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Joomla Upgrade 1.5 to 3. Full Length Guidance


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Thinking of getting to Joomla 3? Look through the tutorial and get rady to perform migration without ringing the bell of a developer.

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Joomla Upgrade 1.5 to 3. Full Length Guidance

  1. 1. With the launch of Joomla 3, millions of Joomla 1.5 users are asking the question “Should I upgrade or not?” This question has been receiving a great deal of debate in the Joomla world and that is exactly the reason why this article has been written. The post aims to cut the clutter for you to answer the question clearly. So, let’s cut to the chase – do you really need to upgrade to Joomla 3? Needless to say that the main reason of upgrading your current Joomla to the latest release is to take advantage of the new features presented in the new version. New features found in the latest release of Joomla made it one of the best releases ever. Here is a growing list of reasons why you might want to use Joomla 3 instead of Joomla 1.5: ● Security Enhancements (because Joomla 1.5 supports and updates are no longer available – Joomla 1.5 websites have become much more vulnerable to hackers. That is exactly the reason why Joomla upgrading is of crucial importance to keep your website secure). ● Advanced Features (Joomla 3 advanced module settings allow to modify module tag, bootstrap size, header tag, header class, module style and therefore make Joomla website running more comfortable). ● Responsive Design (thanks to the Bootstrap which is built in to the core of Joomla 3, you are now able to get your site under control even when you are ”on­the­go”).
  2. 2. One more important issue to be mentioned here is that moving to Joomla 3 is not one­click affair at all that can be done by an average user. Because the distinctive features between Joomla 1.5 and 3 are so large and substantial ­it is more of a data migration, not upgrading. The procedure for migrating to Joomla 3 is quite complex and challenging – so is strongly encouraged to hire a Joomla professional to have the job done. Otherwise, you may make use of CMS2CMS converter to perform the migration in a totally automated manner. The tool is tailor made for each client (experts and average users alike) and doesn’t require any special skills to operate it properly. Got intrigued? Keep reading the article to know how simple it is to migrate from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3 without ringing the bell of a developer:
  3. 3. Create your CMS2CMS account. Provide your username, email and password. Alternatively, you may login through Facebook and Google. Specify websites URL. Type the URLs of your Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 3 version.
  4. 4. Establish the connection between your sites. Download and install the bridge file. It will be saved as “cms2cms” zip. When ready, connect to your Joomla websites via FTP client software. Within FTP dashboard copy the “cms2cms” folder and paste it into the root directories of your Joomla websites (existing and new versions). Choose migration preferences by activating the following migration options: migrate media, make URLs SEO friendly, clear Target website data.
  5. 5. Test Free Demo Migration to see how the CMS2CMS service works and to estimate the migration results. In case you are totally happy with your Demo results – initiate Full Migration by pressing the matching button. After that click, your Joomla 1.5 will be upgraded to 3.
  6. 6. What else are you thinking about? Catch this long­awaited moment and migrate to Joomla 3 with the help of CMS2CMS service without any hesitations at all.