Typo3 to WordPress Automated Migration


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CMS2CMS will ransfers your website content items from TYPO3 to WordPress smoothly and saves you from the migration hassle!

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Typo3 to WordPress Automated Migration

  1. 1. TYPO3 to WordPress
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  3. 3. Automated Migration Service CMS2CMS Announces  TYPO3 Migration Support Summary: Automated migration tool CMS2CMS announces TYPO3              migration support with the package of importing benefits and options. It                      presents the ability to complete website data import from TYPO3 to                      WordPress, Joomla or K2 as well as migration to TYPO3 from these                        platforms.    Ternopil, Ukraine ­ March 28, 2013 ­ Today, CMS2CMS automated                    migration service presents its latest update ­ TYPO3 migration support.                    Since now, automated website content migration from TYPO3 to                  WordPress, Joomla and K2 as well as data import to TYPO3 from                        WordPress, Joomla, K2 and Drupal is available.    CMS2CMS is an online tool that serves for site data import from one CMS                            platform to another, with no advanced skills necessary and no additional                      software to install. All content is moved automatedly and very fast, which                        allows to transfer the existing website data to a new CMS instead of having                            to start a site from scratch.     Supports entities for TYPO3 migration:     ● Pages  All the website static content pages (e. g. contact us, terms of service,                          privacy policy, etc.)  ● Posts   Blog posts, articles, dynamic textual content etc.   ● Categories  The “parent­child” related categories will be organised into the same                    relations on the new site.   ● Images 
  4. 4. Content images migration from one CMS to another.   ● Users  User data is moved including username, email, login,etc.   ● Internal Links   The internal website link structure including categories and posts                  navigation will preserve the previous “tree­form” at the new site. Moreover,                      the links to external sources will be migrated as well.   ● SEO URL  CMS2CMS service can form website SEO URL structure at the new                      platform.     Reaching the heights of the migration process, CMS2CMS has already                    performed a respectful amount of website migrations that got high                    estimates from customers. Now, CMS2CMS widens the variety of the                    supported CMSs and offers TYPO3 migration with the variety of the                      automated import benefits.         Advantages of Automated Website Migration:     ● Speed  In general, the process of migration takes from a few minutes to several                          hours according to the quantity of the website entities.   ● User Friendness  CMS2MCS migration tool does not require any programming skills, thus                    TYPO3 migration is a hassle free process of a few mouse clicks.   ● Assisted Migration  Migration assistance allows users to migrate their content with no                    additional interaction with the process. CMS2CMS technical engineers set                  up the data import to provide the customers with even easier content                        migration.   ● No Software Installation   It’s possible to conduct the migration process in the browser directly.                     
  5. 5. Internet connection is enough to import content from its current CMS                      platform to a new one.     CMS2CMS migration service is an alternative solution for website                  switching to the new CMS platform without data and time losses. In                        addition, this online migration tool is constantly improving its importing                    process and extends the available migration features for every supported                    CMS. Thus, CMS2CMS is a well­operated substitution of manual website                    content migration.    To get more information about TYPO3 automated migration visit                  www.cms2cms.com    Follow the latest CMS2CMS updates on Twitter and Facebook.