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Real Time Marketing: The Recent Past, Present & Future


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Presentation by Intel Corporation, Senior Digital Strategist David Veneski.

Dated June 8, 2010.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Real Time Marketing: The Recent Past, Present & Future

  1. 2. Case Study: Real Time ‘Core’ Integration David Veneski :: Intel Corporation @dveneski
  2. 3. Intel Goes ‘Mad’ as Big-Event TV Strategy Continues New York Times Intel Makes Oscar Debut AllBusiness Intel makes Super Bowl comeback… Advertising Age
  3. 4. Intel Goes To The Super Bowl “We’re All Nerds Now” – Om Malik “ Hard product to sell; cute way to ‘humanize’ it” “ Just caught the Intel ad I missed from the Super Bowl. Aww… Poor Robot” “ The Intel ad with the Robot is hilarious”
  4. 5. What Is Your Core Moment?
  5. 6. Real Time Distribution – Building A Social Platform
  6. 7. Mobile: Local, Relevant, Immediate
  7. 8. Thank You! David Veneski Intel Corporation @dveneski