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CMPRO Fast Task: Assign Multiple Roles to a User


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CMPRO is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software that manages engineering, configuration, inventory, and product data.

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CMPRO Fast Task: Assign Multiple Roles to a User

  1. 1. • Permissions for modules in CMPRO are assigned through roles, and users are then assigned to those roles. • Administrators have complete access to the Role screens. • Non-Admin users require the Create or Delete permission to add or delete users respectively. Scenario: Assign Multiple Roles to User; Remove User from a Role Path: Administration / Roles Fast Task 1 FT00068
  2. 2. Locate Menu Item 2
  3. 3. Search for Role(s) 3The Search icon to the right of Role Name field can be selected to view all roles available.
  4. 4. Role Detail Screen – Add User(s) 4A link to add users is also available in the Role Links section on the left pane.
  5. 5. Add User Top Screen: By default the entire list of available users will display. Use the Search Options fields to narrow the search. 5
  6. 6. Add User Can quickly return to the Role Search screen via the Search link (top screen). The process can then be repeated to add roles to the same or other users (slides 3 - 5). 6 Repeat Steps for Each Role
  7. 7. Delete User Roles can be ‘reassigned’, so to speak, by deleting and adding users assigned to the role. 7
  8. 8. This has been a Fast Task To view more Fast Tasks and learn more about CMPRO’s features and functions, go to CMPROficiency. © 2015 Professional SystemsAssociates, Inc. All Rights Reserved.