Meet the CMI Team! Photos from #CMWorld


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You all know Joe Pulizzi, but do you know Pam Kozelka, Peter Loibl, Robert Rose, Joe Kalinowski, Cathy McPhillips, Laura Kozak, Michele Linn, Kelley Whetsell, Jodi Harris, Angela Vannucci, Clare McDermott, Amanda Subler or Lisa Murton Beets? Get to know the CMI/CMWorld team!

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Meet the CMI Team! Photos from #CMWorld

  1. Get to knoW the CMI Staff
  2. OUR STORY People ask us all the time how CMI came to be. It’s simple, really. Despite the abundance of good blogs, books, and other resources, we were finding that people had a lot of questions about content marketing. Before evolving into what is now the Content Marketing Institute, we were known as Junta42. Junta42 launched in 2007 as the industry leader in content marketing matching. Although Junta42 was a great service, brands were starting to come to us for additional content marketing education. To answer the call, we developed CMI, Content Marketing World and CCO magazine. CMI was founded by Joe Pulizzi, the leading evangelist for content marketing. Joe, an entrepreneur, speaker, and author on content marketing, believes passionately that there is a better way for brands to market than how they’ve done it in the past. CMI is a culmination of those beliefs. Although we’ve accomplished a lot in six years, we still have a long way to go. The CMI team will not stop until the need for content marketing education no longer exists.
  3. MEET OUR TEA M One of our favorite things about CMI is our team. While a number of us are based in Cleveland, our team is spread all around the world. We’re fortunate to all be doing work that we love, and in large part it is because of the CMI and CMWorld communities. Get to know a little bit more about the faces behind the work!
  4. Joe pulizzi Founder @JoePulizzi Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I preach the gospel of content marketing, and stand in front of people and accept praise while our awesome staff does all the work. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? I started receiving enough questions from marketers that an opportunity presented itself. Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. Love spending time with my boys, running while listening to Katy Perry, and hitting golf shots from the woods.
  5. PAM KOZELKA VP of operations @PamKozelka Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I oversee a lot of things. I am a cross between finance, human resources, office manager and assistant to JP, I like to execute projects and dream up new fun ideas to implement. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? I was with CMI when it was still Junta42 - I got a chance to do something I always wanted to which was to be a part of something that could be really big - and work on my own schedule to help it get there. Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. Volunteering for something, kids Parent Club at School, or at St. Malachi
  6. ROBERT ROSE chief strategist @Robert_Rose Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I lead CMI’s consulting and education division, working with companies to help them assemble content marketing strategies appropriate for the business and then to educate their teams to the strategic approach of Content Marketing. I also lead the technology advisory for CMI - working with new technology companies that are looking to enter the content marketing space. And, finally, in my spare time I work with Joe and Cathy and the whole gang on how CMI can help deliver on its mission! What path brought you to CMI/CMW? I met Joe way back in 2006, and he and I hit it off immediately. We were both talking about content marketing - and specifically the approach of it - but from two different lenses. He was talking from the publisher’s point of view - and I from the brand marketer’s point of view. We decided that there was no “owner’s manual” for the content marketing process, and that’s when we decided to write a book together. During the writing of that book, CMI was really expanding quickly and Joe asked me if I’d like to help him work with companies to deliver content marketing planning services. As I got more involved with CMI, I was then blessed to meet all the amazing people that make up this team - and I’m so glad to be on this path with all of them. Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. I love food and drink - and love to spend time finding new places to have wonderful experiences. My wife Elizabeth and I also love to hike and explore all the awesome nature here in Southern California. And, finally, in my spare time I still spend a fair amount of time (when I can) at the piano, writing and creating music.
  7. CATHY McPhillips MARKETING DIRECTOR @CMcPhillips Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? Basically I help make sure everyone knows about the happenings and offerings of CMI and CMWorld! I also enjoy negotiation and coming up with crazy ideas. If you’re our target audience, I’ll make sure you’re in the know. Oh, and find me Tuesdays at noon for #CMWorld chats! What path brought you to CMI/CMW? Ad agency media planning for both B2C and B2B clients, then national restaurant marketing for the better part of my career, and most recently non-profit and cause marketing, which I love. Then two Cleveland connections and a twitter conversation later, I receive an email from Joe to meet. Now I have a wardrobe of orange and a reminder of how much I enjoy B2B. Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. Being self-employed for 15 years, when am I not at work? But, if there’s fun to be had, I’ll find it – usually with my family, on my bike, in my vegetable garden, at a concert, on a neighbor’s patio or by Lake Erie. Always with music playing.
  8. MICHELE LINN content development director @MicheleLinn Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I manage the editorial at CMI with the help of a fabulous editorial team and super-smart contributors. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? My background is in product marketing for technology, but in 2008 I quit my job to freelance. Content marketing was gaining momentum at the time, and I had been following Joe via his blog and social media for a couple of years when he emailed me . . . to let me know he found a typo on my website. I was mortified, but it was the best typo I ever made. We started on some small projects, and he asked me to help launch CMI, which has been far and away my favorite job ever. Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. Much of my non-work time is spent with my family. I have two young children (5 and 1), so we spend a lot of times at the park, at the pool and with friends. Before kids (and I hope once again soon), my husband and I loved to travel. I also love hiking, cooking and taking the occasional nap.
  9. JODI HARRIS EDitorial content manager @Joderama Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? My role is to plan, prepare, and publish CMI’s daily blog content. In essence, I produce a platform for presenting the perspectives, principles and practical processes that content practitioners need to position and promote their expertise — and propel their profession to greater pinnacles of success (phew!). What path brought you to CMI/CMW? I took a circuitous, yet fortuitous, path to CMI, having held positions in just about every content-focused discipline there is, including print journalism, trade publishing, public relations, digital marketing and promotions, advertising copywriting, and strategic content consulting. CMI is the destination I would have plugged into my GPS — if such devices were available for mapping out career journeys. Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. When I’m not at work... hmm. If memory serves, I liked spending free time traveling, going to concerts, playing with my dog, writing snarky satires, and immersing myself in all forms of entertainment media and technological gizmos.
  10. Clare McDermott CHIEF EDITOR, CCO @SoloPortfolio Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I mine the content marketing field for new ideas and interesting people. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? Traveled a circuitous path on my way to CMI-including marketing and finance--but Joe Pulizzi took a chance on this misfit. I’m thankful daily to be part of such a fantastic team. Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. I’m an avid hiker, backpacker, beginner naturalist, and mother of four. Boston is home, but happiest in the mountains.
  11. Laura kozak e-media manager @LaLaKoz Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I am Girl Friday for CMI/CMW - if you have a project that needs help or direction, I’m your man..ummm girl.  I started with  general admin/ project duties and then discovered my love of all things HTML by accident - it has turned into the favorite of my responsibilities (managing the day to day of all the CMI/CMW web properties).  I’ve also been known to be a Google ninja when someone needs some research done or just an extra hand to make sure an event runs smoothly.  I am also CMI/CMW’s proofer-in-residence.  Talk about pressure...phew. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? I met our VP of Operations, Pam Kozelka, at a local early childhood PTA meeting years ago and we had the chance to become friends while working with the group.  I was just mentioning that my kids were all going to be in school shortly and that I would be on the lookout for something to occupy my time.  CMI had a spot available and Pam gave me a shot which I will be forever and ever thankful for.  I feel truly blessed to be part of this fantastic team and the experiences I have had.  Just goes to show you that life certainly works in mysterious ways.   Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. I love to spend time with family and friends.  My three boys keep me quite busy with sports and extracurriculars but I adore every minute of it.  I love to read, am a horror/sci-fi/fantasy junkie (books, film and TV), and have actually started to wear orange when I am NOT at work.  Let’s just say the color has grown on me.  Oh and I am probably the biggest Harry Potter geek you will ever meet.  
  12. Kelley whetsell events director @MeetingDemands Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I’m the conductor of the orchestras that are Content Marketing World and Content Marketing World Sydney. I make sure that the various pieces of the events come together in harmony. From the hotels where you sleep, to the food that you eat, to the expo hall you walk through I’m in charge of the arrangement. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? The Godfather of Content Marketing and I crossed paths when we worked at Penton Media. We reconnected at a networking event years later where I awkwardly mentioned that should he get into the event business to give me a call. And what do you know...he did. Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. I’ve owned my business for over ten years which doesn’t leave a whole lot of free time. If you ask my friends, they would tell you I love to travel to places with beautiful beaches, in the summer you can always find me at Hinckley Lake, I’d never turn down a spa treatment and I love limoncello margaritas and red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
  13. ANGELA VANNUCCI project director @ExecMatters Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I manage a variety of projects for CMI including Chief Content Officer magazine, sponsored e-mail and webinar programs, and our new virtual event launching in February 2104. I also dabble in our audience development and database management. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? I started my content marketing career well before content marketing was popular, heck, nobody knew what it was! My love of all things content marketing began in 1996 when I worked as a project manager at Penton Media. We were a small group managing content marketing programs for a few corporate customers that were well ahead of their time. Flash forward 17 years later and we’re in the middle of a content revolution and I’m still passionate about the industry. Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. I’m a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur who is passionate about making every day count and about planning new travel adventures with my family!
  14. Peter Loibl VP & publisher @PeterLoibl Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I oversee all advertising and sponsorship revenue strategies at CMI. I forge strategic relationships with key CMI clients and prospects while introducing new CMI channels that provide access to our ever-growing list of content marketers. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? I met Joe Pulizzi in 2004, and Joe and I became good friends over the years. CMI was a “smaller” but rapidly growing client of mine during my tenure at Crain Communications’ BtoB magazine, and the opportunity to work with Joe and his rockstar team in 2011 as CMI evolved was too enticing to pass up! Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. When I am not working, I spend most of my time chasing around my 10-month old son Benjamin and enjoying quality time with my wife Gail. I am an obsessive Ohio State University football fan (and alum) and bleed blue in football (New York Giants), baseball (New York Mets) and hockey (New York Rangers), and when I have some energy I enjoy jogging and playing basketball, reading and, more recently, investing.
  15. AMANDA SUBLER PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGER @AmandaSubler Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I help with public relations and publicity for the “godfather” himself, Joe Pulizzi. I also help with other publicity and media relations as needed for CMI/CMW. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? I’m a former journalist with a background as a local TV news producer. When I got tired of the grind and gave it up, I was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. That’s when I discovered content marketing. I love storytelling and I’m excited about the opportunities out there for former journalists like myself. Now I get to work with the best in the industry and help tell the world all about them! Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. I’m a recovering TV news junkie, hopeless mother of two and a fledgling DIY experimenter.
  16. LISA MURTON BEETS research director @LisaBeets Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I head up a variety of editorial projects for CMI, including books and research reports. I work with the strategic, content development, and marketing leads to ensure we develop products that will be most beneficial to our audience. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? I was a B2B journalist/managing editor for many years and then went on to specialize in custom publishing as an editorial and project director. I have been working with Joe on various projects for 15 years. I am blessed to be part of such an amazing team. Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. When I’m not at work, you will find me spending time with my husband and our two sons, ages 9 and 7. We like to go on family outings, swim, work on building and art projects, bake, and read (a lot!).
  17. JOSEPH “JK” KALINOWSKI creative director @Ringo66 Without using your job title, tell us what you do for CMI/CMW? I am in charge of all things creative at CMI/CMW including design and all visual aspects of the CMI brand. What path brought you to CMI/CMW? I originally met Joe Pulizzi at a local parent-teacher association outing in our neighborhood years back. After chatting for a while, we discovered we both had roots in publishing, and even though we both knew and worked with many of the same professionals in the industry, we had never had the opportunity to work together. When Joe launched CMI, I received a call asking if I would be interested in managing the creative. The day that I received that call was one of the best days in my professional career! Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work. I am husband to Kristin and dad to Jane and Ella. I enjoy running, music, comic books, Steelers football, vintage cars, occasional tattoos, sci-fi, etc. I am a terrible golfer and great partier. When not working, running or being a “dad-taxi,” I can often be found hiding in the one area of my home that is deemed “The Man Cave” which is adorned with my all of my pop culture treasures that my better half refers to as “junk.”
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