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Aging pptp


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Aging pptp

  1. 1. AgingThe Effects of Aging on the Brain By Matthew Kernodle ECE 275 Current Issues in the Brain 02/20/2012
  2. 2. How the Brain Ageso Currently being researchedo mDNA mutations interfere with normal proteins in the braino Vascular atrophy of brain tissueo Diet and environmental factorso Genetic programming of cellular repair and maintenance in the brain
  3. 3. The Effects of Brain Aging More of the brain works harder to accomplish simple tasks Memory recall is more difficult Tasks requiring matching skills are more difficult Information processing skills are reduced. Older Atrophied brain (left) Young healthy brain (right)
  4. 4. Ways to Reduce the Effects of Aging in the Brain• Diet Plays a major role in reducing the effects of aging.• Increase B-vitamin, Omega-3, and DHA to help reduce the effects of aging of the brain.• Exercise (get up and do something)• Learning new things. This can be taking a new class, learning a new dance, or playing a instrument.
  5. 5. Helpful Video Links• Foods for healthy brains:• Lecture on brain aging:• New research into brain aging:
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