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Scanning Face-Off! Steinbichler Comet v. ROMER Arms


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Have you question, what's the best scanner for my measurement job? Attendees of the CMM Knowledge Tour 2013 discovered the pros and cons of both these scanning devices. Now you can discover what device is best for your job.

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Scanning Face-Off! Steinbichler Comet v. ROMER Arms

  1. 1. Steinbichler COMET LSteinbichler COMET LƎƎD 2M vs RS2D 2M vs RS2 integrated scanner on Romer armsintegrated scanner on Romer arms
  2. 2. • Absolute Arm with high accuracy Absolute encoders • Zero-G counter balance with lock • TESA Probe kit including: – TESA Probe 15mm – TESA Probe 6mm – TESA Probe 3mm • ROMER Scanning Pack • RS 2 integrated laser • No external controller • Optional WiFi • Magnetic Base and Spin Grips (75xx series) • Dust cover • Travel case with wheels • Certified Length bar (75xx series) • Certified sphere with inspection report • RDS software and documentation ROMER SI-armsROMER SI-arms
  3. 3. Tripod L DƎTripod L DƎ COMET L D rotary headƎCOMET L D rotary headƎ STEINBICHLER COMETSTEINBICHLER COMET Tripod COMET 5Tripod COMET 5
  4. 4. STEINBICHLER COMET OptionsSTEINBICHLER COMET Options COMET rotaryCOMET rotary dual axisdual axis COMET rotary 150 / 800COMET rotary 150 / 800 cable for COMET rotarycable for COMET rotary COMET rotary 30 / 460COMET rotary 30 / 460
  5. 5. RS2 Scanner TechnologyRS2 Scanner Technology How does RS2 work? • Project a flat plane of tuned laser light • Capture the reflection from the object with a 2D camera • Extract the line from the image
  6. 6. RS2 BenefitsRS2 Benefits • Fully integrated with arm wrist • Laser power teach function for different colors, • Semi- Automatic laser control – Able to scan multicolor parts in one pass – High tolerance to ambient light • Small triangulation angle (24 degrees) – Able to access narrow cavities in complex parts • Ability to scan difficult materials like carbon fibre • Contact probing also possible using the arm
  7. 7. CalibratedCalibrated projector withprojector with PhaseShift technologyPhaseShift technology for subpixel resolutionfor subpixel resolution CCD CameraCCD Camera ProjectionProjection Center 1Center 1 ProjectionProjection Center 2Center 2 Triangulation BaseTriangulation Base xx yy zz STEINBICHLER COMET Single CameraSTEINBICHLER COMET Single Camera TechnologyTechnology Accuracy of a single camera sensor with aAccuracy of a single camera sensor with a calibrated projector gives highly exact 3D coordinatescalibrated projector gives highly exact 3D coordinates and high lateral resolutionand high lateral resolution For each camera pixel:For each camera pixel: Intersection of a beam (vector)Intersection of a beam (vector) and the projector planeand the projector plane Intersection of vector and planeIntersection of vector and plane is clearis clear Integration over exactly oneIntegration over exactly one camera pixel gives best possiblecamera pixel gives best possible 3D coordinates3D coordinates
  8. 8. COMET L3D BenefitsCOMET L3D Benefits Ultra-portable •Compact design (165 mm x 430 mm x 210 mm)Compact design (165 mm x 430 mm x 210 mm) •Lightweight (sensor less than 6 kg)Lightweight (sensor less than 6 kg) •Portable packaging with compact cardboard box or robust trolley casePortable packaging with compact cardboard box or robust trolley case Simple and fast system handling •Fixed baseFixed base •Easy and quick change of FOVEasy and quick change of FOV •Fast system calibrationFast system calibration Innovative Blue-LED lighting technology •High light powerHigh light power •Less reflectionLess reflection •High durabilityHigh durability Sensationally fast 3D Data acquisition
  9. 9. KEY SPECS Feature COMET L3D 2M RS2 Measuring Volume (mm) 100(100x75x60), 200(215x165x140), 400 (400x300x250) Depends on the arm measuring range Point to point spacing (microns) 60um/135um/150um (100/200/400) 46um Line width Depending on the FOV 65mm Line rate Fastest measuring time 1.5s 50Hz Power Control No Semi-automatic per line Controller box Yes No Automatic Object Positioning Yes with optional rotary table No
  10. 10. Typical Applications for ROMER SI ARM (RS2) • Inspection and Reverse engineering applications • Small to medium sized parts • Raw castings • Machined surfaces • Single colour parts e.g clay, sheet metal, fabric • Mixed surfaces/finished parts e.g automotive • Complex parts with cavities e.g machined engine block
  11. 11. Typical applications for COMET  Simple user interfaceSimple user interface  Full control of measuring process including post processingFull control of measuring process including post processing  Flexible and unique matching strategiesFlexible and unique matching strategies  Free MatchingFree Matching  Sticking of markers is obsolete; depends on object!Sticking of markers is obsolete; depends on object!  Tie Point MatchingTie Point Matching  With two markers minimum, additional orientationWith two markers minimum, additional orientation using areal informationusing areal information  no photogrammetry necessaryno photogrammetry necessary  Rotary Matching (with or without reference points)Rotary Matching (with or without reference points)  Single measurements are read out automaticallySingle measurements are read out automatically via angle informationvia angle information  Reference Point MatchingReference Point Matching  Using measurement points acquired by aUsing measurement points acquired by a photogrammetry systemphotogrammetry system  Matching with scale barsMatching with scale bars  Matching with flexible referencesMatching with flexible references  All matching strategies can be used in one projectAll matching strategies can be used in one project
  12. 12. Helmet scanned with Romer 7525 SI w. RS2
  13. 13. Helmet scanned with Comet LƎƎD
  14. 14. For further information visit us atFor further information visit us at