Crm chapter 1 v draft frs


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Draft version of Chapter 1 for the NECC Combat Ready Manual. This is to be used for the NECC Family Readiness Symposium.

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Crm chapter 1 v draft frs

  1. 1. Chapter 1 Command, Personnel, and Family Readiness Program1. Purpose. This chapter provides detailed information on theconcepts, mission, and operation/execution of the CPFRP.2. Concept a. Our most valuable resources are the individual Sailor andtheir family. NECC’s success as a Force is inextricably linkedto the well-being and resiliency of that Sailor and their family. b. Operational readiness along with personal and familyreadiness directly affects the fundamental mission of each NECCsubordinate command. A high state of command personal and familyreadiness increases commitment, morale, focus, and resiliencythroughout the force. There is a direct correlation betweenmilitary proficiency and personal and family readiness. c. Personal and family readiness refers to the ability ofthe individual Sailor and their family to successfully balancethe challenges of a military lifestyle, family, career, andmission events. d. Both personal and family readiness are multipliers. Eachis just as important as individual or equipment readiness toinsure a Sailor is prepared for any mission from combat tohumanitarian assistance and disaster response. With families in ahigher state of readiness, individual Sailors are better able toperform their assigned missions efficiently, effectively, andsafely, thereby promoting a higher state of command readiness. e. Although the commander is responsible for ensuring theestablishment and maintenance of a CPFRP, the individual Sailoris responsible and accountable for their personal and family’sreadiness. f. By-products of a high state of personal and familyreadiness are an improved quality of life and feeling ofempowerment. While no one program can completely negate thesacrifices inherent and unavoidable in a NECC Sailor’s lifestyle,CPFRP can leverage resources and significantly mitigate many ofthe negative aspects. g. The CPFRP is not designed nor intended to be areplacement for proactive command leadership, but rather theprogram should support leaders at all levels in their pursuit ofreadiness.3. Mission. The mission of the CPFRP is to train and prepare
  2. 2. every Sailor and their family to ensure optimum resiliency inevery phase of training, operations and sustainment. When everySailor and family in a command reaches the optimum level ofresiliency, a high state of personal and family readiness willresult contributing to the command’s overall state of readiness.4. Action. Commanders/COs at all levels are responsible forimplementing the action items outlined in this manual.