Grace and her Monaco


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Lindas fotografías de la Princesa Grace Kelly de Mónaco y familia.
Linda música.

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Grace and her Monaco

  1. Monaco Le Royaume d'une Princesse
  2. The Kelly Family - 1947 Grace, her father, Kell, Lizanne and her mother
  3. In “Mogambo”, with Clark Gable 1952
  4. Already a consecrated Hollywood star 1954
  5. 1954 - Best actress Oscar in “The Country Girl” with William Holden with Marlon Brando
  6. 1956 – Her last film “ High Society” – scene with Louis Armstrong
  7. “ High Society” Scene with Frank Sinatra
  8. The engagement with Prince Rainier III – Jan 05, 1956 wearing the flower that was her legendary passion – the orchid
  9. The marriage in April 19, 1956
  10. Prínce and Princess of Monaco Official photo
  11. Familiar life At official solemnity
  12. Her firstborn, Princess Caroline Née Caroline Louise Margueritte Grimaldi, in January 23, 1957
  13. Born Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi in March 14, 1958 Prince Albert, second son and first in succession
  14. Née Stéphanie Marie Élisabeth Grimaldi , in February 1st , 1965 The youngest child
  15. Grandchildren – from the firstborn Andrea Charlotte Pierre
  16. Principality of Monaco The Grimaldi, a family of Genovese origin exiles, in December 8, 1297 joined Monaco’s Fortress – by then a Genovese colony – and launched the first stone in this fortified square (today the Principality Palace).
  17. Grimaldi Palace Is ever since the official residence of Monaco’s Principality Princes
  18. Throne room During the last five centuries is the scenery of most of royal family weddings, besides other solemn ceremonies.
  19. The Cliff View of the Grimaldi Castle on the Cliff, and part of the Port of Monaco.
  20. Monaco’s Port Officially, “Port Hercule”
  21. The Cathedral Where Grace married and rests forever
  22. Court Palace Its construction begun in 1924; dedicated in May 1st, 1930
  23. Dedicated in 1910 by its founder, Prince Albert I Oceanographic Museum
  24. This Museum and Institute was directed by Jacques Cousteau Oceanographic Museum - facade
  25. Fontvieille Port Built 50 years ago, protected by the oriental part of the Cliff of Monaco is the best sheltered one.
  26. Inaugurated in 1864 “ Hotel de Paris”
  27. “ Hotel de Paris” Salle Empire
  28. Grand Prix Sunday Monaco is a party allover
  29. View from outside the upper exit of the train station Grand Prix Circuit
  30. The guardrails were still in place from the Monaco Grand Prix Grand Prix Sunday - Hotel de Paris
  31. Casino Plaza On a feast day
  32. Monte Carlo The beach
  33. Art in the gardens Botero – Adam and Eve
  34. ... collective of luxury… ... Marina
  35. ... or singular opulence ... Pier
  36. The Shopping Mall Outside architecture
  37. The Shopping Mall Inside shops
  38. Monte Carlo The port at night
  39. “ Café de Paris” Where everybody “happens”, or watch who does…
  40. “ Café de Paris” At night, more swarm still Monaco’s mythic meeting point
  41. Hotel Hermitage One of the most traditional and refined of Monaco’s hotels.
  42. Hotel Hermitage Main entrance
  43. Hotel Hermitage Lobby
  44. Hotel Hermitage Salle Belle Epoque
  45. Monte Carlo Casino – architecture detail By Charles Garnier, architect that projected also the Paris Opera
  46. Monte Carlo Casino Under its lights magic
  47. Monte Carlo Opera House Conceived by Charles Garnier as well
  48. The Royal Entrance Monte Carlo Opera House
  49. The sons at present... The son, present Sovereign Prince of Principality as Albert II, and Princesses
  50. Grace also left her mark adding a new tradition – 54th Ball of Roses – III 24, 2007 Roses were amongst the passions of Princess Grace, who idealized this social and beneficent happening, and has been its first hostess
  51. and… in July 27, 2007, the 59th Red Cross’ Beneficent Ball Honoring Princess Grace, when Grimaldi’s House Princesses entered bearing bouquets of other of its great passions – the orchids
  53. The End End can with ESC