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Blogger to Joomla Migration


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CMS2CMS will migrate your site from Blogger to Joomla!™ in a few simple steps with no coding and additional installation at all.

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Blogger to Joomla Migration

  1. 1. Blogger to Joomla
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  3. 3. Blogger to Joomla Migration: More Opportunities with  CMS2CMS      Summary: CMS2CMS ­ an automated CMS and forum converting tool,                    which allows to migrate a website from one CMS platform to another in                          the most accurate and smooth way. Today, all the website owners                      might evaluate the great bulk of upgrades for Blogger to Joomla                      migration. Therefore, from now the whole migration process will be                    more accomplished and ultimate.    Ternopil, Ukraine ­ 03/01/2014 ­ Automated CMS and forum migration                    service, CMS2CMS, has developed the new features to carry out                    maximum precise and swift migration from Blogger to Joomla website.                    These days apart from single blog migration, all the users may evaluate                        the intuitive and absolutely fast conversion process.       Distinctive Features of Migration with CMS2CMS    ● Migration to the Test Site  It is possible to try demo migration even if Joomla site is not installed yet.                              A limited amount of the data will be transferred to the test site to view the                                results of migration. Administrator access credentials will be provided and                    the data on a test website will remain for 7 days after migration.      ● No Coding and copy/pasting   Thanks to intuitive migration wizard, there is no need for special coding                        skills to perform the migration. It takes a couple of straightforward steps                        and a few minutes to proceed with the transfer.    
  4. 4. ● No Software to Install  As the service is totally web­based, so there is no need to load any                            additional software.    ● 4­Step Migration  To start the conversion process it is only required to follow 4 simple steps                            in migration wizard.     ● All­in­One Migration Service   If there is no time for migration or it requires some customization,                        All­in­One Migration Service means that technician will take care of the                      switch. In order to have all the data transferred accurately and according                        to the users’ demands and wishes.      Migration of Blogger to Joomla with CMS2CMS Supports the                  Following Items:   ­ Comment  ­ Images  ­ Page  ­ Post  ­ Tag  ­ User  ­ Internal links    More information about Blogger to Joomla migration can be found here:            ­cms/blogger­com­to­joomla­migratio n/    About CMS2CMS    The automated migration tool, CMS2CMS, converts a websites and                  forums from one platform to another in a maximum fast and accurate way.                          This migration service supports a great number of CMS platforms as well                       
  5. 5. as discussion boards. The major distinctive feature of this service is the                        all­inclusive and extremely fast data transfer.     Media contact  CMS2CMS  Ternopil, Ukraine