Refined and Improved phpBB to bbPress Migration with CMS2CMS


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If you are looking for a way, on how to convert your phpBB forum into bbPress one, here you will find some answers. For more information go here:

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Refined and Improved phpBB to bbPress Migration with CMS2CMS

  1. 1. Refined and Improved phpBB to bbPress Migration with CMS2CMS
  2. 2. Summary: CMS2CMS, an automated forum and website migration service, proudly declares its latest update of forum data transfer - phpBB to bbPress migration is already update. So, from now every forum owner can migrate phpBB website content to WordPress with bbPress plugin in fully automated speed. The migration process includes the import of forum categories, posts, users, tags, and polls. Ternopil, Ukraine - 12/12/2013 - CMS2CMS, the automated CMS and forum migration service, officially announces its latest forum transfer opportunity - refined and improved phpBB to bbPress migration. Together with the fast and accurate migration process, all the forum items, like threads, posts, categories, users, polls, etc, are moved from phpBB to WordPress effortlessly. The reliable proof of CMS2CMS service is over 4,200 migrations performed. Thus, the forum data conversion is a safe and sound procedure. Furthermore, the website owners can also get the technical chat assistance before, during and after their transfer.
  3. 3. The Following Content Are Migrated to WordPress ● Forums/Categories The hierarchy and forum relations will be preserved on the bbPress. ● Post Data Author, reply content, subject, attachment, date are moved directly to the new website ● Topics/Threads All the topics or threads are moved from one platform to another including title, content, author, publishing date. ● Forum Tags All the tags related to the topics/threads are preserved during phpBB migration. ● Forum Images Users pictures contained in posts or topics are transferred to the new discussion board. Key Features of Automated CMS2CMS Migration Service ● Free Demo Migration Available You are able to try Free Demo Migration and migrate phpBB to WordPress with bbPress plugins up to 10 pages. Moreover, you may try the free migration to the test site of the service and moved there up to 100 pages to check up the backend and frontend of the future website. ● Intuitive Interface CMS2CMS is an automated converter that converts all the forum data in a few clicks in the migration wizard. ● Without Any Installation With this service, there is no need to install extra software. It is possible to get more information on how to migrate all your data from phpBB to bbPress automatedly: About CMS2CMS CMS2CMS is the automated migration instrument that allows its website users to switch their content from one CMS to another as well as supports the data migration between forum platforms. The fast migration process and the diligent transfer of website content are the highest priority of the automated migration.
  4. 4. Media contact CMS2CMS Ternopil, Ukraine