The Connected World - Platforms in connected education


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The presentation I gave at the 2010 NUTN Online Conference

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The Connected World - Platforms in connected education

  1. 1. Connected World How the internet is changing the way we learn, grow and discover Chris Melissinos Founder, Past Pixels, LLC
  2. 2. Introduction former Chief Evangelist and Chief Gaming Officer, host of JavaOne - Sun Microsystems led client and server game technology development 10+ years Founder of Past Pixels, LLC Guest Curator, Smithsonian American Art Museum Past Pixels, LLC
  3. 3. Potter Puppet Pals Past Pixels, LLC
  4. 4. Past Pixels, LLC
  5. 5. Fox News Channel, 3.92 million viewers 77,823,633 unique views Past Pixels, LLC
  6. 6. Statement access to technology & connectivity has permanently changed the parameters of human interaction and reach Past Pixels, LLC
  7. 7. Overnight? Source: idFive Past Pixels, LLC
  8. 8. consumers have ONLY lived with “The Internet” for 16 years Past Pixels, LLC
  9. 9. Rise of “You” Past Pixels, LLC
  10. 10. Why so fast? access to information? avenue of creation? access to entertainment? avenue to meaningful connections? YES!....and no what we do with technology is more important Past Pixels, LLC
  11. 11. Smile Technology achieves its highest purpose when it makes us happy Past Pixels, LLC
  12. 12. What’s happening? technology is cheap and pervasive access to games and computers technology permeating pop culture through games and social sites gamers are no longer a sub-set drivers of new technology adoption are 5 - 14 years old multi-generational connection Past Pixels, LLC
  13. 13. The Lonely Computer humans require interaction to survive play is a vital part of all cultures discovery, self reflection, limitations, rule sets, environmental examination computers allowed us to avoid human interaction fighting half a million years of socialization Past Pixels, LLC
  14. 14. Not surprising Past Pixels, LLC
  15. 15. Reflections access to content creation tools inexpensive connectivity commodity technology allows people to see the humanity in their creations entertainment, at the consumer level, is the purest route to technology adoption the internet is one of the most important communication mediums in the history of mankind... ...and it is, without a doubt, the most transformative Past Pixels, LLC
  16. 16. 1982 “Can a Computer Make You Cry?” Past Pixels, LLC
  17. 17. this is only the beginning Past Pixels, LLC
  18. 18. will this medium mean more to future generations than it does to us today? Past Pixels, LLC
  19. 19. without question Past Pixels, LLC
  20. 20. technology’s presence and influence in society Past Pixels, LLC
  21. 21. Geek culture music television comics & art fashion Past Pixels, LLC
  22. 22. Geek culture Past Pixels, LLC
  23. 23. YouTube stars Past Pixels, LLC
  24. 24. Social good Past Pixels, LLC
  25. 25. Games in the world “Ghosts of a Chance” at the Smithsonian American Art Museum mash-up of traditional web technologies build on community built on participation provides amazingly accurate trend analysis Past Pixels, LLC
  26. 26. Interwoven Past Pixels, LLC
  27. 27. My wife, the “non-gamer” Past Pixels, LLC
  28. 28. Education Past Pixels, LLC
  29. 29. As art?!? ... ... Past Pixels, LLC
  30. 30. The Art of Video Games present the evolution of the art form across generations of technology reveal “echos” of design that persist generation to generation elevate the opportunity that video games represent as an artistic medium observe the intertwined relationship between games, technology and society over the past 40 years demonstrate the influence of popular culture, technology, social issues on the designers and artists Past Pixels, LLC
  31. 31. Recap the Internet is the most powerful, transformative communication platform in the history of mankind our children will never know a world without global connection new generations are driving the application of multiple communication vectors games and play are becoming important components of discovery, communication and education games and media are being accepted as norms Past Pixels, LLC
  32. 32. it is still early days, we don’t have all of the answers yet, but the opportunity for future generations is staggering Past Pixels, LLC
  33. 33. Thank You! Past Pixels, LLC