from  SCIENCES  PO  PARIS  with  a  Master  in  Economics  and  Political  science.         THE  BOOK   A   multidimensional   analysis   of   the   challenges   and   investment   opportunities   in   the   worlds   largest   emerging   markets   :   the   BRIC   countries.   "The   BRIC   countries   are   an   increasing   key   driver   of   much   of   the   world   economy   and   its   markets.   Despite   considerable   issues   facing   many   of   them,   and   for   world   governance   going   forward,   Alexandres   book   discusses  many  of  the  pertinent  issues  that  need  to  be  understood."     Jim  ONeill,  Chairman  of  Goldman  Sachs  Asset  Management     2  
  3. 3.     Macro  -­‐  8inancial  analysis   «  We   are   very   grateful   to   Financial  risk   Sovereign  risk   Real  economy   COMPETENCE   FINANCE   for   helping   us   to   understand   the   complex   interactions   between   Monetary   Fiscal   Growth   sovereign  risk,  the  real  economy   policy   analysis   outlook   and   the   financial   sector   in   the   Eurozone  »     Debt   In8lation   Allan  Goldstein,  Cooper  Investors   Banking  risk   sustainability   forecast   (Australia,  AUM  :  A$5billion)      The  nexus  between  sovereign  risk,  financial  markets  and  the  real  economy    The   economic   and   financial   crisis   that   burst   The   Eurozone   debt   crisis   is   the   most  in   2007-­‐2008   has   broken   the   traditional   evident   illustration   of   these   complex  relations   that   held   together   financial   interactions   between   “too   big   to   fail”  institutions   (banks,   insurance   companies,   financial   institutions,   profligate   sovereign  pension  funds),  governments,  non-­‐financial   entities   and   cash-­‐constrained   corporates  corporates   and   households.   The   Lehman   and   households   that   are   embarked   in   a  bankruptcy   in   October   2008   and   the   painful  deleveraging  process.  failures   of   other   financial   Behemoths   were    followed   by   a   major   fall-­‐out   in   real   estate   In  this  context,   we   help   our   clients   adapt  prices   and   financial   markets   across   the   their  business  models  and  their  strategy  major   developed   economies,   and   by   a   full-­‐ to  the  “New  normal”   by   providing   tailored  blown  global  economic  recession.       research  and  analysis:        As   a   side   effect   of   the   crisis,   the   policy    Macro   stress-­‐testing   and   systemic  measures   taken   by   Governments   all   over   risk  evaluation    the   world   in   2009   revealed   some   weak    Monetary   policy   analysis   and  fiscal   positions   and   the   hidden   sovereign   impact  on  financial  markets  and   banking   liabilities   (sometimes    Monitoring   of   sovereign,   banking  compounded  by  fraud  as  in  Greece).     and  corporate  risks         3  
  4. 4.     Investment  strategy  research  The  quest  for  yield  in  an  uncertain  world     Oil  In  times  of  uncertainty  there  is  a  tendency  for   Real  investors   to   favor   safe-­‐haven   assets   such   as   estate   Emerging  gold  and  well  rated  government  bonds.  In  this   Markets  context,   capital   preservation   is   indeed  preferred   to   yield   generation.   However,   this   FX  rational   strategy   from   an   individual   investor  perspective,   may   prove   to   be   unsustainable   as  the   glut   of   risk-­‐averse   investors   drives   the   Gold  prices  of  these  assets  to  unsustainable  levels.      Therefore,   we   believe   that   portfolio   around   the   world.   We   deliver   tailor-­‐made  diversification,   in   terms   of   asset   classes,   research  on  the  following  subjects:    investment  vehicles  and  geography  remains    Assets   valuation   and   correlation  the   most   efficient   way   for   achieving   robust   analysis  returns  while  ensuring  capital  preservation.      Investment   strategy   auditing   and     benchmarking  Through   a   rigorous   analytical   research    Research   on   key   emerging   markets  framework,   we   provide   the   strategic   (BRICS  and  beyond)  insights  needed  to  make  the  most  out  of  the    Research   on   emerging   investment  diversification   opportunities   that   exist   trends       Investment   Emerging   • Equities   strategy   themes   • BRICS   • Bonds   • Conventional   • MENA     • Carbon  8inance   • Commodities   • Alternative   • ASEAN   • Islamic  8inance   • FX   • Core-­‐Satellite   • SRI   Emerging   Asset  classes   markets     4  
  5. 5.     Risk  management  advisory     Credit   risk   «  COMPETENCE   FINANCE   undertook   an   independent   assessment   of   LCH.Clearnet   SA   risk   management     framework   (collateral   management,   Liquidity   Business   risk   cash   equities   margining)   and   brought   risk   Integrated   value   through   relevant   and   business-­‐ risk   oriented  recommendations.”   management     Vincent  Gros,     General  Secretary,  LCH  CLEARNET  SA   Market     Op.  risk   risk        A  holistic  approach  to  risk  management      In  the  past,  risk  management  has  often  been   built   in   accordance   with   regulatory  perceived   by   financial   institutions   as   a   recommendations   and   industry   best  costly   activity   primarily   driven   by   practices   can   be   a   source   of   critical  regulatory   requirements.   However,   The   competitive   advantage.   We   help   our  unfolding  of  events  in  the  wake  of  the  global   clients   achieve   this   advantage   through   the  financial   crisis   showcased   the   huge   impact   following  services  :        that   inadequate   risk   management    Enterprise   Risk   Management   (ERM)  procedures  and  methodologies  can  have  on   auditing    the  solvency  and  profitability  of  a  business.    Risk   modelling   and   model   auditing     and  validation  In   contrast,   an   efficient   risk   management    Implementation   of   risk   mitigation  framework,  integrated  at  the  firm  level  and   and  hedging  procedures   Risk   Risk   auditing   mitigation   Risk   modelling     5  
  6. 6.     Training  in  banking  and  8inance   Capital   Risk   Accounting   Asset   markets   Management   &  Auditing   Management   Our   training   catalog   comprises   30   courses   in   the   above   mentioned   areas,   created  by  professional  trainers  with  5+  years  of  experience  in  their  subject       Keeping  pace  with  change     The   global   financial   industry   is   undergoing   substantial   changes   due   to   dramatic   increases   in   regulatory   pressure,   rapidly   changing   macro   conditions   and   a   new,   tougher,   competitive   environment.     More   than   ever,   to   keep   pace   with   these   Expert   transformations,   financial   institutions     Intermediate   need  well-­‐trained  professionals   that  can     handle  these  evolutions.     Entry  level   To   help   our   clients   cope   with   these   new   Basel  III   EMIR   challenges   we   provide   the   following   services  :      Classroom   training   courses   based   on   Sukuk   our  extensive  training  catalog   IFRS  9   valuation    In-­‐house   training   seminars   tailored   to   meet  the  specific  needs  of  our  clients   Dim  sum    Distant-­‐learning   courses   and   webinars   bonds   UCITS  V   on  key  subjects    Self-­‐paced   learning   modules   to   prepare   for  professional  exams     6  
  7. 7.   Some  client  references   LCH   NATIXIS   CLEARNET   AM   ING   ALMA   ROCKWELL   DIRECT   ALPSTAR   GROUP   COLLINS   COUR  DES   COMPTES   AMUNDI   COFACE   EADS   ADDED   Coleman   AG2R   Research   CONSUL QNB   TING   Attijari   Markus   Cube   Cooper   investors   wafa   Capital   Bank   Evans     7  
  8. 8.     Contacts   •  Adress  :  91,  rue  du  Fbg  St.  Honoré  75008  Paris.  France   •  Phone  :  +33143280811   •  Email  :   •  Web  :   •  Twitter  :  @CompetenceF     8