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  1. 1. ACA Capture Pro Supervised by: Dr. Basel AlmouradKhalil al-haddad 201030680Rashid Alkash
  2. 2. What is capture screen?• Refers to the act of copying what is displayed in the screen to a file or printer• The screen capture will result in a graphic file containing a bit map of the image
  3. 3. Table of contents• What is ACA Capture Pro• What does it do other than the normal capture screen• Who can use it• Where can we use it• How to use it• How to send it to a different program• Video• Conclusion
  4. 4. What is ACA Capture pro• powerful windows screen capture software.• ACA capture pro is able to capture image, icon, web page, web image, web flash, video, and much more
  5. 5. What does it other than the normalcapture screen • Image captureeasily capture any image on your computer • Web image captureIt can capture any image appear in a web page quickly • Web page captureit can capture the long web image even if you need to scroll down • Web flash captureIt is able to capture flash files that appear on a computer screen or a web page • Icon captureIt transforms the icon in any image form required by the user • Video captureit capture both vide and audio from designated sources for instance, video games.
  6. 6. Who can use it • StudentsAny school or university student can benefit from this program inseveral ways, for example in a presentation or preparing a researchpaper • Tutorials and manuals makers • TeachersTo deliver more details in his lectures to make it more interesting for hisstudents • Anyone who needs a capture of anything displayed on his computer screen
  7. 7. Where can we use it?• School/work presentations• Researches• Documenting usages• The place you want to use it in
  8. 8. How to use it?• System requirements• Install & uninstall• Taking your first capture• ACA capture pro menu
  9. 9. System requirements• Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7 or later version• 400 MHz CPU processor(1G MHz recommended)• 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)• 10 MB of hard-disk space for program installing
  10. 10. Install & uninstall- Install • Run the ACA Capture Pro installation program. • Follow the instructions on the installation wizard. - UninstallClick the start button Program go to ACA System then ACACapture Pro then Uninstall ACA Capture Pro.
  11. 11. Taking your first capture• You can easily start taking a capture by using a hotkey• You can select the command from the capture menu• Select the appropriate toolbar
  12. 12. ACA Capture Pro menu• File menu• Edit menu• View menu• Capture menu• Output menu• Tools menu• Help menu
  13. 13. File menuThe File menu contains menu items that open images, save as images and printimages.
  14. 14. Edit menu The Edit menu contains menu items that copy to clipboard, file copy, file move, file delete, file rename and file edit.
  15. 15. View menu The View menu contains menu items that view image and control the interface.
  16. 16. Capture menu The Capture menu contains menu items that activate screen capture modes and wizards.
  17. 17. Output menu The Output menu contains menu items that output captured image.
  18. 18. Tools menu The Tools menu contains menu items that set wallpapers and configure options.
  19. 19. Help menu The Help menu contains menu items that register, access this help file and our website.
  20. 20. How to send it to a differentprogramYou can easily send to different programs such as Microsoftword, excel and power point following easy steps in theoutput menu
  21. 21. Video• This video was captured using ACA capture Pro
  22. 22. Conclusion• ACA Capture Pro is a very useful screen capture program due to the tasks it does which, the normal capture programs cannot do• With all of these options it is still an easy to use program and simple menu• Available to everyone and anyone can use it easily
  23. 23. Questions?
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