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CD Autumn 2017 - Vcode presentation


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Vcode is an optical labelling system with a back-end system to provide various functions. This was presented at the COMIT Community Day in Basingstoke on 14th September 2017. The event was hosted by Linked-Connect

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CD Autumn 2017 - Vcode presentation

  2. 2. The VCode® 1974 1994
  3. 3. Speed – Convenience - Rewards Up to 100m*, 160º, on/from moving objects, on TV screens, 30% error correction End-to-end encryption, privacy by design architecture, closed loop system 1 VCode® = infinite functions based on user permissions Content can be changed without changing the VCode® Close proximity (10cm) None! Open source 1 QR code = 1 function QR code content is static Scan capability Security Purpose Flexibility *40:1 distance to size ratio, scan VCodes as small as 5mm with smart phone. Down to 225 Microns readable by smartphone from a microscope image or with a specialist device. QR Code vs VCode®
  4. 4. Who, What, When and Where... When a VCode® is scanned by a smart device it: Links the user (if they have permission) to the secure, cloud-based VPlatform® The VPlatform® retains an audit trail of all scans for our clients regarding: WHO scanned the VCode® (the user ID) WHAT was scanned (the VCode® and associated action) WHERE it was scanned (GPS location) WHAT time the VCode® was scanned How does it work?
  5. 5. Security VCode® is intuitive, and demonstrates its superiority over other solutions in two main areas... VCode® allows permission based access to information (and payments) to be made to ensure only the intended recipient can receive access to information and/or receive payments. The availability of 2.2 quintillion VCodes means that there is a virtually inexhaustible supply. Allows permission based access:Closed Loop Security: Powerful end-to-end data encryption ensures that even if servers are hacked, the data is completely unusable Every VCode® is unique and is generated using a guaranteed, collision free system (so VCode® duplication can never happen). A VCode® can only be read with the VCode® App (or other approved systems e.g. EPOS) so the VCode® experience cannot be reached or duplicated outside of the solution.
  6. 6. VPlatformTM With VCode® you can view data from every scan in our user-friendly dashboard or download the raw data files. This gives you valuable insight to how your audience is engaging... Analytics VCode® makes it simple to launch, manage and track your mobile consumer’s transactional experiences from one powerful system. Manage CodesManage and store your codes in one place with a convenient user interface. VCode® is a Mobile Engagement Platform that lets you collect and analyse, from every scan, the tracking data needed for effective campaign coordination. Sophisticated Consumer Analytics Scalable Geo-location Secure Detailed metrics, monitoring, and data collection are vital to successful campaign targeting and business intelligence.
  7. 7. Operationally
  8. 8. Traceability (in 2016 VST were awarded the EU Seal of Excellence: Anti-Counterfeit and Traceability) Log Worker actions • VCode® tracks every individuals interactions • Keeping an audit trail on workers productivity • Traces faulty products back to specific • Individuals Certification to perform the function or for remedial training. • The data is then available on the platform for review. Smart Maintenance VCode® enables companies to link a VCode® to a piece of machinery thereby facilitating onsite problem resolution by engineers. This can be achieved through: Access to the items previous fault history; • Who resolved the fault • What parts are available • Any instructions required to resolve the issue – download video user guides • Drone flight over damaged pipe identify its accurate GPS-location WHO – WHAT – WHERE - WHEN
  9. 9. Construction
  10. 10. Innovative Advertising and Communications