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MSRON 3 returns to San Diego from CENTCOM, EUCOM


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MSRON 3 returns to San Diego from CENTCOM, EUCOM

  1. 1. MSRON 3 Returns to San Diego fromCENTCOM, EUCOM DeploymentRelease Date: 12/21/2012 From Navy Expeditionary Combat CommandBy Lt. Cmdr. Donnell EvansSAN DIEGO (NNS) -- More than 180 Sailors from Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron(MSRON) 3 returned to Naval Air Station North Island, Dec. 17, following a six-monthdeployment to Camp Patriot in the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and Naval Base Rota inthe European Command (EUCOM) area of responsibility (AOR).MSRON 3, under the command of Cmdr. Jeremy P. Jurkoic, served as Commander, Task Group(CTG) 56.5 in the CENTCOM AOR. Detachment Kuwait, assigned to Kuwait Naval Base(KNB), provided seaward security and embarked security team support to Naval Forces CentralCommand, Naval Forces Europe, and Naval Forces Africa.The highly trained personnel were responsible for the safe transport and transit of theater stocksand high-value units. During the deployment, the unit conducted 6 high-value asset escorts andperformed as many as 4 Embarked Security Team (EST) missions.“The MSRON 3 personnel assigned to CTG 56.5 were critical to the restructure of maritimesecurity forces stationed in KNB,” explained Lt. John Edwards, MSRON 3 operations officer.“They were able to demonstrate „fly-away‟ support between Kuwait, United Arab Emirates(UAE) and Bahrain expanding their ability to support ESTs and seaward security missionsthroughout the 5th Fleet AOR.”Additionally, under the command of Lt. Ryan Markey, MSRON 3 served as CTG 68.4 in theEUCOM and U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) AORs. Teams of Sailors from CTG 68.4conducted 42 security missions aboard U.S. aircraft and cargo vessels, and security for a NATOcommunications exercise encompassing more than 40 nations."We need to be able to flex and execute our operational capability within EUCOM andAFRICOMs area of responsibility at all times to answer the call for expeditionary securityoperations," said Lt. Christopher Rupp, Assistant Officer in Charge for CTG 68.4. "At times, dueto world events, our Sailors would only have a few hours to deploy wherever they were needed.Onboard ships and aircraft, small teams of Sailors were led by petty officers, and they handledthe responsibility and leadership with the extreme professionalism representative of the Navyscore values".Detachments from Kuwait and Rota were met by members of the third detachment of MSRON 3who deployed to the Horn of Africa (HOA) and returned weeks earlier. Under the command of
  2. 2. LCDR Lamont Gavin, Detachment HOA also provided seaward security for all U.S. ships, motorvessels, and other designated high value assets pulling into the Port of Djibouti and the Port ofDoraleh.Sailors were also greeted with a tearful reunion with families and friends from San Diego,marking the end of a successful deployment. "Our Sailors set the bar for successful missionaccomplishment in three separate geographic locations over a variety of mission types andagainst a full spectrum of threats,” said Cmdr. Joseph Fauth, executive officer of MSRON 3.“Their ability, flexibility, and professionalism cemented the stellar reputation of MSRON 3 andMaritime Expeditionary Security Forces in EUCOM, AFRICOM, and CENTCOM alike."MSRONs, formerly known as Mobile Security Squadrons, were established in the wake ofterrorist attacks abroad, in particular the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole (DDG 67). MSRONsprovide rapidly deployable point defense personnel and assets for force protection and anti-terrorism operations in support of fleet commanders.