Blogger to WordPress Migration with CMS2CMS


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In case you look for a way to migrate your Blogger to WordPress, follow this link

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Blogger to WordPress Migration with CMS2CMS

  1. 1. Blogger to WordPress Migration
  2. 2. With
  3. 3. CMS2CMS Blogger to WordPress Converter  Pre­Eminences     Summary: CMS2CMS, automated website migration service, presents its most recent                    contribution for WordPress community ­ since now on, all the website owners who are                            minded to migrate their websites from Blogger to WordPress, may accredit this procedure                          to Blogger to WordPress Converter that takes its worthful place at WP official plugins                            repository.     Ternopil, Ukraine ­ 01/29/2014 ­ Being an expert assistance of website migration,                        CMS2CMS widens its boundaries of awareness and presents its brand new WP plugin ­                            Blogger to WordPress Converter. Today, everyone who runs a website on Blogger, but                          thinks about the migration to WordPress, may entrust this process to plugin powered by                            CMS2CMS that is placed at WP official plugins repository.     Attempting to be of service for every website owner, CMS2CMS Team constantly strives to                            make the procedure of data conversion simple and prompt. Numbering thousands of                        successful sites conversions, this service truly eliminates the hours of website content                        transfer and erases the limits of one CMS usage. That is why, in order to make the website                                    data migration from Blogger to WordPress more immediately available for use,                      CMS2CMS presents the conversion plugin right at the WordPress official repository.     Benefits of Blogger to WordPress Converter Plugin  Blogger to WordPress Converter plugin absolutely turns the conversion procedure into the                        flawless and effortless action. There are some of the distinctive peculiarities of this plugin                            every user may be pleased with:     ● Facile Content Conversion  There’s no need to possess coding skills or have website migration expertise, the process                            is absolutely simple and transparent. A user just should activate the plugin and proceed                            with a few buttons clicks.   ● Swift­Handed Migration  Technically, the migration from Blogger to WordPress using CMS plugin takes                      approximately 15 minutes. The duration depends on the quantity of the site content.   ● Fully Cycled Content Conversion  CMS2CMS Blogger to WordPress Converter plugin includes the migration of pages,                     
  4. 4. posts, images, tags, comments, etc.   ● Design Suggestion   In addition, when the website transfer will be over, the client may get an expert theme                                suggestion for new WordPress website. This offer is made in such a way: CMS2CMS                            analyses Blogger theme color scheme and then, forms the list of co­related design                          suggestions.     So, today, the migration from Blogger to WordPress is not a problem with automated                            CMS2CMS plugin and even more convenient and direct process. For more detailed                        information on Blogger to WordPress migration, please, visit this page:­blogger­to­wp­converter/     About CMS2CMS Plugins  In order to meet the website owners’ halfway, CMS2CMS developer team has developed                          the row of WordPress plugins for accurate and smooth website data conversion. Aiming to                            eliminate all the migration hassles, these plugins are designed for the lightning­fast and                          precise migration from one CMS to another.     Media contact  CMS2CMS  Ternopil, Ukraine