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Foot care for people with diabetes mellitus


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Foot care for people with diabetes mellitus

  1. 1. Foot Care for People with Diabetes MellitusLinda Laakso B.Sc.C.O.(c)Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd./The Orthotic Centre
  2. 2. 85% of all lowerextremityamputations arepreceded by adiabetic footulcer (DFU) (Orstead et al., 2006)
  3. 3. How can we protect and keep our feet?Know causes of foot problems - Sensory neuropathy - Autonomic neuropathy - Motor neuropathyWhat can you do? - Screen - Protect
  4. 4. Sensory Neuropathy causes Loss of feeling- The nerves that allow you to feel are damaged very slowly- Leads to Loss ofProtective Sensation (LOPS) You can’t feel
  5. 5. Sensory Neuropathy causes Loss of ProprioceptionSense of where your body parts areYou can develop poor balance
  6. 6. Autonomic Neuropathy causes Dry Skin- The nerves to the sweat glands are damaged- Leads to loss of natural moisturizers Dry, cracked skin
  7. 7. Motor Neuropathy causes Weak MusclesThe nerves that go to the muscles are damaged muscle weakness drop foot deformity high pressure areas
  8. 8. Potential Effects: - Loss of protective sensation - Poor balance - Dry skin - Muscle weakness - Foot deformity
  9. 9. What can you do?Loss of protective sensationScreen: Inspect your feet several times a day Inspect your shoes before putting them onProtect: Don’t go barefoot -> always wear shoes
  10. 10. What can you do?Poor balanceProtect:  Choose stable shoes Click for more about shoes & comfort footwear  Use a cane or a walker
  11. 11. What can you do?Dry skinProtect:  Moisturize (but not between the toes!)
  12. 12. What can you do?Muscle weaknessScreen:  Talk to your doctor…  A brace may help Click for more about an ankle brace
  13. 13. What can you do?Foot deformityProtect:  Take the pressure away  Foot orthoses (orthotics) Click for more about foot orthoses  Orthopaedic shoes
  14. 14. Complication Potential Effect What you can do Sensory Neuropathy Loss of feeling - Check your feet everyday - Check inside of your shoes before putting them on - Wear shoes all of the time Sensory Neuropathy Poor balance - Choose stable shoes - Use a cane or walkerAutonomic Neuropathy Dry feet - Moisturize Motor Neuropathy Muscle weakness - Use a cane or walker - Use a brace Motor Neuropathy Foot deformity - Use foot orthoses - Proper shoes
  15. 15. Who Can Help? - Doctor - Nurse - Chiropodist - Certified Orthotist
  16. 16. Contact us for a FREE Initial Assessment! Click for More Information on Diabetes Mellitus or Diabetic Foot Care Tips or to book an Appointment
  17. 17. Thank You!Contact Information:Linda Laakso B.Sc.C.O.(c)Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. and The Orthotic CentreHead Office: Toll free 1-866-829-2969Mississauga: (905) 828-2969Guelph: (519) 826-9890Hamilton: (905) 540-9600Oshawa: (905) 725-3523for a copy of this presentation, please email Linda Laakso <lindalaakso at>