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CRM Introduction v draft frs PDF


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PDF Version of CRM Introduction Draft FRS for NECC Family Readiness Symposium.

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CRM Introduction v draft frs PDF

  1. 1.   COMBAT READY MANUAL Command, Personal, and Family Readiness Program Introduction1. Situation. The Combat Ready Manual is the guiding document forNECC forces to define the Command, Personal, and Family ReadinessProgram (CPFRP).2. Mission. Per references (a) through (x), this manual providespolicy and guidance for the standardized implementation of the CPFRPto ensure each command, regardless of deployment status or operationaltempo, maintains optimum personal and family effectiveness therebyenhancing operational readiness.3. Execution a. Commander’s Intent (1) NECC’s Expeditionary Forces’ most valuable resources arethe individual Sailors and their families. It is imperative to thesuccess of our Force that Commanders/Commanding Officers (COs)advocate and promote the CPFRP by acknowledging the link that existsbetween personal and family readiness and operational readiness. (2) Commanders/COs shall use the policies and procedurescontained herein to reinforce an applicable and accessible CPFRP isestablished, maintained, and reinforced. (3) Policy outlined in this manual will allow Commanders/COsto capitalize on the continuous transformation that begins withindoctrination into their expeditionary commands to produce combatresilient Sailors and families. (b) Concept of Operations (1) The CPFRP is the NECC Commanders program. However,Commanders/COs are accountable and responsible for operating thisprogram within the established guidelines for their individualcommands. (2) NECC Force Family Readiness Council (FFRC) oversees theongoing development, support and implementation of Family Readinessissues and programs throughout the NECC Force. This council shallactively support subordinate commands on an individual basis asneeded. The council shall be composed of the NECC Force FamilyReadiness Director, Force Master Chief, Force Chaplain, Force Medical,Force Judge Advocate, Force Public Affairs Officer, Force StrategicCommunications Director, NECC Command Staff Ombudsman, Force CommandIA Coordinator (CIAC) and any other subject matter experts deemed Enclosure (1) 1-2
  2. 2.  appropriate by COMNECC. (a) Force Family Readiness Director is the Program Managerfor all Family Readiness programs supporting NECC commands includingbut not limited to: Family and Sailor Education, Expert Guidance toCommanding Officers, Family Employment, Deployment Support, VolunteerServices, Individual Deployer Support, Ombudsman and Family ReadinessGroups. (b) Force Master Chief serves as primary advisor to theCommander on all programs or matters that relate to the enlistedforce. (c) Force Chaplain advises the Commander on all mattersrelating to religion, core values, ethics, command religious programs,quality of life, and the overall morale of NECC personnel, subordinatecommands and their families. (d) Force Medical advises the Commander on all healthcarematters within the NECC area of responsibility. Force Medical shallexercise the overall responsibility for organizing, training andequipping, ready health support forces to meet the healthcare needs inoperations of the world wide Force. (e) Force Judge Advocate acts as the principal legaladvisor to the Commander in all matters for which, by statute ordepartmental policy, the advice of a judge advocate is required. (f) Force Public Affairs Officer advises the Commander,NECC staff, subordinate commanders and commanding officers, officers-in-charge, and collateral duty public affairs officers on internalinformation, public/external information, and community relations. (g) Force Strategic Communications Director participatesin setting the actions necessary to maintain the StrategicCommunication plan as well as oversees the development, coordinationand integration with subordinate strategic communication programs andplans. (h) NECC Command Staff Ombudsman serves as the liaisonbetween the command families and the command, keeping the Commanderinformed regarding the general morale, health, and welfare of thecommand’s families.4. Administration and Logistics a. Submit all change recommendations regarding this manual viathe appropriate chain of command to NECC Force Family ReadinessDirector. Recommendations should be submitted in writing and shouldinclude supporting rationale. b. For the purposes of this manual, the term Sailor is used to Enclosure (1) 1-2
  3. 3.  designate all service members, single or married. The term “family”is defined as immediate family members or significant others whomservice members identify as part of their circle of support and care. c. For the purposes of this manual when referring to CommandMaster Chief (CMC), the intent is to also address the Senior EnlistedLeader (SEL) of the command, whatever rank that individual may hold. d. Electronic forms contained in this manual are availablethrough the NECC portal on the Family Readiness tab All references, instructions, NAVADMIN’swill be on the NECC Family Readiness portal and in the back of thismanual.  Enclosure (1) 1-2