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CMS2CMS: Automated vBulletin to bbPress Migrator


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This plugin will help you convert your forum posts, threads, categories, users and tags from the vBulletin forum to bbPress plugin literally in minutes.

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CMS2CMS: Automated vBulletin to bbPress Migrator

  1. 1. CMS2CMS: Automated vBulletin to bbPress Migrator
  2. 2.       vBulletin to bbPress. With No  Errors and Gaps           
  3. 3. Having an active forum has become the top priority for many                      website owners targeted at retaining their loyal readers and                  attracting potential ones. vBulletin and bbPress are popular forum                  boards that allow webmasters to stay in touch and hold a solid                        interaction with their readers.  vBulletin is an efficient and robust forum package that is used all                        over the globe by fairly big companies. It is packed with a huge                          number of options to make your forum meet your specific needs.                      However, all the bells and whistles of the platform have their price.                        Being a commercial software – vBulletin is becoming less popular                    and many users are leaving it in favor of free, but powerful                        bbPress. bbPress, alternatively, is both invaluable and priceless,                providing great possibilities for online interaction at no price at all.                      Usually users find a lot to like with the platform – however, it keeps                            focused on the ease of use, ease of integration and fast speed.                        Millions of people worldwide gravitate towards the platform due to                    its flexibility and strong security features.  Ready to migrate to bbPress? Then look no further than CMS2CMS                      automated migration service that will transfer all your vBulletin data                    to bbPress swiftly, accurately and with your minimal involvement.                  Get know all the tips and tricks of successful switching across                      above­mentioned forum boards from the migration guideline              provided below: 
  4. 4. 1. Download the Plugin.  Initially, download “CMS2CMS: Automated vBulletin to bbPress”              Plugin on the official WordPress plugin repository and save it on                      your PC. Then:  ● Go to your new WordPress website admin panel  ● Right within dashboard find “Plugins” ­> “Add New” and                  upload the file.  ● As soon as the file is installed, click “Activate” button.         
  5. 5. 2. Create an Account.  Register your CMS2CMS account. You just have to provide your                    username and password.         
  6. 6. 3. Establish your Source and Target Sites.  Select your current and new types of platforms (vBulletin and                    bbPress correspondingly). When finished, type in the URL                addresses of both your forum softwares.         
  7. 7. 4. Select Migration Preferences.  Specify from the list of options those you’d like to be performed                        during the migration process. Remember that you can convert not                    only users and categories, but also threads, polls and replies.   
  8. 8.      
  9. 9. 5. Run Demo Migration.  To proceed with the further steps – try free Demo Migration to see                          the service in progress.         
  10. 10. 6. Initiate Full Migration.  In case you are totally satisfied with Demo – perform Full Migration.                        After the final click, your vBulletin website content will be converted                      to bbPress.    That’s it! Congratulations! Now you may check the results of the                      conversion (that will certainly outperform even the most creative                  and forward­thinking expectations) and start using all new                opportunities that bbPress has to offer.   
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