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Dialogue facilitation


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How to facilitate a small group discussion

Published in: Self Improvement
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Dialogue facilitation

  1. 1. Beth Barkley
  2. 2. Change the radio station Drink coffee Eat a snack Talk on the phone Text
  3. 3. DRIVE!!!! Nowhere
  4. 4. Now/here
  5. 5. Introduction Activity Working Activity Game Closing Activity
  6. 6. Low Risk Get to Know Others Build Trust Example: Question Game
  7. 7. Short, Related Activity Processing Questions Evoke Dialogue “Listening, observing, and asking open ended questions. Creating an environment where all group members feel ownership.” -Sells
  8. 8.  Extra Time  Teambuilding  Fun  Everything Needs Closure  Short and Sweet  Hug  Feeling Word
  9. 9. Know your CoFac Plan ahead of time Sit across from each other Be a part of the circle Be flexible
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