Eco-audit at Sant Bernat Calbó School


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Eco-audit at Sant Bernat Calbó School

  1. 1. ECO-AUDITS Students from Primary 5 and 6 participated in Eco-Audits last May. They calculated the annual usage of water, electricity and gas, and its cost.WATER CONSUMPTION DATA IN THE YEARS 2009 - 2010 – 2011 May):Number of students eco-auditors: 25 (5th Primary)Number of users: 279Use of water: standard (WC, cleaning, drinking fountain, watering the garden, dinning-room servicecleaning …)Consumption of water: 92,80 l. x person x day average – It includes building periodService terminals: 97 Taps: 60 timer taps and faucets 5 monocomanders 1 hand-lever Stopcocks hidden for students no roulette tap, no foot-lever Saving devices: Aerators – None, except in the kitchen bassin Water stopcock – Hidden for students Flow reducers - None Flanges - None WC: 31, all of them with a pushing button (double button)
  2. 2. Saving devices: Toilet tank emptying stop button - None Water saving bags- None Double button – All Water stopcock – Hidden for students Use of information stickers - NoneWater leaks: None (its a new building, operating since September 2010)Purposes: reducing the water consumption at 5 l/pn/dayBy: Using a flange/ring in timer taps Using aerators in hand washing monocomander taps to reduce water flow at 4 – 5 l/minute Information stickers next to all the double buttons Using water bags inside the toilet tanks Reusing cleaning water for toilets Using rain-water for gardening/cleaning Using xero-gardening concept to optimize our water use.ENERGY CONSUMPTION DATA IN A YEAR (ADDING OF LAST 12MONTHS)– audit in 2011 April/May):Number of students eco-auditors: 24 (6th Primary)Number of users: 279Buildings : 1Floors: 3Useful surface in m2: 3730,16Use of energy: standard (lighting, heating, machines and devices)Consumption of energy: 122.191.901 kWh – It includes building periodCost amount: 179910 € - Cost x person: 64,1935 €Energy sources: Power, Natural gas, Renewable (solar thermal and photovoltaic)Power: 74901 kWh/person Total cost: 12025 € Surface rate- 20,0798 kWh/m2Gas: 437,695 kWh/person Total cost: 5887 € Surface rate: 32.7377 kWh/m2Use of energy: standard (central heating and water heating for the dining room & showers)Solar devices: No data about production was available Thermal pannels: 6 units, on top of the building - Useful area: 13,62 m2 - Use: heating Photovoltaic devices: existing, but hidden to students. - Use : power productionThe audit helped students and teachers to detect the strong and weak points of our school towardsthis issue and draw up proposals of improvement.
  3. 3. STRONG POINTSBuilding/ classroom1 Our school is well-equipped, with computers and other digital tools2 Its a new buildingLight and electricity1 There are fluorescent bulbs which consume less energy2 It has solar photovoltaic panelsHeating and hot water1 Pupils and teachers have a high awareness of energy saving2 It has solar thermal energy.WEAK POINTSBuilding/ classroom1 The building is not oriented to take advantage of solar energy2 The building is not well insulated to save energy3 Difficulties in opening or closing the blinds4 Difficulties in opening some windowsLight and electricity1 Theres no natural light2 There are a lot of electrical appliances3 LED lights are sometimes left on4 Its possible to reduce some more energyHeating and hot water1 Its not possible to regulate the temperature in each room ( Theres no a zoned temperature controlfor heating)2 Windows dont allow good ventilation. Its not possible to insulate the temperature of the classroom.3 The orientation of the building dont let take adventage of natural light4 The temperature is too high in some school areas and low in othersSOME PROPOSALS OF IMPROVEMENTBuilding/Classroom1 New buildings are much more energy efficient, we should take adventage of this fact2 Well open the blinds in winter and well close them in summer3 Well open windows in summer and well close them in winter
  4. 4. Light and electricity1Lights and Leds should be switch off whenever they are not needed2 Its necessary to change and adjust the lamps of the gym3 We have to exploit the natural light resourceHeating and hot water1 A zone control system is necessary to regulate the temperature of the heating, room-by-room2 We have to take more advantage of the energy from solar thermal panelsTHE PURPOSE OF THIS ACTIVITY IS TO RAISE ENVIROMENTAL AWARDNESS INORDER TO HAVE A GREENER SCHOOL.