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With DataLife Engine to WordPress migration plugin, you can set up a transfer in a simple 7 steps and enjoy a brand new website really soon.

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CMS2CMS: DataLife Engine to WordPress Converter

  1. 1. CMS2CMS DataLife Engine to WordPress Converter
  2. 2.     CMS2CMS: DataLife Engine to  WordPress Converter: How it  Works Tutorial           
  3. 3. Both DataLife Engine and WordPress are advanced and efficient                  content management systems. One of them, for instanceDataLife                Engine, is a commercial CMS, which is developed with AJAX to                      lower the traffic consumption. If you want to customize a template                      there are no restrictions. You can also integrate any design for a                        website powered by DataLife Engine. However, this is multi­user                  CMS for blogs or news website creation.  WordPress is a free, open­source solution, which allows to create                    as many web project as you want. This platform has the greatest                        number of customizing opportunities thanks to hundreds of                thousands plugin, widgets and themes.  Anyone, who wish to migrate its Datalife Engine website to                    WordPress should try on CMS2CMS: DataLife Engine to WordPress                  Converter. This plugin will provide you with an accomplished                  transfer in a few easy steps. The whole procedure is totally                      automated and takes up from 15 minutes, depending on the size of                        the website.  Would you like to know, how to setup the convertor? Here, you                        have the detailed 7­step instruction on how to migrate a website                      from DataLife Engine to WordPress with a plugin.       
  4. 4. Step 1. Download the Plugin  In order to start the migration go to WordPress official plugin                      repository and download CMS2CMS: DataLife Engine to              WordPress Converter to your computer.         
  5. 5. Step 2. Activate Converter  After you downloaded the plugin to you computer:  ● Go to your new WordPress website admin panel  ● Right within dashboard find “Plugins” ­> “Add New” and                  upload the file.  ● As soon as the file is installed, click “Activate” button.            
  6. 6. Step 3. Sign up for CMS2CMS  If you do not have CMS2CMS account yet, then register one. Just                        provide an email and password.         
  7. 7. Step 4. Connect your Source DataLife Engine  To create the connection between DLE and WordPress, follow the                    steps below:  ● Download the bridge file to your computer  ● Extract the file from zip  ● Upload it to the root directory of your DataLife engine Website                      via any FTP client dashboard. Root directory is the top folder                      with the file index.php. Do not remove the bridge until the                      transfer is completed.  ● Specify the URL of your DataLife Engine website.         
  8. 8. Step 5.  Select the Options  When you configure the migration, you are redirected to         Now you have to choose the migration options.  You can choose from the followings:  ● Clear current data on New Site before Migration  ● Make URLs SEO­friendly  ● Migrate images / attachments         
  9. 9. Step 6. Start FREE Demo  After you select the options, you have a chance to test the                        migration with a FREE Demo trial and see if everything works                      correctly.         
  10. 10. Step 7. Run Full Website Conversion  And finally, you can start you Full DataLife Engine to WordPress                      Migration. As soon as the transfer is complete, you will receive an                        email notification and will be able to check out your new WordPress                        website.    As you have already figured out, it is pretty easy to set up                          CMS2CMS: DataLife Engine to WordPress Converter and move                your website in an accurate way with no time wasting. With this                        plugin, you do not need to acquire any coding knowledge but just                        follow this simple 7 steps to set up the migration procedure.  So, why are you still waiting? Move your website to WordPress                      right now and enjoy it in a few moments.