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Orthotic management of knee pain


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Orthotic management of knee pain

  1. 1. Helping You Find the Freedom to MoveOrthotic Management of Knee PainCustom Orthotic Design Group Ltd./The Orthotic CentreLinda Laakso B.Sc.C.O.(c)Certified Orthotist
  2. 2. Knee Issues limiting your ability to move? Are you suffering from: • Pain? • Swelling? • Stiffness? • Limited Movement? Caused by: • Injury? • Arthritis? • Trauma?
  3. 3. Knee Orthoses could help!A Knee Orthosis isa brace worn to • Protect • Correct • Unload • Realignthe knee.
  4. 4. Knee Orthoses (KO) for InjuryLigament bracing• Protects injured ligaments• Prevents further injury• Provides stability• Allows for healing• Reduces pain
  5. 5. Knee Orthoses (KO) for ArthritisUnload bracing• Reduces pressure on knee• Reduces further joint destruction• Provides stability• Reduces pain
  6. 6. Knee Orthoses (KO) Post TraumaRehab Bracing• Immobilize or limit the motion of the knee• Prevents further injury• Provides stability• Allows for healing• Reduces pain
  7. 7. Knee Orthosis (KO)When used appropriately,at the right time,in the right place,and in the right manner,may be a useful tool inthe medicine cabinet.
  8. 8. Getting a Knee OrthosisPatient Family or Specialist Therapist Certified Orthotist PhysicianRecognize Diagnosis Therapy Orthoticproblem Treatment
  9. 9. Paying for Knee Orthoses• Private Insurance• DVA, NIHB• Ministry of Health & Long Term Care o Assistive Devices Program (ADP) o Financial assistance to Ontario Residents with  long-term physical disabilities  valid Ontario Health Card• Social Assistance - Ontario Works or ODSP may provide additional coverage
  10. 10. Certified Orthotists – What Do We Do?• Certified Health Care Professionals working with Orthoses (Braces or Splints)• Individual goals for each patient Assessment Formulation of treatment plan Implementation Follow-up
  11. 11. Contact us for a FREE Initial Assessment! Click for More Information on Knee Orthoses, or to book an Appointment
  12. 12. Thank You!Contact Information:Linda Laakso B.Sc.C.O.(c)Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. and The Orthotic CentreHead Office: Toll free 1-866-829-2969Mississauga: (905) 828-2969Guelph: (519) 826-9890Hamilton: (905) 540-9600Oshawa: (905) 725-3523for a copy of this presentation, please email Linda Laakso <lindalaakso at>