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All Roads Lead to WordPress


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Have a look at the presentation and get an eagle-view of WordPress CMS: from the histoty of its creation to the most prominent features that make millions of people gravitate towards the platform.
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All Roads Lead to WordPress

  1. 1. All Roads Lead to WordPress
  2. 2. Foreword Afterpiece Retrospective Journey into the History of WordPress What are WordPress Pre-Eminencest? Content Foreword Over more than a decade, the web technologies has been changing with the light velocity. With the new- ly-baked innovations, codes writing, tedious manage- ment processes, and limited functionality are left in the past for sure. Nowadays, WordPress CMS is nothing more than the equilibrium of best straight codes and user-friendly simplicity. Just taking a glance into its timeline, the start of plain blog publishing platform that is splitting into the cherished instrument of every tech-guru as well as amateur. So, there should be something magic and extremely inspiring that breathe a life into this CMS platform. So, let’s get the essence of WordPress Majesty!
  3. 3. Retrospective Journey into the History of WordPress Getting a glimpse into WordPress history, you realize that this is not just about the codes, innovative technologies, or convenient web- site management, it’s all about masterpiece, traditions, and art. So, the great part of WordPress CMS’ fascinating driving force is Jazz. Matt Mullenweg, WordPress founder and sax player, has made a great contribution to present this instrument as the effective solu- tion for your site management that is tied up with the enjoyable part like Jazz. So, those who adore WordPress CMS as well as mu- sic, recognize every WP version named by Jazz legend. In this way, let’s deep into the pleasant sound through the WordPress versions. Matt Mullenweg
  4. 4. WordPress 1.2 Mingus This version is named after Charles Mingus, bass prodigy. This release was introduced with the WordPress plugins support. This is so-called the inception of WordPress flexibility – the melody of ‘Devils Blues’. Initially, WordPress was design as the blog publish- ing platform that possessed transparent and intuitive features for simple content management. After its first stable release, Word- Press 1.2 Mingus has introduced pretty budding features and im- provements: • categories and sub-categories creation • post preview • automated thumbnail creation system • encrypted passwords and cookies • advanced comment moderation Charles Mingus
  5. 5. Strayhorn 1.5 – Making a ‘Day Dream’ the Reality Next major WordPress 1.5 release was inspired by the outstanding pianist, composer, lyricist, Billy Strayhorn. We may say that this version has become the major feature and reason of present-day WordPress supremacy – customization. This release gas allowed WP users to manage their static website pages and theme system. Previously, the site owners could have easily managed the theme installation, but with Strayhorn 1.5 release, it became so simple to expand the boundaries of website design. Since that time, it’s sim- ple to create various themes for different section of the site. Here are more WordPress 1.5 enhancements: • comments control - ‘emergent registration’ and ‘automated whitelist’ • diligent and breeze spam moderation • precise permission level for those who leaves comments • multiple page creation Billy Strayhorn
  6. 6. WordPress 2.0 – Becoming Eminent Duke Ellington was the bandleader of jazz orchestras, passionate professional, and the soul of the Jazz world. He was the one who made his work inspiring and majestic. Also, Duke was the major em- breather of new WordPress 2.0 release. Frankly speaking, it’s pretty difficult to count the exact number of new features and enhance- ments. Basically, the release was attended with the improvement of editor, administrative tools, image uploading, and plugin develop- ment. There are the following major developer and user features: • WYSIWYG Editing • faster administration • header customization • more diligent permission roles • built-in caching Duke Ellington
  7. 7. 2.2 ‘Sophisticated Giant’ WordPress 2.2 was named after Stan Getz sax player. Being both of great talent and stature, he was the inspiration for the following upgrades: • native tagging support • new taxonomy system for categories • easy notification of updates Stan Getz
  8. 8. Newly Released ‘Parker’ 3.8 Launched on December, 12, WordPress 3.8 was named after Charlie Parker also known as ‘Yardbird‘. This version boasts the improved admin interface, redesigned theme management dashboard, and new default theme ‘Twenty Fourteen’. Working with the renewed design, you may fully feel the age of modernity: • modern aesthetic • clean typography • refined contrast Charlie Parker
  9. 9. 1. WordPress = Simplicity: Equation Mark Only What are WordPress Pre-Eminences? Yes, that’s true, WordPress and Simplicity are the synonyms, the words with same meaning shades. You shouldn’t be a tech-guru or coding-obsessed to create and manage a website on WP. Frequent- ly those who run their web projects on WordPress core compare its dashboard to that of visual text editor. And be sure, it’s not an exaggeration – simple version upgrade procedure, full-site optimi- zation, rich out-of-the-box features (plugins, categorise, settings, SEO options) – everything is tidily arranged
  10. 10. 2. Breeze Content Adding WordPress possesses visual text editor – WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). It means that you don’t have to be HTML-savvy or manage your website content via FTP client software, means that you don’t have to add the pictures to your post via FTP, but just upload them via your user-friendly media gallery. You just click the buttons to create blog post, new page, upload media files likes vid- eos, image galleries, documents, etc.
  11. 11. 3. Extremely SEO-Friendly WordPress, on its own, is a SEO-friendly CMS platform. It has a clearly written code and scripts that are easy to read and index by Google bots. Moreover, you may simply optimize every post, image, or other files for search engines – you just add meta tags to almost to all your content and set up SEO friendly URLs. And don’t forget about the third party SEO tools. You may upload any free or com- mercial plugin for better search engine optimization.
  12. 12. 4. From Small to Large Web Projects Many think that WordPress is just a plain blogging platform. It’s true if only they speak about hosted Now, the self-hosted WP possesses the robust functionality and is able to handle not just a simple blog, but a complex web projects. You may easily create a website with a forum (you just need to install forum plugin, for instance, the one like bbPress or Simple:Press, etc.) or even online store with e-commerce plugin like WP e-Commerce, WooCommerce, eShop, etc.
  13. 13. 5. Expandable Functionality One more thing that makes WordPress the favourite website build- ing tool is the ability to expand its functionality in accordance to your demands and wishes. So, it’s possible to do with the various plugins installation. Technically, you may differentiate the plugins types into two – those which improve your site functionality (some tools for your web page security, SEO options, etc) and those that help you to optimize your website management (some text widgets, image galleries, social bookmarking widget, etc).
  14. 14. Afterpiece So, you should know, these are just the basic WordPress benefits and privileges over other web- site building platforms. The real pleasure and enthusiasm of running a WordPress website comes when you plug headlong into your site management. Want to give a try to WordPress? Migrate your current website content to WP and see how it will look like on WordPress! Thanks for reading! Your New WordPress Site