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EdS-EdD Presentation-2009

  1. 1. Specialist in Education (Ed.S)/Doctorof Education (Ed.D) Ladder Program April, 2009
  2. 2. CMU Off-Campus Programs• Degree programs in adult-friendly formats to fit your busy life• Thirty-five years experience in off- campus programs• 65,000 alumni - you can be next!• Over 60 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  3. 3. The “Typical” Student• An educator aspiring to a career in school administration or the central office• A college administrator desiring additional educational credentials• A teacher or administrator seeking to teach at the college level• Existing or potential agency administrators
  4. 4. Specialist in Education (Ed.S.)• A 33-credit hour program• Degree completion in 24 months• Weekend cohort format• Two concentrations are possible, depending on the cohort’s direction: – P-16 Administration – Higher Education• Final project is field-based or thesis• 27 credits can transfer to the Ed.D. program• Begins in Traverse City in the Fall of 2009
  5. 5. Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)• A 36-credit hour program• Weekend cohort format begins in Traverse City in the Fall, 2011• Includes: 1. Research requirements (6 credit hours) 2. Academic core (15 credit hours) 3. Qualifying exams 4. Dissertation (15 credit hours)
  6. 6. Anticipated Program SequenceSpecialist in Education (Ed.S. – 33 Credit Hours)• EDL 651 Program Review & Evaluation• EDL 700 Advanced Administrative Research• EDL 760 Leadership Theory and Practice• EDL 765 Org. Change in Educational Institutions• EDL 775 Educational Policy Analysis + Concentration Courses (12 credit hours) + Capstone Project (6 credit hours)Doctor of Education (Ed.D. – 36 credit hours)• EDL 800 Qualitative Analysis in Ed. Leadership• EDL 801 Quantitative Analysis in Ed. Leadership• EDL 815 Ethical Leadership• EDL 855 Org Culture & Change in Ed Institutions• EDL 860 Org Theory in Educational Institutions• EDL 899 Doctoral Seminar + Dissertation (15 credit hours)
  7. 7. FacultyDr. Dorrah Dr. Orsuwan Dr. Garza - Dr. Gilbert Dr. Grabinski Dr. Kaczynski MitchellDr. Kirby Dr. Marshall Dr. Richtig Dr. Whale Dr. Hornak Dr. Umpstead
  8. 8. Academic Rigor• Post-graduate level courses require post- graduate level work• This is an advanced degree from a major university• CMU is ranked as one of the top10 most productive small research universities in the nation• The professors are challenging but also understanding
  9. 9. Admission Requirements• Graduate application• Transcripts – undergraduate & graduate• Minimum graduate GPA of 3.5• Resume of professional education experience• GRE or MAT• Short essay• Description of professional problem and analysis of resolution• 3 letters of recommendation
  10. 10. Times and Services• Competitive tuition ($460/475 at present)• Textbooks are sent directly to your door step (MBS)• Library materials delivered to you (OCLS)• Campus Management – Student Portal• Writing Center• Registration by the Center
  11. 11. Important Information• Application due date: May 1, 2009• Transfer credits (7 Year/8 Year Rules)• $460 per credit hour for EdS at present• $475 per credit hour for EdD at present• $50 application fee
  12. 12. Financial Aid• Student loans – Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)• Veteran’s Education Benefits• Student’s Employer Tuition Assistance
  13. 13. How to Apply• Send in your application or apply online• Request official transcripts – Every college you’ve attended• Complete the balance of admission requirements• Then, your complete portfolio will be reviewed
  14. 14. Questions 5. Information Resources: – Judy Nemitz at (231) 995-1756 or nemit1jj@cmich.edu – Vickie at the Call Center at (877) 268-4636 – Ed.S.: Betty Kirby at (989) 774-1503 or betty.kirby@cmich.edu – Ed.D.: Sarah Marshall at (989) 774-3635 or sarah.marshall@cmich.edu • Apply online - www.cel.cmich.edu/apply • Program website: http://www. cel.cmich.edu/EdS-EdD
  15. 15. Thank You!• T.C. Center (231) 995-1756• Toll-free (877) 268-4636• www.cmich.edu/offcampus• cmuoffcampus@cmich.edu