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CMS2CMS myBB to bbPress Plugin


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The article goes through the key advantages of bbPress over myBB and provides a step-by-step guide of mybb to bbPress migration.

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CMS2CMS myBB to bbPress Plugin

  1. 1. CMS2CMS: myBB to bbPress Convertor
  2. 2.       MyBB to bbPress. All the Tips  and Tricks of Successful  Conversion           
  3. 3. In the fast evolving era of web technologies, forums continue to be                        the backbone of online interactivity. If you are in the middle of                        deciding between myBB and bbPress – keep reading. In this article                      we will try to choose between them two and point out some                        particular specifics on why people gravitate towards one forum                  software or the other. Furthermore, we will cover all the tips and                        tricks of successful myBB to bbPress migration, providing a guide                    with easy­to­follow steps.  Despite the fact that forums primary goals are to offer its users an                          opportunity to stay in touch and to have an online interaction on                        certain topics, the routes they both take to achieve that mission is                        quite different.  While ago treated as an outsider comparing to other forum boards                      available in the Internet, myBB is gaining more and more popularity                      over the last decades. It has proven itself as a powerful and                        fully­featured solution due to its main beneficial sides:  ● Simplicity  ● Convenient administration control panel  ● Powerful plugin system  To the contrary, myBB lacks some qualities (like profit benefit                    features and better spam management traits) which would certainly                  make the software using much more beneficial.  Alternatively, bbPress has always been miles ahead than myBB                  forum board in terms of its ability to manage a site and a forum                            within one dashboard. It was specifically designed by WordPress                 
  4. 4. developers as lightweight system with as few features as possible.                    Where bbPress really shines are:  ● integration with WordPress (if you are familiar with the                  WordPress backend, you won’t have to learn how this new                    application works)  ● user­friendly (doesn’t expect deep programming skills to              master and operate it properly)  ● lots of free plugins (allow to add a number of new                      characteristics to your forum and let it scale and grow as                      required)  ● strong security features (prevent the platform from being                invaded by hordes of spammers).  Thinking of getting to bbPress? Explore how to save time and effort                        with CMS2CMS myBB to bbPress plugin which will help you to                      make your migration process as seamless and error­free as                  possible. This online tool doesn’t expect any strong programming                  skills to operate it and, what is more, minimizes your personal                      involvement in the conversion procedure. The service has                simplified the whole migration process to a few straightforward                  steps which are no more complicated than filling out a few text field                          on a form.  Left with a strong desire to switch to bbPress – go on reading an                            instruction provided below:       
  5. 5. 1. Initiate the migration process by downloading “CMS2CMS myBB                  to bbPress Convertor” from WordPress Plugin Directory.  ● Download the plugin to your local PC;  ● Extract the folder from the zip file;  ● Install this plugin to your WordPress site.            
  6. 6. 2. Create your CMS2CMS account there by specifying your                  username and password. You may also sign up via Facebook or                      Google;            
  7. 7. 3. Establish your Source and Target Sites. Select your current and                      new CMS types – myBB and bbPress accordingly. Enter URL                    addresses of both forum boards;                    
  8. 8. 4. Select migration preferences by activating the following                migration options:  ● migrate media,  ● make URLs SEO friendly,  ● clear Target website data,  ● get design suggestion.            
  9. 9. 5. If you are absolutely satisfied with the results of Demo – Start Full                            Migration. After the click, your myBB forum data will be imported to                        bbPress.   
  10. 10. Don’t wait any longer, take this chance and move from myBB to                        bbPress right now. CMS2CMS automated migration sevice will                perform your switching accurately and incredibly fast.