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CD Autumn 2017 - Panasonic Presentation


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Presentation by Mick Miller from Panasonic who showed the potential uses of a tablet fitted with Intel’s RealSense camera – which has three lenses and utilises visible light, infrared light and laser depth measurements simultaneously. Presented at the COMIT Community Day on 14th September in Basingstoke. Hosted by Linked-Connect.

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CD Autumn 2017 - Panasonic Presentation

  1. 1. Intel RealSense Concept of Real Sense camera – How it works..
  2. 2. FZ-M1 Real Sense Use cases Building Information, Plant Application • Capturing real pipeline condition comparing to planning condition. • Offshore documents • Building information
  3. 3. FZ-M1 Real Sense Use cases Construction, quantity surveying • Capturing location size • Material measurement • Material mapping and simulation- AR
  4. 4. FZ-M1 Real Sense Use cases • Indoor mapping software for house reforming. • Indoor measurement for furniture simulation. Indoor Measurement
  5. 5. Thermal Camera Specifications Far infrared sensor: FLIR Lepton3.5 Resolution: 160 x 120 Frame rate: 9fps Accuracy: ±3℃ Temperature resolution: 0.05℃ Temperature range: ~123℃
  6. 6. Thermal Camera Applications
  7. 7. Thank You Any Questions? 8