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SMF to vBulletin Converter


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Move you SMF forum board to vBulletin with no hustle. This presentation will provide you with the fastest and safest solution.

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SMF to vBulletin Converter

  1. 1. toSMF vBulletin Converter from A to Z tutorial by
  2. 2. Why opt for Superb Quality Demo Migration High speed process Migration Insurance Live Support Automated service
  3. 3. Are you about to change your current forum board from SMF to vBulletin? CMS2CMS is the online tool that can handle your forum content migration from SMF over to vBulletin with accuracy and ease. You don’t have to be a programmer to set up the migration. Just a few quick steps - and your forum topics, forum posts, users, images, and even polls, are moved to the new forum board on vBulletin. We do everything to keep your data safe, and you can check our Privacy Policy for details on how we deal with our clients' info.
  4. 4. Create Your CMS2CMS Account To start your SMF to vBulletin migration, the first thing you have to do is to sign up with CMS2CMS. Provide your name, email, phone number and choose a password. You can also sign in via your Facebook or Google+ account. For this, choose the appropriate option.
  5. 5. Specify Your SMF forum Details Choose Simple Machines Forum as your Existing forum type and enter its URL into the provided field.
  6. 6. Establish the Connection to Your SMF Board Now you are to set up the connection to your Simple Machines Forum. For doing this, download and install the Connection Bridge to your computer. Here is the video tutorial, where the process of installation is shown in details. When you’ve done with that, press “Verify Connection” button.
  7. 7. Provide Your New vBulletin Board Details Now, choose vBulletin as your Target board and provide its URL. Connect to your vBulletin as you did it on the previous step. Just download and install the Connection Bridge. After that, press “Verify Connection” button and move on.
  8. 8. Run Free Demo Migration Using CMS2CMS service as your SMF to VBulletin converter, you may preview the future look of your migrated forum and run Free Demo migration. Choose the Entities and needed additional options you are going to move. In case you want to migrate all your data without Demo, you may skip this step.
  9. 9. Start a Complete Transfer from SMF to vBulletin Forum Before starting a complete migration to vBulletin, you can check the Free Demo result and see how your migrated topics and posts look like on the new forum board. Just go to your New board, and check how SMF to vBulletin converter works. If you are satisfied with the result, you may complete the migration.
  10. 10. Hooray! That’s it! Now you are a happy owner of a vBulletin-powered forum board with all your SMF content on it.
  11. 11. Start a New Life of Your Forum Right Now with It’s never been easier!