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Import Blogger into WordPress: 
Unbeaten Solution  
The decision of Blogger to WordPress migration becomes urgent, when                   
you’re willing to improve your blog...
Blogger to WordPress Conversion Steps 
1. Registration 
Go to, login via your Facebook or Google+ account....
3. Access 
Then you have to type your email and password that you use to login to 
your project. 
Note: Watch up full Video Tutorial on how to download the 
connection bridge. 
5. Demo Migration (Optional) 
○ Migrate Media (migrate all the images) 
○ Make URLs SEO friendly (Internal links will be formed 
according to the rewr...
6. Migrate all of your Content 
After the Demo Migration is successfully completed and you’re satisfied                   ...
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Blogger to WordPress Migration: How It Works


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If you're willing to move to WordPress, but don't have much time or coding skills, don't be discouraged. See this tutorial on how your can easily switch from Blogger to WordPress automatedly, fast and with no hassle at all! Learn more at:

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Blogger to WordPress Migration: How It Works

  1. 1.     Import Blogger into WordPress:  Unbeaten Solution                              
  2. 2.      
  3. 3.                
  4. 4. The decision of Blogger to WordPress migration becomes urgent, when                    you’re willing to improve your blog immediately. If it’s true, you are on the                            right way of your web project development. Now, you have to proceed with                          your Blogger to WordPress conversion properly with no losses. Thus, we                      would like to meet your halfway and offer the easiest technique to import                          Blogger into WordPress.    “To Do” List – Prepare for the Migration  Considering the existed migration ways, we’d like to offer you the                      automated Blogger to WordPress migration. To proceed, you need to                    have the following:  ● Install your new WordPress site.  ● Make sure your Blogger and WordPress websites are available                  online.  ● Your Blogger login (email and password).  ● FTP or hosting control panel credentials for WordPress (username,                  FTP host and password).  ● Set up all your WordPress permalinks according to the options you                      are offered e.g. by default, day and month, custome structure, etc (to                        do this, go to Settings ­> Permalinks in WordPress dashboard).       
  5. 5. Blogger to WordPress Conversion Steps  1. Registration  Go to, login via your Facebook or Google+ account.    2. Source and Target URLs  Provide your Blogger URL as a Source site and WordPress as a Target  and select CMS types below.   
  6. 6. 3. Access  Then you have to type your email and password that you use to login to  your project.    4. The next step of switching from Blogger to WordPress is                      connecting your sites:  1) Download the connection bridge pressing the corresponding button on  your migration wizard.  2) Unpack ‘cms2cms’ zip folder.  3) Then go to your FTP client software and copy the cms2cms folder  you’ve extracted from the zip file to the Blogger and WordPress root  folders. (Root folder is the top one where index.php is located)  4) Go back to your migration wizard and verify the connection bridge by  pressing the corresponding button.     
  7. 7. Note: Watch up full Video Tutorial on how to download the  connection bridge.              5. Demo Migration (Optional)    You may run the Demo Migration transferring 10 pages and all the related                          entities for free, to make sure how the service performs your data                        migration. Before proceeding with it, you will have some additional options                      to choose:           
  8. 8.   ○ Migrate Media (migrate all the images)  ○ Make URLs SEO friendly (Internal links will be formed  according to the rewrite rules of WordPress blog)  ○ Clear Current Target Data  (in case you want to delete the test  data on WordPress)                 
  9. 9. 6. Migrate all of your Content  After the Demo Migration is successfully completed and you’re satisfied                    with the results, you can proceed with the Full migration. When it’s finished,                          you’ll receive the notification message and your brand new WordPress                    blog to check out.          Final Action to Rapid Success  So, if you have made the decision on the fast and advanced switching                          from Blogger to WordPress, all you need to do is set up your FREE Demo                              Migration with CMS2CMS. Be ready to check up your new blog                      appearance on WordPress CMS platform in just a few minutes with no                        hassle at all!