Scaling Authenticity


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Speaker: Jen Bekman, Founder, 20x200

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  • we sell art on the internet, real art to a lot of different people all over the world
  • We've been doing this since 2007, largely via our email newsletters that go out at least 2x a week. When I started all of this up back then, people said I was crazy, that I couldn't sell art for as little as $20, and that I'd be arrested for being a spammer if I imposed upon ppl's inboxes twice a week
  • - Since then we've sold over 140K prints and now people gladly receive our emails, which we send much more frequentlymaybe something like - 140k prints sold later, 20x200 is a much bigger operation than it was back then, but staying true to the ideals + values that we used as our foundation, even while growing very quickly is exactly why we've succeeded.
  • I still write a lot of the newsletters myself, and I still receive a lot of emails from our collectors asking me to change their address, or requesting that we work with a certain artist. On the one hand, it might seem silly that the CEO of a 20 person company is sending or receiving those kinds of emails, but...
  • Balancing Instinct VS. Data: example #1 our customer satisfaction survey
  • Balancing Instinct VS. Data: example #2 - Browse by color came about over an IM conversation
  • Experimenting: how the 11x14 edition was a game changer for us!
  • We are a group of people, part of a family: the staff, our artists, our collectors
  • Companies are made of people:we’ve grown enough to have room for a ping pong tableWe’re a special kind of start-up because we have THIS ping pong tableJason trusts us to take care of the table for him
  • Scaling Authenticity

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    4. 4. PRINTS SOLD<br />
    5. 5. Dear Jen,<br />I wanted to let the whole 20x200 crew know that you are crushing it. I love everything about what you do. I love the website. I love the email you send when you join your mailing list. I love the “do not bend sticker” and the way you package every bundle of arty goodness you send out.  But most importantly, I love that you offer great art at a great price.  You just have helped brighten up my walls and for that I, and my walls, thank you.<br /> <br />I hope you make millions and billions of dollars and stay in business forever.<br /> <br />All the best,<br />Spencer<br />
    6. 6. MEASURING LOVE<br />97%<br />97%<br />97%<br />97%<br />96%<br />95%<br />94%<br />94%<br />93%<br />