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MMT Newsletter - Spring 2011


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The Spring 2011 Michigan Music Therapists newsletter. Spread the word about music therapy in Michigan: please share with colleagues, clients, friends, etc.

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MMT Newsletter - Spring 2011

  1. 1. N u m ber 101 Sprin g 2011 ! soon o ming go c tails. N ew lo f or de elow See bPresidentRebecca Findley, MT-BC Preparing for GLR 2012rebeccafindley@yahoo.comPast President The 2012 GLR Conference, GrandLiz Buckmaster, M.Ed., MT-BC Perspectives in a Rapidly ing Field, will be held April 11-15,Vice President 2012 at the Amway Grand PlazaJulie A. Palmieri, M.M., MT-BC Hotel ( Grand Rapids. Planning is alreadySecretary underway, but many more volun-Miranda Eden, MT-BC teers are needed to make even a success. Information andTreasurer/Membership descriptions of the various confer- The Amway Grand Plaza Hotel is located in downtown GrandJaime Merritt, MT-BC Rapids, overlooking the Grand River. ence committees are online at Education glr2012.html. If you are interested in serving in some way, please contactTomoko Page, the conference co-chairs—Miranda Eden, Rebecca Findley, and Julie Palmieri—as soon as possible. They can be reached via e-mail atPublic Relations Let‟s show the Great Lakes Region the strength ofDeb Koepele Kuptz, music therapy in Michigan!Government RelationsSusan E. Gregory, MT-BC Announcing the MMT Logo The MMT logo needs an update and we want your help with the make-Clinical Training over! Between now and April 15, 2011, we invite submissions for the newRoberta Justice, MT-BC logo. The Top 5 (as determined by the executive board) will be online for vote by the membership. The winning design will be unveiledNewsletter at the Spring Workshop and the winner will receive 2012 MMT member-Kellee Coviak, MT-BC ship and a $50 iTunes gift Guidelines:Website Coordinator  Must be submitted by a current MMT MemberJulie A. Palmieri, M.M., MT-BC  Should include organization title: “Michigan Music Therapists”  All images should be original design & not include copyrighted information/Archivist imagesEd Roth, M.M., MT-BC, NMT  Format should be high resolution: .jpg, .png, .gif  Logo will become property of MMT  Deadline for submission: April 15, 2011.  Send to
  2. 2. Page 2 N u m be r 101 Wo r k s h o p N ew s Our Fall Workshop, Thinking Outside-the-Box: Expanding MT Outside Tra- ditional Practice, was held on Friday October, 29, 2010 at Monroe County Intermediate School District in Monroe, Michigan. This workshop featured school music therapists Angela M. Snell, MT-BC and Laurel Rosen-Weatherford, MT-BC, who presented a number of outstanding interventions for the school population and incorporated a number of their students in the presentation. They also showcased their unique mu- The MMT Spring sical playground. There were 31 attendees, including 25 professionals Workshop will be held and 6 students. Thank you to Angie, Laurel and interns for a great work- Saturday, May 21, shop. 2011. Tracy Richardson will present on songwriting. Images from left: Angie Snell demonstrates on the outdoor xylophone. Workshop attendees sing along with Old Time Rock & Roll. Laurel Rosen-Weatherford drums with a student on the playground. Our Spring Workshop will be held on May 21, 2011 and will feature Tracy Richardson, M.S., MT-BC presenting on songwriting. Additional informa- tion will be announced soon. Michigan Music Ther apy Awar eness Week April 25-29, 2011 Michigan Music Therapy Awareness Week will be April 25-29, 2011. Though we are constantly called upon to be advocates for our profes- sion, MMT encourages all Michigan music therapists to be especially no- ticeable during this week. Here are a few ideas for promoting music therapy:  Notify your local media. Watch for a sample press release from MMT to get your started.  Make & distribute bookmarks or stickers with music therapy quotes, facts, etc.  Organize a recital, celebration, etc. at your facility.  Distribute articles, studies, or fact sheets within your facility.  Wear your “Music Therapy” sparkle pin (sold by MMT).  Share this newsletter with someone else (colleagues, clients, friends, etc.).  Visit the MMT Facebook page to share an idea and see what others are planning.
  3. 3. S pr in g 2011 Page 3 Member Spotlight: T h e r e s a M e r r i l l , P h . D. , M T - B C , FA M I Interview conducted by Katie Bender, senior Music Therapy student at Eastern Michigan University Dr. Theresa (Terra) Merrill, Ph.D., MT-BC, FAMI is a welcomed new addition to the Music Therapy program of Eastern Michi- gan University (EMU) in Ypsilanti, MI. Dr. Merrill received her un- dergraduate and graduate degrees in British Columbia, Can- ada and her Ph.D. from Michigan State University (Diploma in Music Therapy, Capilano College, North Vancouver, B.C., 1989; Bachelor of Music Therapy, 1993, Master of Music Therapy, 1998, both from British Columbia Open University, Vancouver, Dr. Merrill, Ph.D., B.C.; Ph.D. in Music Education/Therapy, MSU, 2009). Dr. Merrill‟s MT-BC, FAMI Master‟s Thesis was titled Rise Up Singing: A model for con- sciousness through the therapist’s reflections on an improvisational music ther- apy group for Persons with End Stage Dementia, while her Doctoral dissertation examined the positive qualities of mentoring relationships between music therapists. Dr. Merrill came to EMU from Marylhurst University in Portland, OR, where she served as a full-time Music Therapy professor from 2004-2010. At this small, lib- eral arts college, she coordinated and supervised the undergraduate clinical placement program and oversaw national roster internships; developed on-line music therapy coursework; and served as executive director of the Creative Arts Day Camp for Children with Special Needs. Prior to her position at Maryl- hurst, Dr. Merrill was Professional Practice Leader for Providence Health Care, a leading music therapy professional practice across seven hospital sites in Van- “I could be involved in couver, B.C. Dr. Merrill has a vast array of clinical experience, having been in- creating an exciting volved in geriatric care programs, hospitals, community counseling facilities, future for music therapy residential treatment and rehabilitation centers, and wellness centers, as well as overseeing the clinical education of hundreds of students. in Southeast Michigan.” Dr. Merrill states, “My desire to return to Michigan to teach at EMU is part of a continuum. After being at a very large institution (MSU) where I felt a lack of connection with students, I wanted to be in a smaller setting where I could have a closer and more individualized connections with students. So, I went to Marylhurst and that was a perfect place to grow and develop as an educator. Being primarily a teaching college, there was no opportunity or support for re- search and scholarly activity. EMU felt like the perfect balance to me: an op- portunity to work closely with students as individuals and also to have space, time and support to make the sort of contribution to our field that I feel drawn to make at this time.” When she was invited to EMU to interview for the tenure-track position last year, she was impressed with the program. “The vibrancy of the program, its reputa- tion within the University and AMTA, the active involvement of the students throughout the interview process, the secured support for graduate studies, and the support for scholarship inherent within a tenure track position all led me to the feeling that I could be involved in creating an exciting future for music therapy in Southeast Michigan.” Graciously and enthusiastically, Dr. Merrill has accepted and thrived in her new position on faculty. Welcome (back) to Michigan, Dr. Merrill!
  4. 4. Page 4 N u m be r 101 M u s i c T h e r a py i n t h e N ew s Music therapy has been in the spotlight quite a bit during recent weeks, partly due to the use of music therapy in the rehabilitative treatment of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, but also because music therapy is featured in both a new Jodi Picoult novel and a Sundance film. Here are a few links to check out. Great Day Houston: Using Music to Heal Interview with Maegen Morrow, music therapist at TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital. She discusses the use of music therapy in rehabilita- tion and treatment of brain injuries. Video available at: http:// Inside Giffords‟ Rehab CNN‟s Dr. Sanjay Gupta goes inside TIRR and participates in a typical day in treatment, including music therapy. In his blog, Dr. Gupta called music therapy his “personal favorite.” Video and blog available at: Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult The main character of this new novel, Zoe Baxter, is a music therapist. Though music therapy is not the main focus of the novel, Picoult‟s inclusion of the profession “CNN‟s Dr. Sanjay does help bring attention to the field. A synopsis and ad- Gupta called music ditional information are available on Picoult‟s website at: therapy his „personal favorite.‟” The Music Never Stopped “The Music Never Stopped” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie is based on the case study, „The Last Hippie‟ by Dr. Oliver Sacks, M.D. and demonstrates the use of music to treat brain injuries. According to AMTA, Julia Ormond‟s character is modeled after Dr. Con- nie Tomaino, the Executive Director of the Institute for Music and Neu- rologic Function and Senior Vice President of Music Therapy Services at the Beth Abraham Family of Health Services. Unfortunately, there is not yet a showing scheduled for Michigan, but there is a feature on the movie‟s website to request additional screenings. Check out the trailer and more at: In local news: Music Therapy Helps Special Needs Students An article that ran in the MSU State News which highlights the music therapy program at the MSU Community Music School. The full article is available at: music_therapy_helps_special_needs_students
  5. 5. S pr in g 2011 Page 5 Tw o Ye a r A n n i v e r s a r y o f M S U M u s i c T h e r a py M o r a t o r i u m February 9, 2011 marked the two-year anni- versary of the announcement of the morato- rium on the MSU music therapy program. In response to the discontinuation of the pro- gram—the very first music therapy training program in the United States—a number of music therapists, students and community members have come together to form Advocates for Music Therapy Education (AMTE). AMTE has appeared before the MSU Board of Trus- tees on numerous occasions and is exploring other options for continu- ing the program, including transferring the program to a different col- lege within the University. Fundraising is another important component of their agenda. If you would like to become involved with these pro- gram-saving efforts, please contact AMTE Chair, Rebecca West ( Additional information can be found on the AMTE website (; there is also a Facebook group “Save the MSU Music Therapy Program.” New Cer tification Manuals In Ef fect A reminder that the Fifth Editions of the Recertification Manual and the “[AMTE] is exploring Approved Provider Manual became effective on January 1, 2011. New other options for policies and changes are highlighted on page 4 of the Recertification continuing the [MSU music Manual. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with these changes therapy] program.” and how they will effect your certification. An E ve n in g w it h D r. D e fo r ia La n e MMT was honored to join the MSU Music Ther- apy Program in sponsorship of the 2011 Niland Distinguished Lecturer in Music Ther- apy: An Evening with Dr. Deforia Lane on Fri- day, February 18. Dr. Lane provided an in- spiring presentation featuring stories and foot- age of her work within medical music ther- apy. She also voiced her support of the MSU Dr. Deforia Lane, Ph.D., MT-BC Associate Director, Seidman Cancer Center music therapy department, as the program Director of Music Therapy, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Seidman Cancer Center and continues to battle the moratorium imparted Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. by the University. The evening was con- cluded with a reception and visitation among colleagues and students.
  6. 6. Michigan Music Therapistsc/o Kellee Coviak, Newsletter EditorP.O. Box 81003Lansing, MI 48908 Visit for the latest news. UPCOMING EVENTSMarch 23-27, 2011GLR of AMTA Conference, SNAPsGrand Geneva Resort & SNAPs is a new avenue for sharing Sensa- tional News, Announcements & People. WeSpa (Lake Geneva, WI) welcome you to share your exciting news onMarch 26, 2011 the SNAPs discussion thread on the MMTMMT Meeting at GLR Facebook page.Conference Congratulations to Lisa BarnhartApril 15, 2011 (WMU), recipient of the Fall 2010MMT Logo Contest Dead- MMT Memorial Scholarship.line Congratulations to Jodi ConradiApril 25-29, 2011 Stark, M.A., MT-BC, recipient ofMichigan Music Therapy the Michigan Youth Arts Touch-Awareness Week stone Award for the Very Special Arts (VSA) Michigan 2011 Educa-May 21, 2011MMT Spring Workshop, tor of the Year.Details TBA Harmony Garden Music TherapyApril 11-15, 2012 Services (Jackson, MI) has a newGLR of AMTA Conference, music therapist! Welcome BekahAmway Grand Plaza Ho- We invite you to share this newslet- Moilanen, (Grand Rapids, MI) ter with colleagues and clients.