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Social Sector Solutions for Social Enterprise is an experiential learning course developed and provided by The Bridgespan Group and the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership at the UC Berkeley Haas Business School.

The course is part of Berkeley-Haas’ innovative curriculum known as BILD (Berkeley Innovative Leader Development).

The purpose of this course is to provide students with academic frameworks and practical hands-on experience in management and nonprofit consulting. It focuses on consultation teams working with select social enterprises under the guidance of coaches from The Bridgespan Group and Bain. Don Howard, partner at The Bridgespan Group and head of the San Francisco office, will co-instruct the course with Dr. Nora Silver from the Center.

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Social Sector Solutions for Social Enterprise Info Session

  1. 1. for Social EnterprisesClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level
  2. 2. Course Objectives  To increase student skills in  preparing social enterprises for entrepreneurial success  real problem solving  persuading decision makersClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level  Why students sign up for S3 Fourth level To explore consulting - process Fifth level and mindsets To experience working with social enterprises on critical issues To have the opportunity to work with Bridgespan consultants and explore management consulting
  3. 3. Course Components  MBA 292S-1/EWMBA 292S-1 (for undergraduates, UGBA 199)  3 credits, Mondays 6-9:30 pm Required kick-off (August 24) and finale (December 7) @ Bridgespan SF Offices 3-5pm Click to edit Master text styles Skills Topics: Consulting • Scope negotiation and work planning Second level Client management • Third level • Storyline development Fourth level • Communication skills & planning • Charting Fifth level  Topics: Social Enterprise Organizations • Social impact strategy • SE business strategy • Impact Assessment • Aligning business and social strategies
  4. 4. The Student Experience  This course is modeled after the successful Social Sector Solutions course.  This video depicts the student experience from that course.Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level
  5. 5. High-quality learning experience Bridgespan and  Class Instructors Bain Coaches • Nora Silver • Working Consultants • Don HowardClick to edit Master text styles Team‐Based  Second level Learning Third level Fourth level Student Team Fifth level Client Team • MBA Team Lead • Client Team Lead • 3 Other Grads • Team Members • 1 Undergrad
  6. 6. Potential Fall 2012 Clients • Bank on Oakland • Impact at ScaleClick to edit Master text styles • Wetherby Asset Management Second level Third level • Northern Neurosciences Fourth level Fifth level • Haas Students Always-Designing a Lifelong Learning Experience
  7. 7. Application Packet More details are available at A. For MBAs:Click to edit Master text styles Second level for S3 for Social Enterprises during your April class bidding • Bid period Third level • Students admitted into the class will complete a short application Fourth level indicating team preferences and send with resume to Fifth level B. For non-MBAs: • Complete the online application by EOD Friday April 27th • Send your resume to
  8. 8. Making a Commitment  Please apply only if serious about making a commitment to the Social Enterprise client, your teammates and the instructorsClick to edit Master text styles  There are no drop/adds for Social Second level Sector Solutions for Social Enterprises. Third level Fourth level Fifth level We will endeavor to give you one of your top choices of teams.