Marketing plan proposal brief


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A marketing brief for potential client which highlights the services provided by COLM under Digital marketing packages.

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Marketing plan proposal brief

  1. 1. + Digital Marketing Proposal Providing your business with an online presence By: Riki Mhatre Marketing consultant, Colm Limited
  2. 2. + Introduction How COLM can market your business online   COLM can provide a service to raise you business’s online presence by using Digital Marketing Tactics detailed in this presentation.   Objective of this presentation is to outline the methodology which can achieve your company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This can be done by performing Analysis, laying a strategy, implementing various digital marketing tactics and gathering feedback for future development.   The following slides contains a brief of:  Analysis – Situation and competitive  Setting KPI’s  Strategy  Tactics  Outcome  Feedback Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  3. 3. + Situation analysis Knowing the current situation in the market and knowing your audience   Your Company’s brief:   A short brief about your company will be jotted in simple words to justify your business’s activities and why it requires digital marketing.   Where is your business now?   We will Review and evaluate your company’s current online presence.   We can indicate the Site ranking and search engine Page ranking of the website.   We can create a report of related links and competitors analysis for building a marketing strategy.   Who is your audience?   The online audience will be analysed which will give you an overview of to whom the marketing messages will be delivered.   Eg: Businesses, Magazines, Corporate houses, Restaurants, Bars, etc. Also online intermediaries and blogging partners Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  4. 4. + Competitive analysis & Differentiation Understanding your online marketplace and setting KPI’s   Wewill access the online marketplace for your business activities and recommend Critical Customer Characteristics. This would allow your company to differentiate itself from the competition 1.  A digital channel SWOT* would also be carried out. 2.  Some very basic, and effective, tools for tracking and analyzing competitors will be used on request.   We will define the goals and divided into key strategy areas of customer acquisition, conversion, customer development and growth   Creating measurable KPI’s to align against objectives and stay on track.   Setting 5 KPI’s per quarter where the marketing strategy would revolve. SWOT- Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats analysis, KPI – Key Performance Indicators Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  5. 5. + Strategy Following are the phases the project will go through in 4 months: Online Content and presence engagement Conversion Acquisition and strategy communication Marketing Positioning mix Targeting Marketing Retention Strategy Please check the detailed description in the appendix Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  6. 6. + Tactics Implementation of the strategy… Page 1 1.  Tactics used whilst development of the website to make it ready for SEO friendly: I.  Generate SEF* URLs II.  Advanced SEF URL management III.  Generate and manage metadata (component - based) IV.  Override default metadata generated by component (title, meta tags) V.  Sitemap generation VI.  Keywords management VII.  Duplicates management VIII.  URL caching IX.  Editing .htaccess capability X.  301 Redirections management XI.  404 Page Not Found customization Outcome: Search engine can find your page easily. SEF- Search Engine Friendly, SEO- Search Engine Optimisation Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  7. 7. + Tactics Implementation of the strategy… Page 2 2.  Content management I.  Article marketing – Writing short articles and blogs II. Link-building – Creating a web of links directing to your website Outcome: Generates a chatter and increases information spread across the digital channel, in turn generating inbound traffic. 3.  Online PR I.  Registering on various forums and groups to increase visibility of your company Outcome: Creates a word of mouth online and increases inbound traffic for the business. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  8. 8. + Tactics Implementation of the strategy… Page 3 4.  Social Media marketing I.  Creating pages and ad campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn II.  Twitter Marketing III.  Facebook Marketing IV.  Publish news and updates V.  Publish photos with watermarks VI.  Follow comments and feedbacks VII.  Promote an event/ activity published on the social network channels Outcome: Brand recognition, Website traffic and feedback. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  9. 9. + Tactics Implementation of the strategy… Page 4 5.  Google Analytics campaign tracking I.  Obtain detailed statistical data of the website traffic II.  Analyse conversion rate, lead generation and page views 6.  Pay Per Click campaign creating I.  Formation of ad campaigns – launching paid search campaigns on search engines II.  Keyword analysis – analyzing which keyword advertises the business in a effective manner Outcome: Detailed statistics of customer activity. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  10. 10. + Tactics Implementation of the strategy… Page 5 7.  Email/ Newsletter Management I.  Provides information to existing subscribers/customers with timely updates and other information II.  This is also a great technique to forward your business information to your potential client Outcome: Reminds customer of the brand and make them visit the website again. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  11. 11. + Tactics Implementation of the strategy… Page 6 8.  On-page Search Engine Optimization I.  Specific Keywords IX.  Robots.txt Optimization targeted X.  HTML Sitemap creation II.  Image Optimization XI.  Google XML Sitemap Creation III.  META Tags Creation XII. Google Analytics Setup IV.  Home Page optimization XIII.  3C HTML Validation W V.  Body Text Optimization XIV.  enchmark Reporting B VI.  Page Title Optimization XV. Google XML Sitemap regular VII. Robot.txt Addition updation VIII.  Monitoring & XVI.  oogle Analytics G Outcome: Makes the page easier to locate by the search engine and uplifts page ranking on search engines. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  12. 12. + Tactical Outcome Results of digital marketing Tactic •  Outcome Online Advertising •  Branding and Customer Acquisition SEO •  Retention and Acquisition PPC •  Retention and Acquisition Affiliate Marketing •  Sales and Branding Social Media •  Branding and Participation Online PR •  Acquisition and Branding Email Marketing •  Customer Retention Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  13. 13. + Feedback Gathering 1.  A through feedback will be gathered in order to: I.  Lets the developers know of any process flaws or bugs II.  Enhances customer experience III.  Compliments on products IV.  Increases scope of further development V.  Increase confidence in new customer VI.  Enhances shopping experience Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  14. 14. + Thank you Rikish Mhatre Marketing Consultant, Colm Limited +44 (0) 7935048309 |
  15. 15. + Appendix Strategy Explained
  16. 16. + Strategy Direction to achieving set objectives   Targeting   Focusing on a set demographic characteristics, needs and behaviors to its offline customers   Segmentation targeted though specific content and messaging on the site or elsewhere on the web done via advertising and blogging   Eg: Targeting on print publication house and daily magazines for the first quarter Result: Clear and precise target market to focus marketing impact. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  17. 17. + Strategy   Marketing mix   Product – Photographs, prints and subscriptions   Price – TBC on review   Place – Sale is carried out on the website   Promotion - exclusive promotions and merchandising to differentiate traffic flow to the website   5th P – People – Reducing the need of online of telephonic support via FAQ’s to deliver “web self-service” Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  18. 18. + Strategy   Online representation or presence   This includes web presence of registering on various websites, forums and social media channels   Purchasing multiple domains for crawlers to search the specific domain keywords and redirects efficiently Result: Increase in chatter and recognition which will direct traffic to the website. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  19. 19. + Strategy   Acquisition and communications strategy   Implementing various tactics to acquire new customers via:   Search engine marketing (natural and paid)   Social media marketing and Online PR   Lead generation via link building   Partner and affiliate marketing   Display advertising (advertising on your own website) Results: Increase recognition and sales on the website. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  20. 20. + Strategy   Conversion strategy   Conducting user testing and focus group to understand third party perspective and gain feedback   Improving user experience, information architecture, page template design, merchandising, messaging and performance   Make the website easy for visitors to engage and convert it into a sale Results: First hand feedback on the usability of the system which can result in faster customer checkout and increase efficiency of the system. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  21. 21. + Strategy   Positioning   Designing the wireframe/architecture to hold a premium representation of Eminnent in customers mind achieved ‘conversion strategies’   Proving credibility via personal portfolios of various members and their testimonials   Including short story of all the images to engross the customer Result: Building a professional look and feel towards the brand, in turn increasing its reliability. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,
  22. 22. + Strategy   Content and engagement strategy   Collecting user feedback and testimonials Results: Increases credibility of the website for new customers and builds reputation.   Retention strategy   Implementing Email marketing using various tools like mailchimp and verticalresponse Results: Return of a customer who comes back to purchase more products. Riki Mhatre, Marketing consultant,