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Migrate a Website from TYPO3 to Joomla in an Automated Way


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Find out how to migrate your website from TYPO3 to Joomla in 5 simple steps

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Migrate a Website from TYPO3 to Joomla in an Automated Way

  1. 1. TYPO3 to Joomla Migration
  2. 2. Accomplished TYPO3 to Joomla Migration with  CMS2CMS       Summary: CMS2CMS, an automated CMS and forum migration                service, presents groundly improved website data migration from                TYPO3 to Joomla, allowing all site owners to make a switch in a fully                            automated way that takes no more than a few minutes.     Ternopil, Ukraine ­ 29/11/2013 ­ Automated CMS and forum migration                    service, CMS2CMS, provides the migration to test site if you do not have                          target website installed yet. With this service TYPO3 to Joomla migration                      is more proficient, all the content data like pages, users, images, links can                          be migrated in less than 15 minutes. Currently CMS2CMS proceed more                      than 10,000 successful migration so far and there is no limit for migrated                          amount of content.     CMS2CMS is the unique service as it provides absolutely easy and simple                        migration with no copy/pasting and no coding skills necessary.     Entities Available For Migration from TYPO3 to Joomla     ● Pages  All the static website content  will be imported automatically    ● Categories  The relationship between content categories, sections and posts will be                    preserved.   ● Сontent images  Correspondingly to all the post, images will be moved from the current site                          to the new one.    ● Users  The migration includes user data migration : username, email, personal                   
  3. 3. details, registration date, signature, subscription, ranks.   ● Internal Links  All the links to external post will be migrated from TYPO3 to Joomla.     Why Migrate Website from TYPO3 to Joomla Using CMS2CMS    ● Easiness   CMS2CMS innovative migration service automatedly migrate all the                content from one platform to another.   ● All­in­One Migration Service  Four different types of supporting packages such as: Basic. Extended,                    Premium or Ultimate gives an opportunity to convert website with no                      efforts. With the package client can relax whiole CMS2CMS teams of                      professionals performs the transfer to the new CMS instead.   ● Migration Setup Assistance  For setting up the migration it is mandatory to install the connection bridge.                          However, if it is to complicated for client there is an Assisted Migration                          Service. Migration assistance for FREE helps to set up the connection                      between sites. Additionally CMS2CMS teaches will help to install target                    websites and necessary modules.   ● Time Saver  As this is an automated service the whole data migration can be done in a                              split of the moment.     This totally web based software makes the migration process accurate                    and swift. For more information on TYPO3 to Joomla migration go to:              ­cms/typo3­to­joomla­migration/   As a professional team of developers work on CMS2CMS constantly, new                      features and options are on the way. That means in a future there will be                              even more accurate and proficient migration.    About CMS2CMS 
  4. 4. CMS2CMS is an automated website migration service that concentrates                  on precise and swift website data transfer between CMSs and forum                      softwares. This online service projects all the features and migration                    opportunities accordingly to the clients’ demands and wishes, that is the                      highest priority.      Media contact  CMS2CMS  Ternopil, Ukraine