Joomla to WordPress Migration Guide


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Feel desire to move to WordPress, but don't have much time or coding skills, don't be discouraged. See this guide on how your can easily switch from Joomla to WordPress automatedly, fast and with no hassle at all! Learn more at

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Joomla to WordPress Migration Guide

  1. 1.       5 Simple Steps to Migrate From  Joomla to WordPress                       
  2. 2. Migrate  to             
  3. 3.                  
  4. 4. So, you finally decided to make a switch from Joomla to WordPress – not                            an easy decision, definitely. And now it’s time to search for the best way to                              do it.  Basically, whether you’re a professional programmer or a user with just                      enough HTML knowledge to format the text, you would be looking for                        transfer which would be the least money consuming and maximum fast.  The most common ways of converting from Joomla to WordPress are as  follows:     ● moving all the content manually to the new WordPress installation  ● importing information from the MYSQL database  ● using WordPress or Joomla import plugins  ● hiring professional help to do the transfer  In all probability, you know what their pros and cons are, so we’re not going                              to elaborate further on this topic.  This tutorial offers you an alternative way of CMS migration to the latest                          WordPress (works for Joomla 1.5.x, 1.7.x, 2.5.x, 3.x). It consists in                      moving your data from Joomla to WordPress online absolutely                  automatically.  To prepare for your migration, download and install WordPress and                    choose a hosting for your site to be available online.  When both your Joomla and WordPress websites are live, you may initiate                        the migration setup process. 
  5. 5. Joomla to WordPress Website Conversion: 5 Steps to  Complete  1. Register your account at CMS2CMS website. The only data required                      is your name, email and a password.                 
  6. 6. 2. Provide the URLs of your source (Joomla) and target                    (WordPress) sites in the provided fields. But, if you don’t have                      WordPress installed, you may still try website data migration with                    CMS2CMS. Just check the corresponding field in the migration wizard and                      all your content from your current site will be transferred to WordPress and                          you’ll be able to check your website on the new CMS.             
  7. 7. 3. Install the connection between your sites by downloading a                    connection bridge file to your PC. This allows exchanging data between                      your websites which is absolutely indispensable for migration. For                  guidance, check out the tutorial video on the topic or see the FAQ section.                 
  8. 8. 4.Verify the connection between your sites by simply pressing the                    corresponding button. If everything is ok and the bridge is working                      correctly, you’ll be directed to the final step.      5.Now, just one mouse click separates you from initiating the process of                        your website transfer to its new home. Press “Run Migration” button                      and get ready to see your site in the totally different light within a couple of                                minutes (depending on the amount of information to be moved).  ● the procedure is quite simple to follow, and requires no advanced                      coding skills  ● it can be performed from any spot on the globe where you have                          Internet access  ● there’s no need to install additional software or plugins 
  9. 9. ● you’ll be able to migrate your Joomla to WordPress within moments.  Website Content Items You Can Migrate from Joomla to  WordPress    So, now you know all the details for successful Joomla to WordPress                        import. Hurry up to sign up for CMS2CMS and start your Free demo                          migration with no delay!