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Custom orthotics vs off the shelf


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Custom orthotics vs off the shelf

  1. 1. Ready-made Insoles or Custom OrthoticsWhich are right for you?Linda Laakso B.Sc.C.O.(c)Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd
  2. 2. Which is Better? Ready-made Insoles Custom-made Orthotics It depends… …proper use at the proper time!
  3. 3. Ready made Insoles… Can be a good Are a good Often are a first option for alternative for Help with mildtreatment option actively growing changing foot conditions kids requirements Offer some arch Are generic, Readily availablesupport and heel made to fit for $40.00 - cushion everyone $100.00 Have limited Usually are not Come in shoe individual covered by sizes (or S, M, L) modification insurance
  4. 4. Custom Made Orthotics are madefrom plaster impressions of feet incorrected position with specific criteria for the individual foot to support, cushion, correct, accommodate specific condition
  5. 5. EACH FOOT ORTHOTIC IS UNIQUE Made according to medical requirements Can address the exact need of the individual Part of an individualized treatment program Can be adjusted if the condition changes
  6. 6. We do both Ready-Made and Custom! Click for More Information on Foot Orthoses, or to book an Appointment The Initial Assessment is FREE!
  7. 7. Contact Information:Linda Laakso B.Sc.C.O.(c)Custom Orthotic Design Group Ltd. and The Orthotic CentreHead Office: Toll free 1-866-829-2969Mississauga: (905) 828-2969Guelph: (519) 826-9890Hamilton: (905) 540-9600Oshawa: (905) 725-3523for a copy of this presentation, please email Linda Laakso <lindalaakso at>