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Cost Savings for Freeway Teardowns; Replace, Prevent, Remove

America's twentieth century highway building era included freeways which cut huge swaths across our cities, decimating neighborhoods and reducing quality of life for city residents. This massive infrastructure investment had devastating effects on local economies. It blighted property and pushed access to basic amenities further out.

Across the Country the Federal and State Departments of Transportation confronting shrinking budgets and cities looking for ways to increase their revenues, it is an ideal time to offer, alternatives to the reconstruction of expressways. The alternative to the highway will be discussed, showing the cost savings, improvement of mobility, and the ability to foster lasting redevelopment. Cases studies will illustrate how cities can maximize their transportation dollars while stabilizing neighborhoods.

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Erfurt Cnu2009rev

  1. 1. Cost Savings for Freeway Teardowns Replace, Prevent, Remove Prepared by: Edward W. Erfurt IV Urban Designer Town Planning and Design June 13, 2009
  2. 2. Understanding Framework
  3. 3. …The idea of systemic, long lasting, transformative change. Suburban Retrofits reintroduce the components of urbanism that were either illegal, undesired, or missing from much of suburbia.
  4. 4. Three Types of Freeway Removals 1. Replace 2. Remove 3. Prevent
  5. 5. Tear Down Types Replacement
  6. 6. Replacement • Fundamental Change in Design • Change in Classification • Maintenance or Ownership • Functional Class • Change in Priority • Introduction of Transit • New Community Vision • Catastrophic Change • Structural Failure •Natural Disaster
  7. 7. South Military Highway Chesapeake, Virginia
  8. 8. Grade Separation without a Grade Change
  9. 9. Station Area Planning: Existing Street Division Street Station, Powell Street Station: Network Portland, OR Division I - 205 82nd Ave. Powell 92nd Ave. 13
  10. 10. Division 92nd Avenue I-205
  11. 11. Division 92nd Avenue I-205
  12. 12. Division Station 16
  13. 13. Division Station 17
  14. 14. River Front Parkway Chattanooga, Tennessee
  15. 15. Tear Down Types Removal
  16. 16. Removal • Completely Removing a Structure • Evaporates the Traffic • Removal or Consolidation of Ramps • Abandonment of Right of Way • Untangling a Confluence • Increasing Access
  17. 17. Cheonggyecheon , Seoul, South Korea
  18. 18. Same corridor after CSS
  19. 19. Tear Down Types Prevention
  20. 20. Preventio n• Paper Plans • Waiting for Funding • Need for Immediate Change • Current Traffic Problems • Safety Issues • Required Maintenance
  21. 21. Montrose Parkway White Flint, Maryland Prevention
  22. 22. Cost Savings for Freeway Teardowns Replace, Prevent, Remove Prepared by: Edward W. Erfurt IV Urban Designer Town Planning and Design June 13, 2009