Nutrients and how_they_effect_the_brain


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Nutrients and how_they_effect_the_brain

  1. 1. Nutrients and how they effect the brain By: Sarah Shumate
  2. 2. Nutrients effects on the Brain• There are several nutrients that effect the brain some of them are…• Nutrients are derived from vitamins and minerals.• Vitamins and Minerals are needed by the body but not produced by the body.• Baby’s Brain and Nutrition• The effect of diet on the development of a child’s brain begins as early as the 10th week of pregnancy. If the mom has a poor diet during pregnancy, the child could have lifelong birth defects, including mental retardation or behavioral problems. A poor diet can lead to his brain being smaller and less active.• Read more: 6-nutrition-and-brain-development-in-a- child/#ixzz22LyTM04s
  3. 3. NUTRITION AND THE BRAIN• A persons food intake affects • A sleepy person may feel more mood, behavior, and brain productive after a cup of coffee function. A hungry person may and a light snack. A person who feel irritable and has consistently eaten less food restless, whereas a person who or energy than needed over a has just eaten a meal may feel long period of time may be calm and satisfied. apathetic and moody. Read more: Nutrition and mental health - children, causes, functioning, effe cts, therapy, person, people, used au-Nu/Nutrition-and-mental- health.html#ixzz22M5JJpeb
  4. 4. Carbohydrates and mental health• Carbohydrates include starches, naturally occurring and refined sugars, and dietary fiber. Foods rich in starches and dietary fiber include grain products like breads, rice, pasta and cereals, especially whole-grain products; fruits; and vegetables, especially starchy vegetables like potatoes. Foods rich in refined sugars include cakes, cookies, desserts, candy, and soft drinks.
  5. 5. Specific nutrient qualities• Dietary lipids- Dietary cholesterol from dairy products and egg yolks have been associated with brain functioning at all ages. Lipids make up 10% of the weight of the brain and are essential for the proper formation of membranes and myelin. Importantly though, excess cholesterol can build up in the blood leading to disease
  6. 6. Specific nutrient qualities Continued• Carotenoids and flavonoids- • Micronutrients- including These powerful antioxidants iron, zinc, choline, selenium, io combat oxidative stress in the dine, magnesium, B brain and this is believed to vitamins, and vitamins A and C have a protective effect in the play key roles in energy ageing processes. Carotenoids metabolism as well as are found in yellow and orange neurological enzymatic fruits and vegetables reactions and processes. especially but all fruits are Micronutrients are specifically good sources of flavonoids. involved in producing – Virtual Medical Centre © 2002 - 2012 functional brain lipids, neurotransmitters, DNA and RNA.
  7. 7. Nutrients for brain development during pregnancy• Fetal brain development is a complex process, and the nutrients that are taken during pregnancy will effect the baby’s brain. A deficiency in some nutrients can cause serious birth defects of the brain.• Two nutrients that are important for brain devlopment is: Folate is an important nutrient for brain and spinal cord development. A lack of folate affects the brain during the earliest phases of development, often before the woman is even aware of the pregnancy. It can cause the brain and spinal cord not to form completely, leading to severe birth defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly. Folic acid, the synthetic form of folate, is added to many fortified foods in the United States, including breads and cereals, but it is still important to take a prenatal vitamin that contains this nutrient. Spinach, beans, asparagus and peanuts are also good sources of folate. * development-during-pregnancy/#ixzz22nKaoIQ5
  8. 8. Nutrients for brain development during pregnancy Continued:• The brain of a human fetus grows rapidly from the 10th to 18th week of pregnancy, so it is important for the mother to eat nutritious foods during this time.• Babies born to mothers who had poor diets may have some form of mental retardation or behavioral problems. Also, children who do not receive adequate nutrition in their first few years of life may develop problems later. Often the effects of malnutrition and environmental problems, such as emotional and physical abuse, can combine to create behavioral problems.• The brain also grows rapidly just before and for about 2 years after birth. Malnutrition during these periods of rapid brain growth may have devastating effects on the nervous system and can affect not only neurons. –
  9. 9. Variety of vitamins and nutrients• There are several vitamins and nutrients that we need to sustain a healthy life form conception to death• Following is a table of essential vitamins and there benefits to the mind and body.•
  10. 10. This table can be found at
  11. 11. Read more: Nutrition and mentalhealth -children, causes, functioning, effects, therapy, person, people, used
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  13. 13. Bibliography Continued:• "Journal of the American College of Nutrition"; Nutritional Importance of Choline for Brain Development; S.H. Zeisel; December 2004• * development-during-pregnancy/#ixzz22nNRkXls- in this article I read about how folate and folac acids are important nutrients for the brain and spinal cord development. A lack of foliate affects the brain during the earliest phases of development. And it also talked about where we can get them through certain foods as well as vitamins.• * in this online article it broke down how each vitamin plays important role in our body. As well as what part of our bodies it helps the most.• Nutrition Reviews; Mar2011, Vol. 69 Issue 3, p132-144, 13p, 2 Charts