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Migrating Plone to WordPress: Why & How


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Searching the way to convert from Plone to WordPress? Your search ends here. Following the instrustion provided in this presentation you'll be able to import all your Plone website data to WordPress without hiring any programmer.

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Migrating Plone to WordPress: Why & How

  1. 1. Searching the way to convert from Plone to  WordPress?   Your search ends here.       Following the instructions provided in this article you'll be able  to import all your Plone website data to WordPress without  hiring any programmer.   Interested yet? 
  2. 2. When it comes to WordPress vs Plone – there is no one­size­fits­all solution. It’s a                              subjective decision and this is the reason why the debate will continue. The post                            doesn’t intend to belittle or alter any of the platforms. The aim here is to simply                                compare these two software packages for you to make the right choice. So, let’s go                              to the wilds of WordPress and Plone in order to point out all their ins and outs.  While speaking about the most popular and              widespread CMS solutions ­WordPress,        undoubtedly, is referred to as No.1. It takes the great                    bulk of web market and is currently listed as the most                      user­friendly website building tool.Plone,        contrastingly, is distinguished as more powerful CMS              software package that possesses more advanced functionality, multiple sites creation                    possibilities, and other tempting features. They both have established themselves as                      robust and flexible CMS options that provide great platforms for creating powerful web                          applications on a limited budget.    In a nutshell, without going into hard core development features – complexity is exactly                            the feature that sets them apart. In easier words, Plone provides great possibilities for                            more advanced developers targeted at building complex web projects, while                    WordPress suits best for those searching fast website solution with great                      functionality and flexibility at the same time.    In case you find yourself facing a big problem of dissatisfaction with your current Plone                              CMS solution and consider it to be an overkill for your web project – why not give a try                                      to more user­oriented WordPress? Probably, the idea of content migration scares                      you? It’s naturally, because migrating data across different platforms can be tricky and                         
  3. 3. risky, especially in terms of losing a lion’s share of the content. Let’s now focus on 3                                  possible ways of website migration for you to choose from.  Manual method is a good way to go for those                    possessing much time, patienceand, what is more, –                strong programming background. The method expects            copy/pasting every piece of content from one platform to                  another. Furthermore, you can hire an experienced              programmer and have the job done for you. Assisted                  wayof website migration is quite reliable and secure –                  however, you should be ready forhuge financial              investments. Alternatively, you can try automated way              of migration with the help of online converters (like                  CMS2CMS) and have all your Plone website content imported to WordPress quickly,                        flawlessly and in a totally automated manner. Online converters transfer all the                        content fast and accurately that make millions of people all over the world gravitate                            towards it.    Ready? Look through the step­by­step guidance below and get ready to perform the                          conversion without hiring an expert:         
  4. 4. 1. Initiate the migration process by downloading CMS2CMS: Plone to WordPress                      Migration Plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory.       2. As soon as ready:  ● download the plugin to your local PC;  ● extract the folder from the zip file;  ● install this plugin to your WordPress site.   
  5. 5.  3. Create your CMS2CMS Account there by specifying your email and password.    4. Connect Plone – type in its URL address in the matching field.     
  6. 6. 5. Select Migration Preferences by activating the proposed options. Keep in mind                        that the converter allows to importpages, content images and internal links. Start                        Demo Migration.     6. If you are absolutely satisfied with the results of Demo – initiate Full Migration.                              After the click, your Plone website data will be imported to WordPress.   
  7. 7. Well done!     Now it’s time to check up the results of CMS2CMS  migration service and enjoy your new WordPress  website and its unlimited possibilities.   Congratulations!