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Andrew Balwin

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Andrew Balwin

  1. 1. Passenger CARE The role of Ports, Destinations,Cruises Lines and Shipping Agents Raynel Gonzalez – Carnival Cruise Lines Andrew Baldwin – Carnival UK
  2. 2. Raynel GonzalezManager, Care TeamCarnival Cruise Lines
  3. 3. Andrew BaldwinCustomer Care ManagerCarnival UK (P&O Cruises, Cunard)
  4. 4. What is the role of CARE• Providing support to customers and crew during unexpected events.• Medical landings• Shoreside accidents• Emergencies on board ships
  6. 6. Medical Landings
  7. 7. Mass Emergency
  8. 8. What is your role• You are the experts• Local guidance and support to Our ships/Our office teams/Our people• Knowledge of local customs and legalities• Assist us to deliver a caring response to our customers• On the ground immediately• Representing the company
  9. 9. What you can do• Be aware of what programmes your cruise lines have• Investigate emergency plans for your ports• Look at and request training opportunities• Understand what would be expected from you in the event of an emergency• Invest the time in planning now• Do not wait for it to happen
  10. 10. Examples of partnership• Working across the cruise industry• Established guidelines to deploy for each other• Working with operators with similar teams such as Intercruises• Recent example of partnership in Barcelona
  11. 11. What are we doing• Providing guidance to assist with day to day issues• Establishing an emergency structure• Developing standard checklists that can be used within your own businesses• Talking to industry partners at events• Care training to our industry partners• Training embassy’s, consulates & local officials
  12. 12. QuestionsPlease come and speak to Ray or myself during the conference or email us