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Forum board migration Checklist


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Want to migrate your forum to a more powerful forum board? This checklist is right for you!
Check out how to migrate your #forum with CMS2CMS!

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Forum board migration Checklist

  1. 1. Checklist How old your forum board is? How successful is it in accordance with the efforts you make for its development? In this checklist you will find out how to switch forum without losing the audience and all the discussions they created. Let your audience know about your intent to move. This way you show that you do care and give readers a chance to finish all the uncompleted issues they had on your forum. Explain to the audience that nothing will be lost and the migration will make the forum just prettier and more functional. Minimize traffic loss, i.e. make sure that 301 redirects are set up correctly. Or resort to the automated forum board migration and all the redirects will be set automatedly. Forum board migration Preparation
  2. 2. is it free or paid forum software; how simple it’s while installation; whether the back-end is comprehensive and understandable for you; what it takes to get updated; is it secure enough. Have already chosen a New Home for your discussion board? Not Yet? Pay attention to the following criteria: Or rely on what the most users choose. Migration Process Itself Register CMS2CMS account. Provide your current forum platform and its URL address. Establish the connection to it via Connection Bridge.
  3. 3. Pricing The migration price depends on the amount of content you are up to move to a new platform. To receive the most accurate calculation of your migration price, use the CMS2CMS Pricing Estimator. Select your new forum platform and its URL address. Establish the connection to it via Connection Bridge, Connector Plugin or Connector Extension. If everything looks good - complete your full migration. Choose the entities and additional options you want to migrate. Run Free demo migration and check the results! Also, in case you have specific wishes, check out Support Service Packages or contact CMS2CMS mangers, they are ready to answer all your questions. Hurry up to give your forum a New Life Right Now! Hurry up to give your forum a New Life Right Now! All-in-One Migration In case, you didn't create target forum board yet, try CMS2CMS Test Site.