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Berkeley Board Fellows Project Summaries 2012


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Published in: Education, Business
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Berkeley Board Fellows Project Summaries 2012

  1. 1. Aspire Education Project Shishir Agrawal Tobi Hann Aspire Education Project provides academic tutoring and standardized test preparation to students inOrganization their homes, at after-school centers and in partnership with other organizations. Aspire also coordinates after-school programs and manages the Community Reading Buddies literacy program. • Develop a funding strategy for 2012 and goingBoard Project forward • Goal to learn from best-practice fund raising techniques • Implementable recommendations
  2. 2. BAHIA – Bay Area Hispano Elsita Meyer-Brandt Insitute for Advancement Manoj Das Org logo • Org mission: Provide families with high quality, nurturing, bilingual learning environmentsOrganization where children grow to become successful lifelong learners. • Vision: BAHIA will spread its promising practices in bilingual education, build deeper relationships with powerful partner organizations, attract a broader base of institutional funders, and improve systems on a programmatic and administrative level.Board Project Draft a Fundraising plan: • Identify gap between budget and income that will have to be financed through fundraising • Develop one document compiling all existing and potential fundraising initiatives • Develop action / outreach plan and assign responsibilities within BAHIA
  3. 3. Bay Area Urban Debate League Hiraa Khan Jahnavi Pendharkar Speak. Learn. Lead. The Bay Area Urban Debate League is dedicated toOrganization expanding opportunities for high school students in the San Francisco Bay Area to join in rigorous academic competition and become articulate, informed leaders in their schools and communities. • Our project consisted of 2 stages. First, we surveyedBoard Project different non-profit funding models. After discussing the merits with the Board, we developed a small donor campaign strategy.
  4. 4. Berkeley Public Education Mike Ciccarone Foundation Melanie Schoeppe • Berkeley Public Education Foundation is about empowering and inspiring teachers to provide anOrganization extraordinary education for every child in Berkeley’s public schools! • BPEF’s work connects donors with the teachers, students, families, and volunteers who are engaged in making our schools the best they can be. • We created strategic plans for the Berkeley PublicBoard Project Education Foundation to engage with the UC Berkeley community around fundraising both at the faculty and student level.
  5. 5. Buchanan YMCA Jay Beermann Vivek Bidwai • The YMCA of San Francisco builds strong kids, strong families and strong communities by enriching the lives of all the people in spirit, mind and body.Organization • The Buchanan YMCAs vision is to be known as a community asset, recognized for quality programs that are responsive to our diverse community needs. • We offer community programs for youth & teens, and have extensive outreach programs in the communities that we serve. • We partnered with the Executive Director and the Board ofBoard Project Directors to provide a marketing plan intended to help boost new membership and member retention for the branch. This marketing included a competitor assessment and differentiation analysis, a customer analysis and target customer definition, and proposed solutions and implementation plans to help meet the goals determined by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.
  6. 6. Children’s Council of San Ed Parillon Francisco Karrie Tam • Since 1973, Children’s Council has helped children grow, families work, and San FranciscoOrganization prosper. • CCSF strives to make affordable, high-quality child care a reality for all working families. • Benchmarking study of similar organizations toBoard Project determine available sources of funding given the current California fiscal context
  7. 7. Community Living Campaign Tina Liang Abhilash Ravishankar Mission: The Community Living Campaign strengthens and mobilizes individuals andOrganization organizations to assure every person’s right to live in community. Our strategy is to leverage the power of relationships to improve services and support. • Develop a strategy for being more financial sustainableBoard Project and have more fundraising strategies • Understand CLC’s role in the community, how to measure social capital, and define the cost structure of the organization
  8. 8. California Poets In The School Peter Rhee Gaurav Agarwal • Mission: Empower K-12 students in California to grow their creativity and intellectual curiosity in a multicultural world through the poetry-writing process, and everyOrganization year, approximately 120 poet teachers reach 25,000 students statewide. • Vision: Broad access to poetry for all students and promote creative writing as an important field in education. • Understand financial workings of the organization andBoard Project Provide Actionable Insights • Provide Recommendations on organizational structure and future strategy • Assess viability of corporate funding • Organize a fundraiser event
  9. 9. CVE, Inc. Alicia Chan Aron Kirschner • Mission: To provide vocational skills, training, resources & opportunities toOrganization empower individuals with employment barriers to fulfill their goals & achieve economic self sufficiency. • Our project was to build a dashboard to provideBoard Project CVE information on its financial and social performance on a real-time basis.
  10. 10. Destiny Arts Center Christina Gleason Josh Harrington • Mission: To end isolation, prejudice and violence in the lives of young people through performing andOrganization martial arts • Vision: Nurturing the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of young people so they respond rather than react to situations, practice love rather than violence, honor people of different backgrounds and become active participants in the life of their communities • Evaluate business opportunities to more fully utilizeBoard Project a permanent facility • Research & prepare a business plan for submission to the Kresge Foundation Facilities Grant program
  11. 11. EarthTeam Katie DeWitt Reid Spolek • EarthTeam empowers teens to become lifelong environmental stewards through experientialOrganization education, skills development, and the building of community connections • EarthTeam’s programs include Eco-Stewards, Aqua Team, Green News, and more. • Create a Fundraising Best Practices report based onBoard Project comparable organizations and other research • Develop a Case for Giving document that articulates why funders should support EarthTeam • Facilitate strategic planning session on programming decisions
  12. 12. Easy Does It Emergency Sandeep Singh Kohli Services (EDI) Jessica Watterson • Mission: Easy Does It Emergency Services provides assistance to the elderly and individuals withOrganization disabilities living independently in the City of Berkeley. • Should a disabled person experience an unforeseen crisis or a temporary lapse in his or her own regular attendant care, that person can call upon Easy Does It for assistance at the time of need. • Develop a Board of Directors DevelopmentBoard Project Playbook to provide the board with information on board member recruitment and board governance • Assist the board in finding training opportunities for boards
  13. 13. Future Leader’s Institute David Hirsch The Future Leaders Institute (FLI) engages high school youth in generating and implementingOrganization visionary solutions for society. FLI guides and mentors youth across the San Francisco Bay Area as they develop individual initiatives and employ social entrepreneurship in the face of the world’s most pressing needsBoard Project Analysis of strategic options and implementation of strategic plan to revitalize the organization
  14. 14. Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse Hallie Montoya Tansey Karen Rodriguez Ortega The Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse (BerkeleyOrganization Society for the Preservation of Traditional Music) is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of traditional and roots music.Board Project Our project supported the Freight’s strategic planning process by performing an external assessment that analyzes the competitive environment, trends and community and performer’s concerns. We got to interview performers of folk and traditional music, music venues, agents.
  15. 15. Eric Lucking The HFNC serves the needs of people impactedOrganization by bleeding disorders through enhancing quality of life by providing support, education, outreach and advocacy.Board Project • Financial Education • Financial Control Environment • Created a Finance and Audit Committee
  16. 16. Huckleberry Youth Programs Katie Zier • Huckleberrys mission is to educate, inspire, and support underserved youth to develop healthy lifeOrganization choices, to maximize their potential, and to realize their dreams. • We seek to empower young people to develop and maintain healthy relationships as well as promote their talents, ideas, leadership and health. • Assess the agency’s financial reporting for opportunities toBoard Project streamline and standardize them across a variety of stakeholders. • Develop a scope of requirements in advance of soliciting financial software bids, obtain bids and recommend a provider.
  17. 17. Larkin Street Youth Services Ravi Banda Vishal Kudchadkar Org logo • Working Since 1984, Larkin Street Youth Services has been committed to helping San Francisco’sOrganization most vulnerable youth ages 12-24 move beyond street life. • Provides Housing Services, Education and Employment Services, and Support Services for Medical, Mental Health and Substance Abuse issues • Evaluate and Recommend Case Incident ManagementBoard Project Software to enhance LSYS’ productivity and client services. • Evaluate the future hardware requirements (tablets, laptops, network equipment) for LSYS • Develop a Social Media Roadmap to improve LSYS outreach efforts with its donors and partners.
  18. 18. Leadership High School Lloyd Noronha Kazimir Brown Charter School in SF focused on: • Getting urban youth college ready • Building criticalOrganization thinking, communication, personal responsibility and social responsibility • Set a high bar on leadership for success Vision: • Be the leading school in the bay area to develop urban youth for excelling in college and life • Board recruitmentBoard Project • Identify a partnership strategy for sustainability and growth • Market research on success factors
  19. 19. Lindsay Wildlife Museum Chris Zach Ryan Holtan • Mission: Connect people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the natural world.Organization • We encourage and help people to: o Appreciate wildlife and nature. o Understand the interconnectedness of the natural world. o Act to care for wildlife and engage positively in the environment. •Board Project Develop and implement a process for assessing the performance of the board. • Benchmark best practices for succession planning for board members and committee chairs and for term limit policies.
  20. 20. Mira Scholars Foundation Kota Fukasawa Rodrigo Iannuzzi Mission - Provide educational opportunities to underservedOrganization and exploited children around the world by funding education-related projects. Vision - Empower children to reach their academic potential while inspiring the online community to reach its philanthropic potential. • Development of a plan to increase awareness of theBoard Project institution and consequently increase funds to invest in educational projects in developing countries
  21. 21. Playworks Tara English Borja Carol • The Playworks Mission: To improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunitiesOrganization for physical activity and safe, meaningful play. • Vision: One day all kids while enjoy a meaningful play time • Develop the new training program to teach schoolBoard Project staff in the Playworks method to play at the playground usually delivered directly by Playworks staff
  22. 22. Planned Parenthood-Shasta Linda Alves Pacific Allison Lauterbach • Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific champions healthy communitiesOrganization • And increases access to quality health care, information and reproductive freedom by • Providing medical services, education and advocacy • Educating the Board of Directors on the upcomingBoard Project implementation of the Affordable Care Act and its implications for all of the region’s health centers.
  23. 23. David Felts Jessamine Chin Root Divisions mission is to improve appreciation and access to the visual arts by connecting personalOrganization inspiration and community participation. Root Division provides subsidized studio space to working artists in exchange for their service in creating shared learning opportunities for the community. Artists develop creatively and professionally by teaching art to underserved youth, leading adult education classes, and producing exhibitions that showcase local emerging artworkBoard Project • Create an operations manual • Develop a fundraising strategy for FY12
  24. 24. Rubicon Programs Robert Bogolub Melissa Baily • Mission: Prepare very low-income people to achieve financial independence and to partner withOrganization people with mental illness on their journey of recovery • Rubicon has provided employment, housing, mental health, and other Rubicon Landscape Services supportive services to individuals who are very low- income, especially people who are homeless or have mental illness • Rubicon’s operates a landscaping business thatBoard Project supports the organization’s charitable activities • We helped Rubicon prepare to form an advisory board of outside experts to guide the landscaping business
  25. 25. SEEDS Community Resolution Amit Agarwal Center Olivia Herbert • Mission: Cultivate common ground and help people resolve conflict in our diverse communities through mediation, facilitation, training and restorative justice:Organization Services that Encourage Effective Dialogue and Solutions. • Vision : We see conflict as an opportunity for positive growth and transformation in our society. We envision a future in which all individuals and communities have the skills and capacity to engage in effective dialogue and promote peaceful resolution of issues and conflicts. • Develop a strategy for a Major Gifts FundraisingBoard Project Program
  26. 26. South of Market Child Care, Inc. Brian Feth Amanda Hat • South of Market Child Care provides quality early childhood care and education programs and comprehensive family support services to familiesOrganization in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. • Founded in 1970, SOMACC offers child development and preschool programs where more than 1,000 children, youth and adults are served each year. • We have been asked to identify market rates andBoard Project comparables for SOMACC child care 1) worker compensation and 2) tuition fees
  27. 27. Stern Grove Festival Gordon Chan Jane Wong • Founded in 1938 by Rosalie M. Stern, who donated the land of the GroveOrganization • Provides the highest quality performances, free of admissions charge, to Bay Area residents & visitors • Provide paid performance opportunities for professional artists and performing groups in the summer months • Further enhance the organization’s boardBoard Project engagement, interaction, and development with the purpose of ensuring alignment with best practices used at other world-class institutions
  28. 28. Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Alison Brock Alameda County Alex Nisichenko The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a nonprofit organization that provides direct assistance to needy men, women and children in Alameda County.Organization The organization, celebrating 70 years of service, exists to meet the needs of the poor and the homeless. Following the tradition of Frederic Ozanam, founder of the International Society of St. Vincent de Paul, SVdP serves anyone in need, regardless of race, creed or origin.Board Project Our goal as Berkeley Board Fellows was to aid SVdP in creating a strategic plan for the next three years.
  29. 29. Sweetwater Spectrum Carolina Ibarra Amit GokhaleOrganization Mission: To provide adults with autism an innovative, supportive community that will challenge each individual to reach his or her highest potential Devise a caregiver retention and incentiveBoard Project strategy/training program through staff interviews and academic research to fulfill the organization’s principle of nurturing long-term relationships between residents and staff
  30. 30. Tenderloin Neighborhood Easha Anand Development Corp. Emily Gerth • TNDC’s mission is to provide safe, affordable housing with support services for low-income people in the Tenderloin and to be a leader in making the neighborhood a betterOrganization place to live. • At TNDC, we know that housing is the foundation on which people build their lives. We own and operate 30 affordable housing buildings serving 3,000 tenants in the Tenderloin and adjacent neighborhoods.Board Project Provided analysis to support strategic thinking around affordability in the housing portfolio by examining the changes in costs of providing housing and in the rents charged to current and incoming tenants from 2007 to 2012
  31. 31. Toolworks Katie Magrath Nick Jennings • Toolworks is devoted to helping all people with disabilities connect with the opportunities in their community. We provide social services to over 500 individuals withOrganization disabilities every year. We offer employment services, vocational training, and the full range of support that allows individuals with disabilities to live independently. • Mission: to provide the tools and resources that promote independence, equality and personal satisfaction. • Hayes Valley Bakeworks is Toolworks’ newest socialBoard Project venture — a bakery and café serving rustic baked goods that also employs and trains people with disabilities and those who are homeless or at-risk. • We analyzed the opportunity for Bakeworks to extend into catering services.
  32. 32. Vietnamese Youth Fred Wagner Development Center Bryan Rieber • Mission: To provide direct assistance to Southeast Asian and other youth; empoweringOrganization them and their families to participate actively in the development of themselves and their community. • Vision: Our youth, families and community thriving in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment • Help the board and executive staff betterBoard Project understand the true cost and impact of various programs as well as create a more comprehensive picture of the youth demographics
  33. 33. YMCA of San Francisco Dana Ledyard Paul Maa The YMCA of San Francisco builds strong kids, strong families and strong communities byOrganization enriching the lives of all people in spirit, mind and body. For more than 150 years, the YMCA of San Francisco has provided comprehensive programs and services to meet the diverse needs of the Bay Area. Through its 14 branches from Marin County to the Santa Cruz Mountains, YMCA programs span the generations to address compelling wellness and social needs in our communities.Board Project We supported the YMCA in developing and implementing a program mapping framework to assess Y programs from both a strategic alignment perspective as well as financial sustainability.