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Virtual Reality Influence Business Decision Making #COMIT2017


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Presentation by Max Mallia-Parfitt (FULCRO Applied Technologies) at the 2017 COMIT Annual Conference 'Mobilising Digital Assets', to be held at The Building Centre in London on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th of May 2017.
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Virtual Reality Influence Business Decision Making #COMIT2017

  1. 1. Virtual Reality influence business decision making Dr Maxwell Mallia-Parfitt @m_malliaparfitt | @FulcroAT
  2. 2. Hello Dr Maxwell Mallia-Parfitt Applied Technologies Specialist HoloLens Evangelist @m_malliaparfitt
  3. 3. The Fulcro Group Applied Technologies Pre and Post Construction IPD / VDC / BIM Services Interdisciplinary Design Services
  4. 4. Todays Talk • Introduction to Virtual and Augmented Reality – Visualisation – Quick History – VR and AR in construction • Using VR and AR for business decisions – Engaging stakeholders – Pre-site training and assessment • Get Involved – Hands on with the tech!
  5. 5. What is Visualisation? • Visualisation is any technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate data or a message • Examples from the past include – Cave paintings – Egyptian hieroglyphs – Leonardo da Vinci's revolutionary methods of technical drawing for engineering and scientific purposes
  6. 6. VR/AR History 40,000 years ago 57 years ago 30 years ago 5 years ago 527 years ago 37 years ago 29 years ago last year
  7. 7. Virtual Reality • Computer generated 3D models of any environment can be displayed – Buildings, city blocks, subterranean pipework, landscapes, even other planets • Users can see and explore the 3D environment • Virtual Reality is becoming more widely used in the construction sector – CAD data with BIM models can be viewed
  8. 8. Head Mounted Displays
  9. 9. Room Scale VR
  10. 10. FULmax CUBE
  11. 11. Augmented Reality • AR overlays data and 3D models onto a direct or indirect view of the real-world • Possible to access real-time IoT data • Use in construction being experimented with – Hidden pipes and services in walls – Geolocated underground services – Viewing stages of construction 4D sequences • Hands on later!
  12. 12. AR in Construction
  13. 13. Daqri Smart Helmet
  14. 14. Microsoft HoloLens
  15. 15. VR in action • Stakeholder Review – Crossrail directors inside new Whitechapel station – London Fire Brigade evacuation planning • Public Engagement – Environmental change – School children – Future users of Crossrail – City planning
  16. 16. VR in action
  17. 17. VR in action
  18. 18. AR in action • Remote Expert – Live video with real-world annotation overlay – Real-time data capture from IoT devices – Two way communication between office and site • Sales and Events – Product customization – Interactive displays
  19. 19. AR in action
  20. 20. Current processes
  21. 21. Future processes
  22. 22. Current training • Performed on-site – H&S assessments – Stop of works – Logistics of visit • Communication and knowledge barriers – Most trainers are not multi-lingual – Trainer needs to be familiar with the site
  23. 23. Training with VR • Safe Environment – Users can learn in an office/classroom – If something goes wrong… – Multiple scenarios in one system – Quick learning curve • Pre-site training and assessment – Sessions can be recorded for review – Automatic assessment possible – Can be regularly updated – No site access until proficient
  24. 24. Business benefits • Reduce cost & increase training scalability – Use of low cost hardware – Remove travel and labour costs – Can be linked to e-learning platforms • Reduction in time to proficiency – Crane training demonstrated in 60 minutes – Tractor operators now learn in VR – VR in: Dentistry, Welding, Driving, etc. • Increased retention vs. printed materials
  25. 25. Business benefits • Virtual tours – Using VR and 360 video – Investors on-site without dirty boots – Useful for legal cases – Environmental assessments – Site planning – Presentations to public – Information presentation – Interactive websites – Up-to-date information
  26. 26. Business benefits • Data Visualisation – Break away from 2D data slices with 3D data overlaid onto geolocated models – Share visualisations collaboratively across sites – Get a full site overview with ability to zoom into locations for detail view – Stand inside the data at life size – Ability to see the proposed site plan vs. what exists on site – Calculate material quantity in stock piles from scan data and visualise – Explore locations not accessible to humans
  27. 27. Questions? • What Applied Technologies do you already use? • How/Where do you see VR and AR working in your business? • What else would you like to see?
  28. 28. Hands on with tech
  29. 29. Virtual Reality influence business decision making Dr Maxwell Mallia-Parfitt @m_malliaparfitt | @FulcroAT