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Brochure English


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Brochure English

  1. 1. Open up to your clients…The secure web-based document sharing and marketing/corporatecommunication solutionImagine an extension of your server that boastsbank-level security, is accessible via the internet,compatible with most web browsers and whichneeds no investment, Professional networkImagine being able to open your business up toyour clients via an incredibly simple documentsharing solution, ProductivityImagine your competitive edge : build clientloyalty thanks to a practical, reliable tool and Sustainable developmentseamless channels of communication, SimplicityImagine the gains in productivity : no moreheadaches about sending large documents, no Security Simplicityneed to send the same document to your clientsover and over again or to remind your colleaguesto send you a copy, ProductivityImagine being able to guarantee clientconfidentiality through a simple, yet powerfulsystem of user permissions, communication Professional networks Productivity Copyright © MyCompanyFiles 2011Imagine how you could boost yourprofessional network through MyCompanyFiles’exclusive interfacing feature, The environmentImagine the contribution you could make tosustainable development,Finally, imagine your future with an upgradabletool that captures the spirit of today’s on-the-go Securityworld and which is constantly evolving withtomorrow in mind.MyCompanyFiles,set your imagination free ! Get in touch :
  2. 2. WHAT MAKES US STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD... Secure file and document sharing that leaves you firmly in control: MyCompanyFiles enables you to upload several files at the same time, create permanent or temporary user access rights for your clients and partners and create as many folders and sub-folders as you need by assigning rights on a folder-by- folder basis.It’s so easy to manage !The administrative menu is bothcomprehensive and user-friendly.It gives you complete control overthe management of your documentsharing solution.Check customers’ user rights/permissions, edit client details, sortclients by category, create and manageyour users’ accounts… Keep your customers informed of your company’s activities ! Your clients will receive instant updates and news on their home page. You can publicise a new product’s launch, the recruitment of a key team member and much more… See exactly what’s happening on the document sharing solution platform : Has your client downloaded those documents you sent? Has your colleague uploaded the document you were waiting for ?
  3. 3. Our expertise delivers guaranteed reliability and stringent security : : there for you MyCompanyFiles’ founders boast more than 15 years’ Always in experience in marketing high value-added products and based pany Files is with you services, a field in which reliability, the ability to act quickly, MyCom Paris. We’re ing r , bring high-level security and protecting data confidentiality are Greate p of the way ds and paramount. te ee every s ions to your n vice up t er our solu ou get our s pany Moreover, MyCompanyFiles has developed a close g y om helpin ing in your c partnership with Aveo, experts in web development and nn and ru premium hosting services. Their customer references, from Virgin Mega, Du Pareil…Au Même and FagorBrandt to Lafont, Chèque-Déjeuner and Naf-Naf, are proof of their exhaustive knowledge of this demanding market. Boost your professional network : MyCompanyFiles wants to help you expand your professional network by providing you with a solution that’s tailored to make collaborative working easier : The more your network uses MyCompanyFiles, the happier your clients will be, since MyCompanyFiles collects and brings together all your client’s dossiers and projects in the one place, organised according to individual service provider/ business partner. Do your bit for the environment : MyCompanyFiles’ service will help you reduce your paper A product that consumption and cut back on your use of digital storage adapts to media. a changing world: Sustainable development is an integral part of MyCompanyFile’s corporate vision. This is a world on the move… Our financial support for the charities, with which we’re currently developing partnerships, increases in line MyCompanyFiles with how much you use our services. As proof of our knows how to keep up with it ! commitment to the environment, we will plant a tree for every Easy Pack, Classic Pack and Maxi Pack packageOur team keeps a constant eye on the latest ordered.developments. We have one guiding principle:to make your life easier without compromising Let’s build a truly ‘sustainable’ partnership !on security.
  4. 4. Maxi Easy Classic Pack Freelancer Starter Pack Pack Pack Pack 150 users 100 users 50 users 25 GB 1 in-house user 10 users 10 GB 5 GB 1 GB 2 GB d updatesCompany news an onitoringPlatform activity m seen by ation that can beCorporate inform , address etc) is editableyour clients (logo - ent of partner/teamCreation/Managemworker accounts or- of partners/team-w Creation of groups er permissions kers and related us news/updates Editable company -wor- rmissions to team Assigning user peclient projects/dossiers kers/partners for hts mporary access rig Management of te es, agement (address Client account man act person etc) nt changing main co of agement of groups hotline Creation and man email email clients email email t Customer suppor els nt folder tree mod Creation of differe databases by Enrich your client w fields the addition of ne mer user accounts Create new custo and ement for external Permissions managch folder level internal users at ea oup/category Clients listed by gr ted connections Security – encryp glish able in French or En User interface avail blet computers Feb-12 Feb-12 Compatible with ta Feb-12 Feb-12 Feb-12 /Android App Available as iPhone er permissions Management of us /7 all year round Service available 24 archival Daily back-up and tistics available Platform usage sta